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Experimental programme at the ISR
The experimental proposals for the ISR were examinated by the ISR Committee (ISRC) from 1968 to 1983.
Access to the ISRC History and documents
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
Intersection 1
R101 CERN-Cracow-Bucharest-Tata emulsion Collaboration Angular and momentum distribution of the secondaries with nuclear emulsions CERN-NPRC-85 R101 Publications
R102 Saclay-Strasbourg Collaboration Study of interactions in which gamma rays and electrons with large transverse momentum are emitted CERN-NPRC-85 R102 Publications
R103 CERN-Columbia-Rockefeller Collaboration Search for massive dileptons CERN-NPRC-85 R103 Publications
R104T Brookhaven-Grumman-Rome Collaboration Search for high energy multigamma events CERN-NPRC-98 R104T Publications
R105 CERN-Columbia-Rockefeller-Saclay Collaboration To measure high transverse momentum charged particles and neutral pions CERN-NPRC-110 R105 Publications
R106 Bologna-CERN-Saclay-Rome Collaboration Search for magnetic monopoles with the plastic detector technique CERN-NPRC-120 R106 Publications
R107 Brookhaven-Rome-Adelphi Collaboration Multiple gamma-ray production in pp collisions R107 Greybook
R107 Publications
R108 CERN-Columbia-Oxford-Rockefeller Collaboration Study of High Transverse Momentum Phenomena R108 Greybook
R108 Publications
R109 CERN-Rome Collaboration Search for Magnetic Monopoles Using the Superconducting Solenoid at the ISR R109 Greybook
R109 Publications
R110 CERN-Oxford-Rockefeller Collaboration Study of High Mass Electron Pairs and High pT Phenomena R110 Greybook
R110 Publications
Intersection 2
R201 CERN-Holland-Lancaster-Manchester Collaboration Production of stable particles at small angles CERN-NPRC-83 R201 Publications
R202 Argonne-Bologna-Michigan- Collaboration Study of particle production in high energy proton-proton collisions at medium angles CERN-NPRC-83 R202 Publications
R203 Scandinavian ISR Collaboration Experiment to determine the low-energy production spectra of $\pi^{+-}, K^{+-}, \overline{p}, \overline{d}$, CERN-NPRC-83 R203 Publications
R204 British Universities Collaboration Measurement of particles with large transverse momentum as a search for the intermediate boson CERN-NPRC-83 R204 Publications
R205 Daresbury-Liverpool-RHEL Collaboration Correlations associated with high transverse momentum particles CERN-NPRC-123 R205 Publications
R206 CERN-Holland-Lancaster-Manchester Collaboration Multiplicity and Rapidity distributions of diffractive collisions CERN-NPRC-124 R206 Publications
R207 CERN-Holland-Manchester Collaboration Small Angle Diffraction Dissociation at ISR Energies R207 Greybook
R207 Publications
R208 CERN-INFN-Brookhaven Collaboration Search for Direct Photon Production at the ISR R208 Greybook
R208 Publications
R209 Frascati-Harvard-MIT-Naples-Pisa Collaboration High Mass Muon Pairs and Associated Hadrons R209 Greybook
R209 Publications
R210 CERN-MIT-Naples-Pisa-Stony Brook Collaboration Precise Measurement of the $\bar{p}p$ Total Cross-Section in the ISR Energy Range R210 Greybook
R210 Publications
R211 Louvain-Northwestern Collaboration Measurement of the Antiproton-Proton Total Cross-Section at the CERN ISR R211 Greybook
R211 Publications
Intersection 3
R301 Bologna-Fermilab Collaboration Search for Magnetic Monopoles at the ISR R301 Greybook
R301 Publications
Intersection 4
R401 CERN-Hamburg-Orsay-Vienna Collaboration Isobar Production at ISR Energies$$bMeasurement of energy dependence of Isobar excitation in proton-proton collisions R401 Greybook
R401 Publications
R402 CERN-Munich Collaboration Search for fractionally charged particles CERN-NPRC-97 R402 Publications
R403T Split Field Magnet Collaboration SFM (Split Field Magnet) Test and Survey CERN-NPRC-95 R403T Publications
R404T CERN-Hamburg-Vienna Collaboration Test of a proposal to search for Heavy Baryon Isomers - R404T Publications
R405 CERN-Karlruhe Collaboration Measurement of neutron production at small angles CERN-NPRC-105 R405 Publications
R406 Bologna-CERN Collaboration Search for New Particles at the ISR R406 Greybook
R406 Publications
R407 CERN-College de France-Heidelberg-Karlsruhe Study of General events and of Events including a Fast Forward Particle using the SFM Facility at the ISR R407 Greybook
R407 Publications
R408 CERN-Hamburg-Vienna Collaboration To measure inelastic proton-proton scattering at the ISR CERN-NPRC-110 R408 Publications
R409 Breidenbach and al. A minimum bias trigger experiment using the SFM to study typical beam-beam e$\nu$. R409 Greybook
R409 Publications
R410 Liverpool-Scandinavian-MIT-Orsay Collaboration High Transverse Momentum Events and Central Correlations at the SFM R410 Greybook
R410 Publications
R411 Pavia-Princeton Collaboration Double Diffraction Dissociation at the ISR R411 Greybook
R411 Publications
R412 CERN-Hamburg-Vienna Collaboration Study of large transverse momentum events using the S.F.M. and lead glass Čerenkov counters CERN-NPRC-119 R412 Publications
R413 The R410 (Orsay-Scandinavian) and Liverpool Collaboration Selective large $p_ {T}$ trigger for the SFM CERN-NPRC-120 R413 Publications
R414 CERN-Hamburg-Heidelberg-Orsay-Vienna Collaboration Study of High Mass Muon Pair Production at the SFM R414 Greybook
R414 Publications
R415 Bologna (INFN and Univ.)-CERN Collaboration Study of Events with Large Angle Electrons in the SFM R415 Greybook
R415 Publications
R416 Annecy (LAPP)-CERN-College de France-Dortmund-Heidelberg-Karlsruhe-Warsaw Collaboration Study of Rare Events at the Split Field Magnet R416 Greybook
R416 Publications
R417 CERN-Pavia (Univ.)-Pavia (INFN) Study of Exclusive Neutron Reactions and Coherent Proton-Deuteron Processes with the SFM R417 Greybook
R417 Publications
R418 CERN-Heidelberg-Lund Collaboration Study of Light Ion Collisions R418 Greybook
R418 Publications
R419 CERN-Heidelberg-Warsaw Collaboration Study of Events with Identified Forward Particles at the Split Field Magnet R419 Greybook
R419 Publications
R420 Ames-Bologna-CERN-Heidelberg-Warsaw Collaboration Study of ln s Physics in $\bar{p}p$ Interactions at the Split Field Magnet R420 Greybook
R420 Publications
R421 Bologna (Univ. INFN)-CERN-Frascati-Rome-Torino (INFN) Collaboration Study of $pp$ and $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at the SFM Facility of the CERN ISR R421 Greybook
R421 Publications
R422 Bologna (Univ.)-Bologna (INFN)-CERN-Frascati (INFN) Collaboration Study of Heavy Flavours Production in pp Interactions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 62 GeV R422 Greybook
R422 Publications
Intersection 5
R501 Annecy (LAPP)-CERN Collaboration Search for Magnetic Monopoles R501 Greybook
R501 Publications
Intersection 6
R601 CERN-Roma Collaboration The measurement of proton-proton differential cross section in the Coulomb interference region CERN-NPRC-83 R601 Publications
R602 CERN-Aachen-Genova-Torino Collaboration Measurement of of the elastic scattering cross section beyond the Coulomb interference region CERN-NPRC-83 R602 Publications
R603 Pisa-Stony Brook Collaboration Measurement of the p-p total cross section CERN-NPRC-104 R603 Publications
R604 CERN-Genova-Harvard-Munich-Northwestern-Riverside Collaboration Elastic Scattering at large angles CERN-NPRC-126 R604 Publications
R605 CERN-Harvard-Munich-Riverside-Northwestern Collaboration A Hunt for Charmed Particles at the ISR R605 Greybook
R605 Publications
R606 Aachen-CERN-Harvard-Munich University-Northwestern-Riverside Collaboration New Particle Production at Forward Angles R606 Greybook
R606 Publications
R607 Amsterdam-North Western Collaboration Correlations between High p$_{L}$ Mesons Produced in pp Collisions at the ISR R607 Greybook
R607 Publications
R608 CERN-Clermont-Ferrand-Saclay-UCLA Collaboration Large X Hadron Physics and Correlations with Central Region Phenomena R608 Greybook
R608 Publications
Intersection 7
R701 CERN-Aachen-Munich Collaboration Observation cf p-p collisions with streamer chamber CERN-NPRC-110 R701 Publications
R702 CERN-Saclay (CEN)-Zurich (ETH) Collaboration Search for Charmed Particles and Electron Pairs at the ISR R702 Greybook
R702 Publications
R703 Bonn-Brussels-Cambridge-CERN-Stockholm Collaboration Investigation of proton-antiproton events at %$) GeV c.m. energy with a streamer chamber detection system R703 Greybook
R703 Publications
R704 Annecy (LAPP)-CERN-Genova-Lyon (INP)-Oslo-Roma-Torino Collaboration Charmonium Spectroscopy at the ISR using an Antiproton Beam and a Hydrogen Jet Target R704 Greybook
R704 Publications
Intersection 8
R801 Pisa-Stony Brook Collaboration Measurement of σtot and correlations with counter hodoscopes and lead glass Ćerenkov counters CERN-NPRC-83 R801 Publications
R802 CERN-Rome Collaboration Particle production in the forward direction using a magnetic spectro­meter, multi-wire proportional chambers and neutron counter CERN-NPRC-107 R802 Publications
R803 British-Scandinavian-MIT Collaboration Study of inclusive particle pro­duction at very low $p_{t}$ and X=0 CERN-NPRC-120 R803 Publications
R804 Genova-Harvard-MIT-Pisa Collaboration Study of electromagnetic properties of protons in the time-like region and search for the neutral boson Z$^{0}$ (Muon pair production) CERN-NPRC-123 R804 Publications
R805 CERN-Rome Collaboration Measurement of the Ratio of the Real to the Imaginary Part of the Proton-Proton Strong Interaction forward Scattering Amplitude R805 Greybook
R805 Publications
R806 Athens-BNL-CERN-Syracuse Collaboration Study of Large Transverse Momentum Phenomena R806 Greybook
R806 Publications
R807 Brookhaven-CERN-Copenhagen-Lund-Pennsylvania-Rutherford Lab.-Tel Aviv Collaboration A Study of Large Transverse Momentum Phenomena R807 Greybook
R807 Publications
R808 Athens Univ.-Bonn Univ.-Brookhaven Nat Lab-CERN-Moscow Lebedev Phys. Inst.-Moscow Eng. Phys. Inst.-Novosibirsk Inst. Nucl. Phys. A Study of Direct Photon Production R808 Greybook
R808 Publications


SPS Programme - Emulsion Experiments
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
EMU01 P-198 Study of Particle Production and Nuclear Fragmentation in Collisions of $^{16}$O Beams with Emulsion Nuclei at 13-200 A GeV EMU01 Greybook EMU01 Publications
EMU02 P-201 Search for Fractionally Charged Nuclei in High-Energy Oxygen-Lead Collisions EMU02 Greybook EMU02 Publications
EMU03 P-207 Interactions of $^{16}$O Projectile and its Fragments in Nuclear Emulsion at about 60 and 200 GeV/nucleon EMU03 Greybook EMU03 Publications
EMU04 P-215 Measurements of Coulomb Cross Section for Production of Direct Electron-pairs by High Energy Ions at the CERN SPS EMU04 Greybook EMU04 Publications
EMU05 P-216 Study of Extremely Short-range Particle Correlations in High Energy Ion Collisions EMU05 Greybook EMU05 Publications
EMU06 I-163 Study of the Production Mechanisms and Decay Properties of Charmed Particles Observed in Nuclear Emulsions Coupled to the NA14 Spectrometer EMU06 Greybook EMU06 Publications
EMU07 P-209-Add-1 Interactions of 60-200 GeV/Nucleon $^{16}$O and $^{32}$S($^{40}$Ar) Nuclei in Light and Heavy Absorbers EMU07 Greybook EMU07 Publications
EMU08 P-227 Study of Particles Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions EMU08 Greybook EMU08 Publications
EMU09 P-243 An Emulsion Hybrid Setup for the Study of Sulphur-Nucleus Collisions at 200 GeV/N EMU09 Greybook EMU09 Publications
EMU10 P-246 Study on Event Structures of 200 GeV/Nucleon $^{32}$S Interactions with Nuclei by the Magnetic Emulsion Spectrometer at the CERN SPS EMU10 Greybook EMU10 Publications
EMU11 P-256 Study of Particle Production and Nuclear Fragmentation in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions in Nuclear Emulsions EMU11 Greybook EMU11 Publications
EMU12 P-258 Particle production, density fluctuations and break up of dense nuclear matter in central Pb+Ag and Pb+Pb interactions at 60-160 A GeV EMU12 Greybook EMU12 Publications
EMU13 P-262 Interactions of 160 GeV/Nucleon $^{207}$Pb Nuclei in Emulsion Chambers with Copper and Lead Targets EMU13 Greybook EMU13 Publications
EMU14 P-271 Study of multiplicity and angular characteristics in Pb+A interaction at 200 A GeV/c EMU14 Greybook EMU14 Publications
EMU15 P-270 Investigation of Central Pb-Pb Interactions at Energies of 160 GeV/Nucleon with the Help of the Emulsion Magnetic Chamber EMU15 Greybook EMU15 Publications
EMU16 P-276 Isospin Correlations in High Energy Pb+Pb Interactions EMU16 Greybook EMU16 Publications
EMU17 P-278 Fragmentation of Pb-Projectiles at SPS Energies EMU17 Greybook EMU17 Publications
EMU18 P-279 Exposures of CR39 Stacks to Lead Ions at the CERN-SPS EMU18 Greybook EMU18 Publications
EMU19 I-196 Nuclear Fragmentation Induced by Relativistic Projectiles Studied in the 4$\pi$ Configuration of Plastic Track Detectors EMU19 Greybook EMU19 Publications
EMU20 P-292 $\bar{p}$-Induced Fission Studies with Plastic Track Detectors Using 4$\pi$-Geometry EMU20 Greybook EMU20 Publications


SPS Programme - Emulsion Experiments
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS


Study of Particle Production and Nuclear Fragmentation in Collisions of $^{16}$O Beams with Emulsion Nuclei at 13-200 A GeV EMU01 Greybook EMU01 Publications

U.C. Berkeley-CERN


Search for Fractionally Charged Nuclei in High-Energy Oxygen-Lead Collisions EMU02 Greybook EMU02 Publications

Cairo University


Interactions of $^{16}$O Projectile and its Fragments in Nuclear Emulsion at about 60 and 200 GeV/nucleon EMU03 Greybook EMU03 Publications

Alabama (Univ.)-Boston-Kobe-Michigan (Univ.)-NASA/MSFC-Tokyo


Measurements of Coulomb Cross Section for Production of Direct Electron-pairs by High Energy Ions at the CERN SPS EMU04 Greybook EMU04 Publications

Alabama (Univ.)-NASA/MSFC-Tokyo


Study of Extremely Short-range Particle Correlations in High Energy Ion Collisions EMU05 Greybook EMU05 Publications

Bologna-CERN-Florence-Genoa-Moscow (Lebedev)


Study of the Production Mechanisms and Decay Properties of Charmed Particles Observed in Nuclear Emulsions Coupled to the NA14 Spectrometer EMU06 Greybook EMU06 Publications

Cracow-Louisiana States-Minnesota (Univ.)


Interactions of 60-200 GeV/Nucleon $^{16}$O and $^{32}$S($^{40}$Ar) Nuclei in Light and Heavy Absorbers EMU07 Greybook EMU07 Publications

SUNY at Buffalo (NY)


Study of Particles Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions EMU08 Greybook EMU08 Publications
EMU09 Bari Univ./INFN-CERN-Dublin Univ. College-Alabama (Univ.)-NASA MSFC-London UCL-Nagoya Univ. Rome Univ./INFN-Salerno Univ./INFN-Turin Univ./INFN An Emulsion Hybrid Setup for the Study of Sulphur-Nucleus Collisions at 200 GeV/N EMU09 Greybook EMU09 Publications
EMU10 Gifu-Miyazaki-Saga-Sakuyo-Tohoku (Sendai) Study on Event Structures of 200 GeV/Nucleon $^{32}$S Interactions with Nuclei by the Magnetic Emulsion Spectrometer at the CERN SPS EMU10 Greybook EMU10 Publications

SUNY at Buffalo


Study of Particle Production and Nuclear Fragmentation in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions in Nuclear Emulsions EMU11 Greybook EMU11 Publications

Alma Ata HEPI-Beijing HEPI-Chandigargh Punjab Univ.-Dubna JINR-Erevan Phys. Inst.-Jaipur-Jammu-Safarik-Lund-Marbug-Moscow (Lebedev)-St Petersburg V.G. Khlopin Radium Inst.-Shanxi-Tashkent (INP-LHEP)-Washington (Univ.)-Wuhan Hua-Zong Normal Univ.


Particle production, density fluctuations and break up of dense nuclear matter in central Pb+Ag and Pb+Pb interactions at 60-160 A GeV EMU12 Greybook EMU12 Publications

Cracow INP-Louisiana State- Univ. of Minnesota


Interactions of 160 GeV/Nucleon $^{207}$Pb Nuclei in Emulsion Chambers with Copper and Lead Targets EMU13 Greybook EMU13 Publications
EMU14 Jadavpur Univ. Study of multiplicity and angular characteristics in Pb+A interaction at 200 A GeV/c EMU14 Greybook EMU14 Publications
EMU15 Alma Ata EPI-Moscow Lebedev Phys. Inst.-St Petersburg Ioffe Phys. Tech. Institute Investigation of Central Pb-Pb Interactions at Energies of 160 GeV/Nucleon with the Help of the Emulsion Magnetic Chamber EMU15 Greybook EMU15 Publications
EMU16 Alabama Univ. (Huntsville)-Columbia Univ.-NASA MSFC-Tokyo Univ. Dept. of Physics Isospin Correlations in High Energy Pb+Pb Interactions EMU16 Greybook EMU16 Publications
EMU17 Univ. of Siegen Fragmentation of Pb-Projectiles at SPS Energies EMU17 Greybook EMU17 Publications
EMU18 Bologna Univ./INFN Exposures of CR39 Stacks to Lead Ions at the CERN-SPS EMU18 Greybook EMU18 Publications
EMU19 Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology Islamabad Nuclear Fragmentation Induced by Relativistic Projectiles Studied in the 4$\pi$ Configuration of Plastic Track Detectors EMU19 Greybook EMU19 Publications
EMU20 Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology Islamabad $\bar{p}$-Induced Fission Studies with Plastic Track Detectors Using 4$\pi$-Geometry EMU20 Greybook EMU20 Publications



SPS Programme - North Area
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
NA1 Frascati INFN-Milan Univ./INFN-Pisa Univ./INFN-Torino Univ.-Trieste Univ./INFN-London Westfield College Collaboration Comparative Study of Hadron Fragmentation - Measurement of the Photoproduction of Vector and Scalar Bosons NA1 Greybook NA1 Publications
NA2 The European Muon Collaboration EMC Electromagnetic Interactions of Muons NA2 Greybook NA2 Publications
NA3 CERN-Paris (College de France)-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly.)-Orsay (LAL)-Saclay CEN DPhPE  Hadronic production of high p$_{T}$ leptons and hadrons NA3 Greybook NA3 Publications

Bologna-CERN-Dubna-Munich-Saclay CEN DPhPE


Inclusive deep-inelastic muon scattering NA4 Greybook NA4 Publications
NA5 Bari Univ.-Cracow-Liverpool Univ.-Munich (Max-Planck Institute)-Nijmegen Cath. Univ. Inelastic hadron reactions using a streamer chamber triggered by a single-arm spectrometer NA5 Greybook NA5 Publications
NA6 Freiburg-Moscow (ITEP) Neutron elastic scattering at very small angles NA6 Greybook NA6 Publications
NA7 CERN-London (W.C.)-Southampton Univ.-Frascati-Milan Univ./INFN-Pisa Univ./INFN-Torino Univ.-Trieste Univ./INFN- Measurement of the electromagnetic form factors of $\pi$ and $K$ mesons at the SPS NA7 Greybook NA7 Publications
NA8 Clermont Ferrand-St Peterburg NPI-Lyon-Uppsala Hadron elastic scattering at small angles NA8 Greybook NA8 Publications
NA9 Aachen TH-Annecy LAPP-CERN-Hamburg (Univ.& DESY)-Freiburg-Kiel-Lancaster-Lancaster Univ.-Liverpool-Marseille CPPM-Mons-Munich (MPI)-Orsay (LAL)-Oxford-Rutherford-Sheffield-Torino Univ.-Uppsala Univ.-Wuppertal Univ. Study of final states in deep inelastic muon scattering NA9 Greybook NA9 Publications

CERN-Napples (Univ./INFN)-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly.)-Strasbourg CRN-Zurich (ETH)


High resolution study of the inclusive production of massive muon pairs by intense pion beams NA10 Greybook NA10 Publications
NA11 Amsterdam (NIKHEF)-Bristol-CERN-Cracow-Munich (MPI)-Rutherford Measurement of charmed particle production in hadronic reactions NA11 Greybook NA11 Publications

Annecy (LAPP)-Belgium (IISN)-Los Alamos Nat. Lab-Serpukhov IHEP


Study of $\pi^{-}p$ interactions with neutral final states NA12 Greybook NA12 Publications

Annecy-KEK Japan-Los Alamos-Pisa Univ./INFN-Serpukhov IHEP


Search for mesons and glueballs decaying into multiphoton final states produced in central hadron collisions and study of inclusive production of heavy quark mesons NA12/2 Greybook NA12/2 Publications
NA13 IIHE ULB BUB, Brussels-CERN-Oxford-Padova Univ./INFN-Rome Univ./INFN-Rutherford Appleton Lab.-Trieste Univ./INFN Search for direct evidence for charm in hadronic interactions using a high-resolution bubble chamber NA13 Greybook NA13 Publications

Athens Nat.Tech. Univ.-CERN-London Imperial College-Orsay LAL-Palaiseau (Ecole Polytech.)-Paris (College de France)-Saclay (CEN DPhPE)-Southampton Univ.-Strasbourg Univ.-Warsaw Univ.


Photoproduction at high energy and high intensity NA14 Greybook NA14 Publications

Athens Nat.Tech. Univ.-Barcelona Autonomous Univ.-CERN-London Imperial College-Orsay (LAL)-Paris (College de France)-Saclay (CEN DPhPE)-Southampton Univ.-Strasbourg Univ.-Warsaw Univ.


A programme of heavy flavour photoproduction NA14/2 Greybook NA14/2 Publications
NA15 Bombay Univ. Search for charmed hadron production in $\pi^{-}$ nucleus interactions in nuclear emulsion NA15 Greybook NA15 Publications
NA16 Amsterdam NIKHEF-IIHE ULB-VUB, Brussels-CERN-Madrid CIEMAT-Mons Poly.-Nijmegen Cath. Univ.-Oxford Univ.-Padova Univ./INFN-Paris VI Univ.-Rome Univ./INFN-Rutherford Appleton Lab.-Serpukhov IHEP-Stockholm Univ.-Strasbourg Univ.-Torino Univ.-Trieste Univ.-INFN-Oestr. Akad. Wissensch. Vienna Study of the hadronic production and properties of new particles with a lifetime 10$^{-13}$ s < $\tau$ < 10$^{-10}$ s using LEBC-EHS NA16 Greybook NA16 Publications
NA17 Jadavpur Univ.-Lyon Univ. (IPNL)-Santander Univ.-Strasbourg Univ. Momentum and angular correlations study in $\pi^{-}$ nuclei jets at high energies using emulsion telescopes technique with magnetic field NA17 Greybook NA17 Publications
NA18 Bern Univ.-Munich MPI Search for short-lived particles produced on nuclei with a heavy liquid mini bubble chamber NA18 Greybook NA18 Publications
NA19 Bari Univ.-IIHE ULBVUB, Brussels-CERN-Dublin Univ. College-London Birkbeck College-London UCL-Milton-Keynes Open Univ.-Rome Univ./INFN-Torino Univ. Direct observation of beauty particles selected by muonic decay in emulsion NA19 Greybook NA19 Publications
NA20 CERN-Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Lab. Measurements of $\pi^{\pm}$, K$^{\pm}$, p$^{\pm}$ yields in 400 GeV proton beryllium and copper collisions NA20 Greybook NA20 Publications
NA21 Liverpool-Mons-Paris (College de France)-Paris VI Univ.-Serpukhov IHEP-Strasbourg Univ. High statistics study of $\bar{p}p$ annihilation physics at the EHS NA21 Greybook NA21 Publications
NA22 Aachen-Berlin IHEP-Brussels-Cracow-Erevan Phys.Inst.-Helsinki-Mons-Nijmegen-Rio de Janeiro Phys.Res.Center-Serpukhov-Warsaw The influence of parton structure on hadronic interactions in EHS with a $K^{+}$/$\pi^{+}/p$ beam at 250 GeV/c NA22 Greybook NA22 Publications
NA23 Bombay-CERN-Genova-Innsbruck-Japan-UG-Madrid-Mons Univ.-Rutgers Univ.-Serpukhov-Tennessee Univ.-Vienna Study of diffractive dissociation especially into strange and charmed particles with EHS NA23 Greybook NA23 Publications

Bari-Freiburg-Moscow (ITEP)-Munich (MPI)


Investigation of deep inelastic scattering processes involving large p$_{t}$ direct photons in the final state NA24 Greybook NA24 Publications
NA25 Bari-Brussels-CERN-London (UCL)-Mons-Paris VI-Strasbourg-Vienna Study of charm and bottom particle production using a holographic bubble chamber NA25 Greybook NA25 Publications
NA26 Brussels-CERN-Oxford-Padova-Rome-Rutherford Lab.-Stockholm-Trieste-Vienna A prototype experiment to study charmed particle production and decay using a Holographic High Resolution Hydrogen Chamber (HOLEBC) and the European Hybrid Spectrometer NA26 Greybook NA26 Publications
NA27 Aachen-Brussels-Bombay-CERN-Duke Univ.Genova-Japan-Liverpool-Madrid-Mons-Oxford-Padova-Paris (College de France)-Paris (LPNHE)-Rome-Rutgers-Rutherford-Serpukhov-Stockholm--Strasbourg-Tennessee-Torino-Trieste-Vienna-Zeuthen IHEP An experiment to measure accurately the lifetime of the $D^{0}, D^{\pm}, F^{\pm}, \Lambda_{c}$-charm particles and to study their hadronic production and decay properties NA27 Greybook NA27 Publications
NA28 Aachen-Annecy-CERN-Freiburg-Hamburg (DESY & Univ.)-Kiel-Lancaster-Liverpool-Marseille-Mons-Munich (MPI)-Orsay (LAL)-Oxford-Rutherford Lab.-Sheffield-Torino-Uppsala-Wuppertal Study of Shadowing and Hadron Production in High Energy $\mu$ Scattering Using Nuclear Targets NA28 Greybook NA28 Publications
NA29 Clermont Ferrand-Frascati-Milan-Pisa-Torino-Trieste-London Westfield College Study of $\pi^{-}\pi^{0}$ production via Primakoff effect on nuclei NA29 Greybook NA29 Publications
NA30 Ames Lab.-CERN-Chicago-Lund-Paris (LPNHE) Precision determination of the lifetime of the neutral pion NA30 Greybook NA30 Publications

CERN-Mainz Univ. Inst. of Phys.-Edinburgh Univ.-Orsay LAL-Pisa Univ./INFN-UC Santa Barbara-Siegen Univ.


Measurement of $\mid\eta_{00}\mid^{2}$/$\mid\eta_{+-}\mid^{2}$ NA31 Greybook NA31 Publications



A measurement of the phase difference of $\eta_{00}$ and $\eta_{+-}$ in CP violating $K^{0}$ $\rightarrow$ 2$\pi$ decays NA31/2 Greybook NA31/2 Publications

Amsterdam NIKHEF-Bristol-CERN-Cracow-Munich-Rutherford Lab.-Valencia 


Investigation of charm production in hadronic interactions using high-resolution silicon detectors NA32 Greybook NA32 Publications

Albany (SUNNY)-Annecy (LAPP)-Frascati INFN-Lyon IPNL


Experimental study of single-vertex $(e^{-}-e^{+})$ pair creation in a crystal NA33 Greybook NA33 Publications

Bari Univ./INFN-Brookhaven-CERN-Heidelberg-London (Birbeck College & UCL)-Los Alamos-Lund-Montreal (McGill & Univ.)-Moscow (Lebedev & E.P.I.)-Novosibirsk-Pittsburg-Rome Univ./INFN-Rutherford Lab.-Saclay CEN DPhPE-Stockholm Univ.-Tel Aviv-Torino Univ./INFN


Lepton production NA34 Greybook NA34 Publications

Bari Univ.-Brookhaven-CERN-Dublin Univ. College-Heidelberg Univ.-Japan U.G.-Los Alamos-Lund-Montreal (McGill & Univ.)-Moscow (Lebedev & E.P.I.)-Novosibirsk-Pittsburg-Rome Univ./INFN-Saclay CEN DPhPE-Stockholm Univ.-Tel Aviv-Torino Univ./INFN-Weizmann Inst. Rehovot


Study of high energy densities over extended nuclear volumes via nucleus-nucleus collisions at the SPS NA34/2 Greybook NA34/2 Publications


Bari Univ./INFN-CERN-Kosice Phys. Inst.-Montreal Univ.-Moscow Lebedev & EPI (Eng. Phys. Inst.)-Rome Univ./INFN-Saclay DAPNIA-Torino Univ./INFN


Measurement of low mass muon pairs in sulphur-nucleus collisions with an optimized HELIOS muon spectrometer NA34/3 Greybook NA34/3 Publications

Athens-Bari-Cracow-Darmstadt-Franckfurt-Freiburg Univ.-Laurence Berbeley Inst.-Marburg-Munich-Warsaw (Univ.&Inst.Nucl.Studies)-Washington Univ.-Zagreb Rudjer Boskovic Inst.


Study of Relativistic Nucleus - Nucleus Collisions NA35 Greybook NA35 Publications

Athens-Bergen-Birmingham-BNL-Carnegie Mellon-CERN-Punjab Univ.-City College of NY-Cracow-LBL-Strasbourg-Vienna


Production of strange baryons and antibaryons in relativistic ion collisions NA36 Greybook NA36 Publications

Amsterdam NIKHEF-Bielefeld-Freiburg-Heidelberg-Mainz (Univ./Inst.of Nucl.Phys.)-Mons-Neuchatel-UC Santa Cruz-P.Scherrer Inst. (PSI)-Torino-UCLA-Uppsala-Warsaw


Detailed measurements of structure functions from nucleons and nuclei NA37 Greybook NA37 Publications

Annecy-CERN-Clermont Ferrand-Lisbon-Lyon-Orsay IPN-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly.)-Strasbourg CRN/ULP


Study of high-energy nucleus-nucleus interactions with the enlarged NA10 dimuon spectrometer NA38 Greybook NA38 Publications

U.C. Irvine-Lawrence Berkeley Lab.(LBL-San Francisco State


A search for quarks produced in heavy-ion interactions NA39 Greybook NA39 Publications

Ames Lab.-Iowa State Univ.


Electromagnetic dissociation of target nuclei by $^{16}$O and $^{32}$S projectiles NA40 Greybook NA40 Publications



Search for nuclei in heavy ion collisions at ultrarelativistic energies NA41 Greybook NA41 Publications

Annecy LAPP-Lyon Univ (IPNL)


Study of unexplained hard photon production by electrons channelled in a crystal NA42 Greybook NA42 Publications

Aarhus-Strasbourg CRN/ULP-Stuttgart (MPI f. Metallf.)


Investigations of the energy and angular dependence of ultra-short radiation lengths in Si, Ge and W single crystals NA43 Greybook NA43 Publications

Aarhus Univ.-Erevan Phys. Inst.-Florence Univ./INFM-Univ. of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg-Strasbourg CRN


Investigations of the coherent hard photon yields from (50-300) GeV/c electrons/positrons in the strong crystalline fields of diamond, Si, and Ge crystals NA43/2 Greybook NA43/2 Publications

Brookhaven Nat.Lab. (BNL)-CERN-Columbia Univ.-Copenhagen (Niels Bohr)-Creighton-Hiroshima Univ.-Japan KEK-Los Alamos NL-Lund Univ.-Nantes-(Subatech)-Ohio State Univ.-Pittsburg Univ.-Tbilisi State Univ.-Texas A&M Univ.-Zagreb Rudjer Boskovic Inst.


A focusing spectrometer for one and two particles NA44 Greybook NA44 Publications

Brookhaven Nat.Lab-CERN-Dubna JINRHeidelberg Univ.-Milan Ecole Poly.-Weizmann Inst. Rehovot


Study of electron pair production in hadron and nuclear collisions at the CERN SPS NA45 Greybook NA45 Publications
NA45/2 IONS/EL.PAIR Study of electron pair and photon production in lead-gold collisions NA45/2 Greybook NA45/2 Publications

Annecy  LAPP-Lyon Univ. (IPNL)-Torino Univ./INFN


Darmstadton hunting in the interaction $\gamma$-crystal NA46 Greybook NA46 Publications

Amsterdam NIKKHEF-Bielefeld-Buenos Aires-CERN-Delf T Tech. Univ.-Dubna JINR-Freiburg-Houston (Univ.)-UCLA-Mons-Nagoya-Northeastern-Rice Saclay CEN DPhN-Trieste Univ/INFN-Uppsala-Virginia-Warsaw Inst. Nucl. Studies & Univ.-Yale-Zurich ETH


Measurement of the spin-dependent structure-functions of the proton and the deuteron NA47 Greybook NA47 Publications

Cagliari Univ./INFM-Cambridge Univ.-CERN-Dubna JINR-Edinburgh Univ.-Ferrara Univ./INFN-Mainz Univ.-Perugia Univ./INFN-Pisa Univ./INFN-CEA, DSM/DAPNIA Saclay-Oestr. Akad. Wissensch. Vienna


A precision measurement of $\epsilon^{\prime}$/$\epsilon$ in CP violating K$^{0}$ $\rightarrow$ 2$\pi$ decays NA48 Greybook NA48 Publications
NA48/1   A high sensitivity investigation of $K_{\rm S}$ and neutral hyperon decays using a modified $K_{\rm S}$ beam NA48/1 Greybook NA48/1 Publications
NA48/2   Precision measurement of charged kaon decay parameters with an extended NA48 setup NA48/2 Greybook NA48/2 Publications
NA48/3   Proposal to measure the rare decay $K^{+} \rightarrow \pi^{+}$ neutrino-antineutrino at the CERN SPS NA48/3 Greybook NA48/3 Publications

Athens Univ.-Birmingham Univ.-Budapest Res. Inst. of Physics (KFKI)-CERN-Cracow-Darmstadt GSI-UC Davis-Frankfurt/Mainz Univ.-Munich MPI-Warsaw Inst.Nucl.Studies and Warsaw Univ.-Washington Univ.-Zagreb Rudjer Boskovic Inst.


Large Acceptance Hadron Detector for an Investigation of Pb- and p-induced Reactions at the CERN~SPS NA49 Greybook NA49 Publications

Annecy LAPP-Bucharest (Inst. for Atomic Physics)-Cagliari Univ./INFN-CERN-Lab. de Phys. de Clermont Ferrand (LPC), Univ. Clermont Ferrand/CNRS-IN2P3-Lisbon LIP-INR Moscow-IPN, Univ. Paris Sud/CNRS-IN2P3, Palaiseau CRN, CNRS-IN2P3/Univ. Strabourg, Torino Univ./INFN-IPN, Univ Lyon/CNRS-IN2P3, Villeurbanne


Study of Muon Pairs and Vector Mesons Produced in High Energy Pb-Pb Interactions NA50 Greybook NA50 Publications

CERN-Clermont Ferrand LPC) CNRS/IN2P3-Lisbon LIP-IPN Univ. Paris Sud/CNRS-In2P3, Orsay LPNHE, Ecole Poly/CNRS-In2P3,Palaiseau CRN-Strasbourg Univ.-Torino Univ./INFN-Lyon (IPN Univ. CNRS/IN2P3


Drell-Yan Study of Sea Isospin Symmetry NA51 Greybook NA51 Publications

Bern Univ.-CERN-Annecy LAPP-Helsinki Univ.-Stockholm Univ.-CRN, CNRS-IN2P3/Univ. Strabourg


A Strangelet and Particle Search in Pb-Pb Collisions NA52 Greybook NA52 Publications
NA53 Iowa State Univ. Ames Electromagnetic Dissociation of Target Nuclei by $^{208}$Pb Projectiles NA53 Greybook NA53 Publications
NA54   Determination of Cross-Sections of Fast-Muon-Induced Reactions to Cosmogenic Radionuclides NA54 Greybook NA54 Publications
NA55   Investigation of Fast Neutron Production by 100 to 250~GeV Muon Interactions on Thin Targets NA55 Greybook NA55 Publications
NA56 SPY Measurement of Pion and Kaon Fluxes Below 60 GeV/c Produced by 450~GeV/c Protons on a Beryllium Target The SPY Collaboration NA56 Greybook NA56 Publications
NA57 IONS/HYPERONS Study of Strange and Multistrange Particles in Ultrarelativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions NA57 Greybook NA57 Publications
NA58 COMPASS COMPASS COmmon Muon and Proton Apparatus for Structure and Spectroscopy NA58 Greybook NA58 Publications
NA59   A Study of the use of a Crystal as a `Quarter-Wave Plate' to Produce High Energy Circularly Polarized Photons NA59 Greybook NA59 Publications
NA60   Study of Prompt Dimuon and Charm Production with Proton and Heavy Ion Beams at the CERN SPS NA60 Greybook NA60 Publications
NA61 SHINE Study of Hadron Production in Hadron-Nucleus and Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at the CERN SPS NA61 Greybook NA61 Publications
NA62   Proposal to measure the rare decay K$^{+} \rightarrow \pi^{+} \nu \overline{\nu}$ at the CERN SPS NA62 Greybook NA62 Publications
NA63   Electromagnetic processes in strong crystalline fields NA63 Greybook NA63 Publications
NA64   Search for dark sectors in missing energy events NA64 Greybook NA64 Publications
NA65 DsTau DsTau NA65 Greybook NA65 Publications


Experimental programme at the SPS in the West Area
The experimental proposals for the SPS are examinated by the SPS Committee (SPSC) from 1973.
Access to the SPSC history and documents
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
WA1 CERN-Dortmund-Heidelberg-Saclay-Warsaw Collaboration High-Energy Neutrino Interactions WA1 Greybook WA1 Publications
WA1/2 CERN-Dortmund-Heidelberg-Saclay-Warsaw Collaboration Measurement of sin$^{2}\theta_{M}$ in Semileptonic $\nu$ Fe Interactions with High Precision WA1/2 Greybook WA1/2 Publications
WA2 Bristol-Heidelberg-Geneva-Orsay-Rutherford-Strasbourg Collaboration Leptonic Decays of Hyperons WA2 Greybook WA2 Publications
WA3 Amsterdam-CERN-Cracow-Munich-Oxford-Rutherford-Collaboration Exclusive &pi.p and Kp Interactions WA3 Greybook WA3 Publications
WA4 Bonn-CERN-Daresbury-DESY-Ecole Poly.-Glasgow-Lancaster-Manchester-Orsay-Sheffield-Collaboration Photoproduction of Hadrons WA4 Greybook WA4 Publications
WA5 Indiana-Saclay Collaboration Backward Two-Body Reactions WA5 Greybook WA5 Publications
WA6 CERN-Trieste-Vienna Collaboration Polarization in pp and $\pi$p Elastic Scattering WA6 Greybook WA6 Publications
WA7 CERN-Genova-Orsay-Oslo-University College London Collaboration Two-Body Reactions at Large Transverse Momentum WA7 Greybook WA7 Publications
WA8 University of Birmingham Production of Rare Meson States in $K^{\pm}p$ Collisions WA8 Greybook WA8 Publications
WA9 Clermont-Ferrand-Leningrad-Lyon-Uppsala Collaboration High precision study of elastic scattering in the Coulomb interference region WA9 Greybook WA9 Publications
WA10 Geneva-Lausanne Collaboration Study of $K^{\pm}p \rightarrow K_{s}^{0}\pi^{\pm}p$ and Reactions of Similar Topology with High Statistics WA10 Greybook WA10 Publications
WA11 Indiana-London (I.C.)-Saclay (CEN) Search for High Mass States Produced with the $\Psi$(3.1) WA11 Greybook WA11 Publications
WA12 Birmingham Univ. CERN-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly.)-Munich (MPI)-Neuchatel Univ. Beam Dump in OMEGA WA12 Greybook WA12 Publications
WA13 CERN Neuchatel-Paris (College de France) $\overline{p}p$ Two-Body Reactions at Large $p_{T}$ in OMEGA WA13 Greybook WA13 Publications
WA14 Bari-CERN-Milan-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly)-Orsay (LAL) A Wide-Band Beam Neutrino Experiment with Gargamelle WA14 Greybook WA14 Publications
WA15 Aachen-Bergen-Brussels-Strasbourg-London (U.C.) A Wide-Band Beam Antineutron Experiment in Gargamelle to Study Purely Leptonic and Other Rare $\overline{\nu}$ Interactions WA15 Greybook WA15 Publications
WA16 Orsay (LAL)-CERN-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly)-Strasbourg An Exploratory Experiment at Very High Neutrino Energy in a Narrow-Band Beam with Gargamelle WA16 Greybook WA16 Publications
WA17 Ankara-Brussels-CERN-Dublin-London- (U.C.)-Pisa-Rome-Turin Collaboration Search for New Short-Lived Particles Produced in Neutrino Interactions in an Emulsion Stack Coupled to BEBC WA17 Greybook WA17 Publications
WA18 CERN-Hamburg-Amsterdam-Rome-Moscow Collaboration Study of semileptonic and leptonic neutral-current processes and of $\mu$-polarization using counter techniques WA18 Greybook WA18 Publications
WA18/2 CERN-Hamburg-Amsterdam-Rome-Moscow Collaboration High-Precision Measurement of the Ratio $\sigma_{\nu}$ (NC)/$\sigma_{\nu}$(CC) WA18/2 Greybook WA18/2 Publications
WA19 Aachen TH-Bonn Univ.-CERN-Oxford Univ. Study of High Energy Neutrino Interactions Using BEBC Filled with a Ne-H$_{2}$ Mixture WA19 Greybook WA19 Publications
WA20 Aachen-Bonn-CERN-London (I.C.)-Oxford-Saclay Collaboration Beam Dump Test in BEBC with Neon WA20 Greybook WA20 Publications
WA21 Birmingham-Bonn-CERN-London-Munich-Oxford Collaboration High Energy $\nu$ and $\nu$ Interactions in BEBC Filled with H$_{2}$ WA21 Greybook WA21 Publications
WA22 London (I.C.)-Saclay Collaboration An Experiment in BEBC to Compare Neutral and Charged Current Neutrino Interactions Induced by $\nu_{\pi}$ and $\nu_{K}$ at the Same Energy WA22 Greybook WA22 Publications
WA23 CERN-Milan-Orsay (LAL) Collaboration Study of Neutral Current Interactions Using Gargamelle Exposed to the Dichromatic Beam N3 WA23 Greybook WA23 Publications
WA24 Bari-Birmingham-Brussels-London (I.C.)-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly)-Rutherford-Saclay (CEN) High-Energy $\nu$ and $\overline{\nu}$ Interactions Using a Hydrogen TST in BEBC WA24 Greybook WA24 Publications
WA25 Amsterdam-Bergen-Bologna-Padova-Pisa-Saclay-Torino Collaboration Neutrino and Antineutrino Interactions in Deuterium WA25 Greybook WA25 Publications
WA26 Glasgow-Paris (LPNHE)-Rutherford-Saclay Collaboration K-p Interactions in BEBC at 70 GeV/c WA26 Greybook WA26 Publications
WA27 Brussels-CERN-Genova-Mons-Nijmegen-Serpukhov-Tel Aviv Collaboration K+p Interactions in BEBC at 70 GeV/c WA27 Greybook WA27 Publications
WA28 Aachen-Berlin-CERN-Cracow-London (I.C.)-Vienna-Warsaw Collaboration K$^{-}$p Interactions in BEBC at 110 GeV/c WA28 Greybook WA28 Publications
WA29 Liverpool Collaboration Antiproton Annihilation at 20 GeV/c using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA29 Greybook WA29 Publications
WA30 Bologna-Glasgow-Rutherford-Saclay-Torino Collaboration Direct Electron Production in 70 GeV/c $\pi^{-}$ Interactions Using a Hydrogen Track Sensitive Target in BEBC WA30 Greybook WA30 Publications
WA31 Brussels (IIHE)-Helsinki-Liverpool-Mons-Stockholm Collaboration The Study of Prompt Lepton Production in Antiproton-Proton Interactions at 70 GeV/c in BEBC Equipped with a Track Sensitive Target WA31 Greybook WA31 Publications
WA32 London Imperial College Direct Photon Production in pp Collisions using BEBC with Ne-H2.filling WA32 Greybook WA32 Publications
WA33 Bologna-Saclay (CEN) Collaboration Systematic Search for Long-Lived Heavy Particles in the S1 Beam WA33 Greybook WA33 Publications
WA34 Bologna Univ./INFN-CERN-Florence Univ./INFN-Genoa Univ./INFN-Paris VI Univ.-Santander Univ.-Valencia Univ. Study of Charmed Particles Photoproduced in Emulsion Plates Tagged by the OMEGA Apparatus Triggers WA34 Greybook WA34 Publications
WA35 Heidelberg-Virginia-Warsaw Collaboration Measurement of the Multiplicity Correlations of Protons and Pions in Hadron-Nucleus Collisions at 20 and 40 GeV WA35 Greybook WA35 Publications
WA36 Bergen-CERN-Orsay (LAL)-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly.) Exploratory Experiment at very High Energy using Antineutrinos in Gargamelle WA36 Greybook WA36 Publications
WA37 Aachen-CERN-Glasgow-Liverpool Collaboration Study of Antiproton-Proton Interaction in the 4.1 GeV c.m. Energy Region in the OMEGA: Search for Narrow Charged Peaks in K$^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}$ or K$^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}$ Systems WA37 Greybook WA37 Publications
WA38 Bologna-CERN-Moscow-Novosibirsk-Serpukhov Collaboration Magnetic Monopole Search at the SPS WA38 Greybook WA38 Publications
WA39 Birmingham-CERN-Palaiseau (Ecole Poly.) Collaboration Continuation of the Study of Dimuon Production by $\pi^{+-}$, K$^{+-}$, p and Antiprotons of 40 GeV/c WA39 Greybook WA39 Publications
WA40 Aachen-Bari-Boon-CERN-Glasgow-Liverpool-Milan Collaboration Search for Narrow Boson Resonances Coupled to the Nucleon-Antinucleon System WA40 Greybook WA40 Publications
WA41 CERN-Dortmund-Heidelberg-Saclay Collaboration Beam Dump to Check Origin of Trimuon and Exceptional Dimuon Events WA41 Greybook WA41 Publications
WA42 Bristol-Geneva-Heidelberg-Lausanne-Queen Mary College-Rutherford Collaboration An Experiment on the Strong Interactions of Charged Hyperons WA42 Greybook WA42 Publications
WA43 Aachen-Bari-Bergen-Brussels-CERN-London (U.C.)Milan-Orsay (LAL)Palaiseau (Ecole Poly.)-Strasbourg Collaboration Observation of an Excess of $\nu_{e}$,$\overline{\nu}_{e}$ Events in a Beam Dump Experiment at 400 GeV in Gargamelle WA43 Greybook WA43 Publications
WA44 Bologna-CERN-Frascati-Rome Search for Quarks in High-Energy Neutrino Interactions WA44 Greybook WA44 Publications
WA45 Bologna-CERN-Florence-Genova-Moscow (Lebedev)-Paris VI-Santander-Valencia Collaboration Charmed-Particle Photoproduction in Emulsion Plates WA45 Greybook WA45 Publications
WA46 Bristol-Geneva-Heidelberg-Orsay-Rutherford-Strasbourg Collaboration Study of $\Omega^{-}$ Decays and of the $\Sigma^{-}$ $\rightarrow$ n e$^{-}$ $\overline{\nu}$ Decay Mode WA46 Greybook WA46 Publications
WA47 Aachen-Bonn-CERN-London (I.C.)-Oxford-Saclay (CEN) Collaboration Continuation of the Study of Neutrino Interactions with Dichromatic Beams at the SPS,Using BEBC Filled with Neon WA47 Greybook WA47 Publications
WA48 Glasgow Birmingham-CERN Collaboration Study of Baryonium States in K$^{+}$p Interactions Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA48 Greybook WA48 Publications
WA49 CERN-Liverpool Collaboration Study of $\overline{p}$p Interactions Involving Baryon Exchange Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA49 Greybook WA49 Publications
WA50 CERN Biological Effects of 200 GeV/c Protons (An Exploratory Investigation) WA50 Greybook WA50 Publications
WA51 Univ. of Washington-Seattle-Strasbourg Univ.-Warsaw Univ. Study of $\pi\pm$ Interactions in BEBC at 25 GeV/c and 60 GeV/c WA51 Greybook WA51 Publications
WA52 Aachen TH-Bonn Univ.-CERN-London Imperial College-Oxford Univ.-Saclay CEN DPhPE A Second Generation Beam Dump Experiment in BEBC WA52 Greybook WA52 Publications
WA53 Aachen TH-Bari Univ.-Bergen Univ.-IIHE ULB-VUB-Brussels-CERN-London UCL-Milan Univ/INFN-Orsay LaL-Palaiseau Ecole Poly-Strasbourg Univ. A Second Generation Beam Dump Experiment in Gargamelle WA53 Greybook WA53 Publications
WA54 CERN-Dortmund Univ.-Heidelberg Univ. Saclay CEN DPhPE Beam Dump Experiment with 4OO GeV Protons WA54 Greybook WA54 Publications
WA55 CERN-Neuchatel Univ.-Paris College de France Test of OMEGA Prime Accuracy and K$^{+}$p Elastic Scattering at 12 GeV/c around 9O$^{o}$ c.m. WA55 Greybook WA55 Publications
WA56 CERN-Neuchatel Univ.-Palaiseau Ecole Poly-Paris College de France Study of N$\overline{N}$ States Produced via Baryon Exchange in $\pi^{+}$p Interactions Using the OMEGA Prime Spectrometer WA56 Greybook WA56 Publications
WA57 Bonn Univ.-CERN-Glasgow Univ.-Lancaster Univ.-Manchester Univ.-Paris VI-Rutherford Appleton Lab.-Sheffield Univ. Studies of High Mass Vector Meson Photoproduction in the Energy Range 20 to 70 GeV WA57 Greybook WA57 Publications
WA58 Bologna Univ./INFN-CERN-Florence Univ./INFN-Genoa Univ./INFN-Moscow Lebedev-Paris VI univ.-Satander univ.-Valencia Univ. Measurement of the Lifetime of Charmed Particles in Nuclear Emulsion Exposed to an 80 GeV Bremsstrahlung Beam in Conjunction with the OMEGA Prime Spectrometer WA58 Greybook WA58 Publications
WA59 Athens Demokritos/NCSR-Bari Univ.-Birmingham-IIHE ULB VUB-Brussels-CERN-London Imperial College-LOndon UCL-Munich MPI-Oxford Univ.-Palaiseau Ecole Poly.-Rutherford Appleton Lab.-Saclay CEN DPhPE Measurement of Nucleon Structure Functions in Horn Focused $\nu$ and $\overline{\nu}$ Beams in BEBC Filled with Neon WA59 Greybook WA59 Publications
WA60 Bari-Birmingham-CERN-Milan Univ./INFN-Paris VI Univ.-Pavia Univ./INFN Study of Strangeonium and Baryonium Produced in K$^{-}$p Interactions Using the OMEGA Prime Spectrometer WA60 Greybook WA60 Publications
WA61 Cairo HEP Lab. Inelastic Interactions of High Energy Hadrons ($\overline{p}$, K$^{\pm}$, $\pi^{-}$) with Emulsion Nuclei WA61 Greybook WA61 Publications
WA62 Bristol-Geneva-Heidelberg-Lausanne-London-Rutherford Lab. Search for the Charmed Strange Baryon A$^{o}$ WA62 Greybook WA62 Publications
WA63 CERN-Saclay CEN PDPhPE Inclusive Baryon-Antibaryon Production in the Central Region Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA63 Greybook WA63 Publications
WA64 Aarhus-Basel-CERN-Glasgow-Lancaster-Manchester-Rutherford-Strasbourg Measurement of channelling radiation in a silicon crystal WA64 Greybook WA64 Publications
WA65 CERN-Hamburg-Amsterdam-Rome-Moscow  Further Studies of Prompt Neutrino Production in 400 GeV Proton Nucleus Collisions WA65 Greybook WA65 Publications
WA66 Aachen-Athens-Bonn-CERN-London-Munich-Oxford-Saclay-Stockholm  Further Study of Prompt Neutrino Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions Using BEBC WA66 Greybook WA66 Publications
WA67 CERN-Glasgow-Liverpool Study of $\pi^{-}p$ Interactions at 85 GeV/c Leading to $K^{+}K^{+}K$^{-}K^{-}$ in the Final State - Search for New States WA67 Greybook WA67 Publications
WA68 CERN-Dortmund-Heidelberg-Saclay-Warsaw  Further Study of Prompt Neutrino Production in a Proton Beam Dump Experiment WA68 Greybook WA68 Publications



Photoproduction in the Energy Range 70-200 GeV WA69 Greybook WA69 Publications



Study of Direct Photon Events in Hadronic Collisions WA70 Greybook WA70 Publications

CERN-Genova-Milan-Moscow-Paris-Rome-Santander-Valencia Collaboration


An Experiment to Study Beauty Production and Lifetime in the Upgraded $\Omega^{'}$ Spectrometer WA71 Greybook WA71 Publications
WA72 CERN-Paris-Neuchatel-Warsaw A Study of Fast Proton Production in $\pi\pm$-Nucleus Interactions Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA72 Greybook WA72 Publications
WA73 Paris (LPNHE) A Pedagogical Experiment Using Bubble Chamber Pictures WA73 Greybook WA73 Publications
WA74 CERN-Lisbon-Neuchatel-Paris (LPNHE) Antiproton-Proton Glory Scattering WA74 Greybook WA74 Publications
WA75 Bari-Brussels-CERN-Dublin-Japan-London (UC) Rome-Torino Collaboration An Experiment to Observe Directly Beauty Particles Selected by Muonic Decay in Emulsion & to Estimate their Lifetimes WA75 Greybook WA75 Publications



Study of the Mesons Produced Centrally in the Reaction $pp \rightarrow pp + X^{0}$ and $\pi^{+}p \rightarrow \pi^{+}p + X^{0}$ at 85 GeV/c WA76 Greybook WA76 Publications

Athens-Bari-Birmingham-CERN-Paris Collaboration


Search for Direct Production of Gluonium States in High p$_{T}$ $\pi^{-}$N Collisions at 300 and 150 GeV/c WA77 Greybook WA77 Publications

Bari-Brussels-CERN-London-Rome-Torino Collaboration


Search for the Hadroproduction of BbarB Pairs WA78 Greybook WA78 Publications

Brussels-CERN-Hamburg-Moscow-Naples-Rome Collaboration


Study of Neutrino-Electron Scattering at the SPS WA79 Greybook WA79 Publications

Darmstadt-LBL-Lund-Marburg-Munster-Oak-Ridge- Warsaw Collaboration


Study of Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at the CERN SPS WA80 Greybook WA80 Publications



Measurements of Pair Production Under Channelling Conditions by 70-180 GeV Photons Incident on Single Crystals WA81 Greybook WA81 Publications

Bologna-CERN-Genoa-Milan-Mons-Moscow (Lebedev)


High Statistics Study of Charm Hadroproduction Using an Impact Parameter Trigger WA82 Greybook WA82 Publications



Investigation of Soft Photon Production in Hadronic Collisions Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA83 Greybook WA83 Publications



Study of the Production and Decay Properties of using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA84 Greybook WA84 Publications

Athens-Bari-Birmingham-CERN-Paris (College de France & LPNHE)


Study of High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions Using the $\Omega^{'}$ Spectrometer Equipped with a Multiparticle High $p_{T}$ Detector WA85 Greybook WA85 Publications

Bologna Univ. & INFN


Exposure of CR39 Stacks to Oxygen and Sulphur Beams at the CERN-SPS WA86 Greybook WA86 Publications

Siegen (Univ.)


Investigation of Nuclear Fragmentation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions Using Plastic - Nuclear - Track Detectors WA87 Greybook WA87 Publications

Carleton-Chalk River Nucl. Lab.-NRC of Canada


Tests of Bubble Damage Detectors in a Heavy Ion Beam from the SPS WA88 Greybook WA88 Publications

Bologna Univ./INFN-CERN-Genoa Univ./INFN-Grenoble ISN-Heidelberg MPI/Univ.-Mainz (Inst. of Nucl. Phys.)-Moscow (Lebedev)


Hyperon Beam Experiment WA89 Greybook WA89 Publications


Lund-Manne Siegbahn (IP)-Oak Ridge Nat. Lab.


Measurements of Pair Production and Electron Capture from the Continuum in Heavy Particle Collisions WA90 Greybook WA90 Publications

Athens-Bari Univ./INFN-Birmingham-CERN-Dubna JINR-Paris (College de France)


A Search for Centrally Produced Non- $\overline{q}q$ Mesons in Proton Proton Interactions at 450 GeV/c by Using the CERN $\Omega$ Spectrometer WA91 Greybook WA91 Publications

Bologna Univ/INFN-CERN-Dubna JINR-Genoa Univ./INFN-London ICL-Moscow (Lebedev)-Pisa Univ/INFN-Rome Univ. I/INFN-Rome Univ. II/INFN-Southampton


Measurement of Beauty Particle Lifetimes and Hadroproduction Cross-Section WA92 Greybook WA92 Publications
WA93 LUD A Light Universal Detector for the Study of Correlations between Photons and Charged Particles WA93 Greybook WA93 Publications
WA94 IONS Study of Baryon and Antibaryon Spectra in Sulphur Sulphur Interactions at 200 GeV/c per Nucleon WA94 Greybook WA94 Publications
WA95 CHORUS A New Search for $ \nu _{\mu} - \nu _{\tau} $ Oscillations WA95 Greybook WA95 Publications
WA96 NOMAD Search for the Oscillation $\nu _{\mu}$ $\rightarrow$ $\nu_{\tau}$ WA96 Greybook WA96 Publications
WA97 OMEGA ION Study of Baryon and Antibaryon Spectra in Lead Lead Interactions at 160 GeV/c per Nucleon WA97 Greybook WA97 Publications
WA98   Large Acceptance Measurement of Photons and Charged Particles in Heavy Ion Reactions WA98 Greybook WA98 Publications
WA99 IONS/EL.CAPT. Measurements of Pair Production and Electron Capture from the Continuum in Heavy Particle Collisions WA99 Greybook WA99 Publications
WA99/2 IONS/EL.CAPT Charge Changing Collisions, Energy Loss & EM Nuclear Reactions of 160GeV A:208Pb WA99/2 Greybook WA99/2 Publications
WA100   Exposure of Plastic Track Detectors to Relativistic Pb Beam for the Purpose of Providing Calibration for the DUBLIN-ESTEC Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Experiment Which was Exposed for Sixty-Nine Months in Earth Orbit WA100 Greybook WA100 Publications
WA101   Study of Various Processes with 160 A GeV Pb Beam WA101 Greybook WA101 Publications
WA102 OMEGA/CENTPROD A Search for Centrally Produced non-$ q \bar{q} $ Mesons in Proton Proton Interactions at 450~GeV/c using the CERN $\Omega$ Spectrometer and GAMS-4000 WA102 Greybook WA102 Publications
WA103   Experimental Study of a Positron\\ Source Using Channeling WA103 Greybook WA103 Publications
WA104 ICARUS – NP01 ICARUS WA104 Greybook WA104 Publications
WA105 NP02 Long Baseline Neutrino Observatory Demonstration experiment (LBNO DEMO) WA105 Greybook WA105 Publications


SPS Programme - Underground Area
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
UA1 Aachen-Annecy (LAPP)-Birmingham-CERN-Paris-College de France-Queen Mary College-Riverside-Rutherford-Saclay (CEN) A 4$\pi$ Solid Angle Detector for the SPS used as a Proton-Antiproton Collider at a Centre of Mass Energy of 540 GeV UA1 Greybook UA1 Publications
UA2 Bern-CERN-Copenhagen-Orsay (LAL)-Pavia-Saclay (CEN) Study of Antiproton-Proton Interactions at 630 GeV c.m. Energy UA2 Greybook UA2 Publications
UA3 Annecy (LAPP)-CERN Search for Magnetic Monopoles at the $p\bar{p}$ Colliding Ring UA3 Greybook UA3 Publications



Measurement of Elastic Scattering and of Total Cross-Section at the CERN $\bar{p}p$ Collider UA4 Greybook UA4 Publications
UA4/2 COULOMB A Precise Measurement of the Real Part of the Elastic Scattering Amplitude at the S$\bar{p}p$S UA4/2 Greybook UA4/2 Publications
UA5 Bonn-Brussels-Cambridge-CERN-Stockholm Investigation of $pp\bar$ Events at 540 GeV c.m. Energy with a Streamer Chamber Detection System UA5 Greybook UA5 Publications



An Exploratory Investigation of p$p\bar$ Interaction at 800-900 GeV cm Energy at the SPS Collider UA5/2 Greybook UA5/2 Publications



An internal hydrogen jet target in the SPS to study inclusive electromagnetic final states and $\Lambda$ production in $\overline{p}p$ and $pp$ interactions at $\surd$s = 22.5 GeV UA6 Greybook UA6 Publications

Japan U.G.-Napples


Measurement by Silicon Shower Detectors of the Invariant Cross Section of Photons and $\pi^{0}$'s Emitted Close to Zero Degree UA7 Greybook UA7 Publications



Study of Jet Structure in High Mass Diffraction at the SPS Collider UA8 Greybook UA8 Publications
UA9 CRYSTAL CRYSTAL UA9 Greybook UA9 Publications



LEP Programme
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
ALEPH Bari-CERN-Demokritos Athens-Dortmund-Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau- Edinburgh-G1asgow-Heidelberg-Lancaster-MPI Manchen-Orsay-Pisa-Rutherford Saclay-Sheffield-Torino-Trieste-Westfield College London-Wisconsin Apparatus for LEp PHysics ALEPH Greybook ALEPH Publications
DELPHI Ames Lab-Amsterdam-Athens (Demokritos & Nat.Tech.Univ.)-Belgium-Bergen-Bologna-CERN-Copenhagen-Cracow-Dubna-Genova-Helsinki-Karlsruhe-Liverpool-Lund-Milan-Orsay-Oslo-Oxford-Padova-Paris (College de France & LPNHE)-Rome (Sanità)-Rutherford Lab.-Saclay-Santander-Serpukhov-Stockholm-Strasbourg-Torino-Trieste-Uppasala-Valencia-Vienna-Warsaw-Wuppertal DEtector with Lepton Photon and Hadron Identification DELPHI Greybook DELHI Publications
L3 Aachen-Amsterdam-Annecy-Beijing-Bombay-Budapest-CALTEC-Carnegie Mellon Univ.-CERN-EIR-Florence-Frascati-Geneva-Harvard-Hawaii-Hofei-John Hopkins Univ.-Lausanne-Lund-Lyon-Madrid-Michigan-MIT-Moscow-Naples-Northeastern-Ohio State Univ.-Oklahoma Univ.-Princeton-Rome-Siegen-Yale-Zeuthen-Zurich L3 Experiment L3 Greybook L3  Publications
OPAL Birmingham-Bologna-Bonn-Cambridge-Carlton-CERN-Chicago-Freiburg-Heildelberg-Israel-London (Birbebeck & QMC & UC)-Manchester-Maryland-Ottawa-Rehovot (Weizmann Inst.)-Rutherford Lab.-Saclay-Tel Aviv-Tokyo Omni Purpose Apparatus for LEP OPAL Greybook OPAL Publications

Rome Univ./INFN


A single Bremsstrahlung Monitor to Measure Luminosity at LEP LEP5 Greybook LEP5 Publications

Univ. of Alberta-Bologna Univ/INFN-Harvard


The search for Highly Ionizing Particles in e+e- collisions at LEP using (MODAL) (MOnopole Detector At Lep) LEP6 Greybook LEP6 Publications



RD Programme
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
RD-01 SPACAL Scintillating Fibre Calorimetry at the LHC RD1 Greybook RD1 Publications
RD-02 SITP Study of a Tracking/Preshower Detector for the LHC RD2 Greybook RD2 Publications
RD-03 ACCORDION Liquid Argon Calorimetry with LHC-Performance Specifications RD3 Greybook RD3 Publications
RD-04 DOPANTS Study of Liquid Argon Dopants for LHC Hadron Calorimetry RD4 Greybook RD4 Publications
RD-05 LHC-MUONS Study of Muon Triggers & Momentum Reconstruction in a Strong Magnetic Field for a Muon Detector at LHC RD5 Greybook R 5 Publications
RD-06 TRD-TRACKER Integrated High-Rate Transition Radiation Detector & Tracking Chamber for the LHC RD6 Greybook RD6 Publications
RD-07 FITRACK Central Tracking Detector Based on Scintillating Fibres RD7 Greybook RD7 Publications
RD-08 GAASWORKS Development of GaAs Detectors for Physics at the LHC RD8 Greybook RD8 Publications
RD-09 SOI A Demonstrator Analog Signal Processing Circuit in a Radiation Hard SOI-CMOS Technology RD9 Greybook RD9 Publications
RD-10 RADHARD A Study to Improve the Radiation Hardness of Gaseous Detector for Use at Very-High Luminosities RD10 Greybook RD10 Publications
RD-11 EAST Embedded Architectures for Second-level Triggering in LHC Experiments (EAST) RD11 Greybook RD11 Publications
RD-12 TTC Timing, Trigger and Control Systems for LHC Detectors RD12 Greybook RD12 Publications
RD-13 LHCTB A Scalable Data Taking System at a Test Beam for LHC RD13 Greybook RD13 Publications
RD-14 XENON Noble Liquid (Xenon or Krypton) Totally Active Calorimetry RD14 Greybook RD14 Publications
RD-15 PPC The Prism Plastic Calorimeter (PPC) RD15 Greybook RD15 Publications
RD-16 FERMI A digital Front-End and Readout Microsystem for calorimetry at LHC RD16 Greybook RD16 Publications
RD-17 FAROS Ultrafast Readout of Scintillating Fibres Using Upgraded Position-Sensitive Photomultipliers RD17 Greybook RD17 Publications
RD-18 CRYSTAL CLEAR R&D on scintillation materials for novel ionizing radiation detectors for High Energy Physics, medical imaging and industrial applications RD18 Greybook RD18 Publications
RD-19 PIXEL Development of Hybrid and Monolithic Silicon Micropattern Detectors RD19 Greybook RD19 Publications
RD-20 SI TRACKER Development of High Resolution Si Strip Detectors for Experiments at High Luminosity at the LHC RD20 Greybook RD20 Publications
RD-21 COLLIDER-BEAUTY R&D for Collider Beauty Physics at the LHC RD21 Greybook RD21 Publications
RD-22 - Test of Beam Crystal the SPS: First Step towards a LHC Extracted Beam RD22 Greybook RD22 Publications
RD-23 OPTOELECTRONICS Optoelectronic Analogue Signal Transfer for LHC Detectors RD23 Greybook RD23 Publications
RD-24 SCI Application of the Scalable Coherent Interface to Data Acquisition at LHC RD24 Greybook RD24 Publications
RD-25 LFC Continuing Studies on Lead/Scintillating Fibres Calorimetry (LFC) RD25 Greybook RD25 Publications
RD-26 CSIRICH Development of a Large Area Advanced Fast RICH Detector for Particle Identification at the Large Hadron Collider Operated with Heavy Ions RD26 Greybook RD26 Publications
RD-27 - First-Level Trigger Systems for LHC Experiments RD27 Greybook RD27 Publications
RD-28 GAS MICROSTRIPS Development of Gas Micro-Strip Chambers for high Radiation-rate Detection Tracking  RD28 Greybook RD28 Publications
RD-29 DMILL A Mixed Analog-Digital Radiation Hard Technology for High Energy Physics Electronics: DMILL (Durci Mixte sur Isolant Logico-Lineaire) RD29 Greybook RD29 Publications
RD-30 OPTICAL TRIGGER Study of an optical trigger to be used for Beauty Search in Fixed-Target Mode at the LHC RD30 Greybook RD30 Publications
RD-31 NEBULAS NEBULAS: An asynchronous self-routing packet-switching network architecture for event building in high rate experiments RD31 Greybook RD31 Publications
RD-32 ALICE TPC Development of a Time Projection Chamber chamber with high two track resolution capability for experiments at heavy ion colliders RD32 Greybook RD32 Publications
RD-33 TGT Study of a Novel Concept for a Liquid Argon Calorimeter The "Thin Gap Turbine" (TGT) RD33 Greybook RD33 Publications
RD-34 TILECAL Developments for a scintillator tile sampling hadron calorimeter with 'longitudinal' tile configuration RD34 Greybook RD34 Publications
RD-35 SICAL A silicon hadron calorimeter module operated in a strong magnetic field with VLSI read out for LHC RD35 Greybook RD35 Publications
RD-36   Shashlik Calorimetry: A Combined Shashlik + Preshower Detector for LHC RD36 Greybook RD36 Publications
RD-37   Very Forward Hadron Calorimetry at the LHC Using Parallel Plate Chambers RD37 Greybook RD37 Publications
RD-38 CICERO CICERO : Control Information system Concepts based on Encapsulated Real-time Objets. A study on generic control systems for large scale experiments at LHC RD38 Greybook RD38 Publications
RD-39 SMSD Cryogenic Tracking Detectors RD39 Greybook RD39 Publications
RD-40 Q-CAL Development of Quartz Fiber Calorimetry RD40 Greybook RD40 Publications
RD-41 MOOSE Object Oriented Approach to Software Development for LHC Experiments RD41 Greybook RD41 Publications
RD-42   Development of Diamond Tracking Detectors for High Luminosity Experiments at the LHC RD42 Greybook RD42 Publications
RD-43 BHCAL Proposal for Research & Development of a Hadron Calorimeter for High Magnetic Fields RD43 Greybook RD43 Publications
RD-44 GEANT4 GEANT 4: an Object-Oriented toolkit for simulation in HEP RD44 Greybook RD44 Publications
RD-45   A Persistent Object Manager for HEP RD45 Greybook RD45 Publications
RD-46   High Resolution Tracking Devices Based on Capillaries Filled with Liquid Scintillator RD46 Greybook RD46 Publications
RD-47   High Energy Physics Processing using Commodity components (HEP PC) RD47 Greybook RD47 Publications
RD-48 ROSE Radiation Hardening of Silicon Detectors RD48 Greybook RD48 Publications
RD-49 RADTOL Studying Radiation Tolerant ICs for LHC RD49 Greybook RD49 Publications
RD-50   Development of Radiation Hard Semiconductor Devices for Very High Luminosity Colliders RD50 Greybook RD50 Publications
RD-51   Development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors Technologies RD51 Greybook RD51 Publications
RD-52   Dual-Readout Calorimetry for High-Quality Energy Measurements RD52 Greybook RD52 Publications
RD-53   Development of pixel readout integrated circuits for extreme rate and radiation RD53 Greybook RD53 Publications



LHC Programme
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
ALICE ALICE A Large Ion Collider Experiment ALICE Greybook ALICE Publications
ATLAS ATLAS A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS ATLAS Greybook DELHI Publications
CMS CMS Compact Muon Solenoid CMS Greybook CMS  Publications
LHCb LHCb Large Hadron Collider Beauty LHCb Greybook LHCb Publications
TOTEM TOTEM Total Cross Section, Elastic Scattering and Diffraction Dissociation at the LHC TOTEM Greybook TOTEM Publications
LHCf LHCf LHCf-measurement of forward neutral particle production for cosmic ray research LHCf Greybook LHCf Publications
FASER FASER Forward search experiment at the LHC FASER Greybook FASER Publications
LCG LCG LHC Computing Grid LCG Greybook LCG Publications
MoEDAL MoEDAL Monopole and Exotis Detector At the LHC MoEDAL Greybook MoEDAL Publications



Proton Synchrotron (PS) Programme
Experiment Collaboration Title Experiments at CERN CDS
NAMEXP Measurement of Production of Strange Bosons in the Reactions $K^{-}p \rightarrow K^{-0} \pi^{-}p$ and $K^{+}p \rightarrow K^{0} \pi^{+}p$ PS131 Greybook PS131 Publications
PS132 NAMEXP Symmetric Bispectrometer for a Systematic Search of Heavy Particles PS132 Greybook PS132 Publications
NAMEXP A Systematic Study of Electron Pair and Gamma-Ray Production in Rest PS135 Greybook PS135 Publications
PS136 NAMEXP measurement of the polarization parameter in p-n elastic and charge exchange scattering at 24 GeV/c PS136 Greybook PS136 Publications
PS137 NAMEXP Measurement of the Polarization in K+ Neutron Charge Exchange PS137 Greybook PS137 Publications
PS140 NAMEXP Measurements of the Reaction $K^{-}p \rightarrow \Lambda$ (forward) + Neutral Meson PS140 Greybook PS140 Publications
PS141 NAMEXP Spin Dependent Effects in Proton-Proton Interactions at 24 GeV/c PS141 Greybook PS141 Publications
PS142 NAMEXP X-rays of Protonium (${p}\overline{p}$ atom) PS142 Greybook PS142 Publications
PS143 NAMEXP A Search for N* Resonances in Helium PS143 Greybook PS143 Publications
PS144 NAMEXP Proposal to measure the $K^{\pm}p$ forward scattering amplitude at 10 GeV/c by means of the Coulomb-nuclear interference PS144 Greybook PS144 Publications
PS145 NAMEXP A search for exotic mesons using Omega PS145 Greybook PS145 Publications
PS146 NAMEXP Charm search on Omega PS146 Greybook PS146 Publications
PS147 NAMEXP Study of the $K^{0}_{L}p \rightarrow \Lambda \pi^{+}$ (backward) reaction PS147 Greybook PS147 Publications
PS148 NAMEXP A proposal to study $\pi ^{-}p \rightarrow (K\bar{K})^\pm\pi^{\mp}n$ using Omega PS148 Greybook PS148 Publications
PS149 NAMEXP Study of the Reaction and Scattering Cross Section for $\overline{p}{p}$ at $\overline{p}$ Momenta Below 1 GeV/c PS149 Greybook PS149 Publications
PS150 NAMEXP Study of the Channelling Effect in Crystalline Structures at High Energies PS150 Greybook PS150 Publications
PS151 NAMEXP Exotic Atoms PS151 Greybook PS151 Publications
PS152 NAMEXP Further Study of Hypernuclear Gamma Transitions PS152 Greybook PS152 Publications
PS153 NAMEXP Hunt for narrow-baryon formation in $\pi^{-}p$ backward elastic scattering PS153 Greybook PS153 Publications
PS154 NAMEXP Strangeness Exchange Reaction on Nuclei PS154 Greybook PS154 Publications
PS155 NAMEXP Properties of Exotic Light Nuclei Produced at the PS PS155 Greybook PS155 Publications
PS156 NAMEXP Measurement of the polarization parameter in $p-n$ elastic and charge exchange scattering at 24 GeV/c PS156 Greybook PS156 Publications
PS157 NAMEXP High precision measurement of $\pi^{-}p$ total cross section PS157 Greybook PS157 Publications
PS158 NAMEXP Antiproton X-ray Studies on Isotopically Pure Targets PS158 Greybook PS158 Publications
PS159 NAMEXP Strange Dibaryon Systems PS159 Greybook PS159 Publications
PS160 NAMEXP Measurement of A and R Parameters in the Reaction $\pi^{+}p \rightarrow K^{+}\Sigma^{+}$ PS160 Greybook PS160 Publications
PS161 NAMEXP Search for Strongly Bound States of the $\overline{p}p, \overline{p}d$ and $\overline{p}(NN...)$ Systems PS161 Greybook PS161 Publications
PS162 NAMEXP Study of the Structure of Exotic Light Nuclei Produced at the PS PS162 Greybook PS162 Publications
PS163 NAMEXP Search for Narrow Baryonium States Near the $\overline{p}p$ Threshold PS163 Greybook PS163 Publications
PS164 NAMEXP The influence of Channelling on Atomic and Nuclear Reaction Yields PS164 Greybook PS164 Publications
PS165 NAMEXP Measurement of the $K^{-}p$ Scattering Length at Threshold by Observation of Kaonic Hydrogen X-Rays from a Condensed Target PS165 Greybook PS165 Publications
PS166 NAMEXP Search for $\Sigma$ Hypernuclear States using the Strangeness Exchange Reactions $(K^{-},\pi^{-})$ and $(K^{-},\pi^{+})$ PS166 Greybook PS166 Publications
PS167 NAMEXP Background Calibration for a Proton-Lifetime Detector PS167 Greybook PS167 Publications
PS168 NAMEXP To Test a Prototype of a Proton Lifetime Detector in a Neutrino Beam at the PS PS168 Greybook PS168 Publications
PS169 NAMEXP Search for Neutrino Oscillations PS169 Greybook PS169 Publications
PS170 LEAR/FORMFACTOR Precision Measurements of the Proton Electromagnetic Form Factors in the Time-Like Region and Vector Meson Spectroscopy PS170 Greybook PS170 Publications
PS171 NAMEXP Study of $\overline{p}p$ Interactions at Rest in a H2 Gas Target at LEAR PS171 Greybook PS171 Publications
PS172 NAMEXP $\overline{p}p$ Total Cross-Sections and Spin Effects in $\overline{p}p \rightarrow K^{+}K^{-},\pi^{+}\pi^{-},\overline{p}p$ above 200 MeV/c PS172 Greybook PS172 Publications
PS173 NAMEXP Measurement of Antiproton-proton Cross-Sections at Low Antiproton Momenta PS173 Greybook PS173 Publications
PS174 NAMEXP Precision Survey of X-Rays from $\overline{p}p (\overline{p}d)$ Atoms Using the Initial LEAR Beam PS174 Greybook PS174 Publications
PS175 LEAR/CYCL.TRAP Measurement of the Antiprotonic Lyman- and Balmer X-rays of $\overline{p}H$ and $\overline{p}D$ Atoms at Very Low Target Pressures PS175 Greybook PS175 Publications
PS176 NAMEXP Study of X-Ray and $\gamma$-Ray Spectra from Antiprotonic Atoms at the Slowly Extracted Antiproton Beam of LEAR PS176 Greybook PS176 Publications
PS177 LEAR/HYPERNUCLEI Study of the Fission Decay of Heavy Hypernuclei PS177 Greybook PS177 Publications
PS178 NAMEXP Study of Antineutron Production at LEAR PS178 Greybook PS178 Publications
PS179 NAMEXP Study of Interaction of Low-Energy Antiprotons with H$^{2}$,He$^{3}$,He$^{4}$,Ne-Nuclei Using a Streamer Chamber in Magnetic Field PS179 Greybook PS179 Publications
PS180 NAMEXP Search for Neutrino Oscillations at CERN PS Using BEBC PS180 Greybook PS180 Publications
PS181 NAMEXP Contribution of the CHARM Collaboration to the CERN Neutrino Oscillation Program PS181 Greybook PS181 Publications
PS182 NAMEXP Measurements of the Ratio Between Double and Single Ionization of Helium for Antiprotons PS182 Greybook PS182 Publications
PS183 NAMEXP Search for Bound $\overline{N}N$ States Using a Precision Gamma and Charged Pion Spectrometer at LEAR PS183 Greybook PS183 Publications
PS184 NAMEXP Study of $\overline{p}$-Nucleus Interaction with a High Resolution Magnetic Spectrometer PS184 Greybook PS184 Publications
PS185 LEAR/HYPERONS Study of Threshold Production of $\overline{p}p \rightarrow \overline{Y}Y$ at LEAR PS185 Greybook PS185 Publications
PS185/2 NAMEXP High Precision Measurement of $\overline{p}p \rightarrow\overline{\Lambda}\Lambda$ Cross Sections in the Mass Region around 2232MeV/c$^{2}$ PS185/2 Greybook PS185/2 Publications
PS185/3 NAMEXP A Measurement of Depolarization and Spin Transfer in $\overline{p}p \rightarrow \overline{\Lambda}\Lambda$ PS185/3 Greybook PS185/3 Publications
PS186 NAMEXP Nuclear Excitations by Antiprotons and Antiprotonic Atoms PS186 Greybook PS186 Publications
PS187 NAMEXP A Good Statistics Study of Antiproton Interactions with Nuclei PS187 Greybook PS187 Publications
PS188 NAMEXP Measurements of Channelling Radiation and its Polarization, X-Ray Excitation, together with Deviations from Landau Distributions PS188 Greybook PS188 Publications
PS189 LEAR/PBARMASS High Precision Mass Measurements with a Radiofrequency Mass Spectrometer - Application to the Measurement of the $p\overline{p}$ Mass Difference PS189 Greybook PS189 Publications
PS190 NAMEXP Study of Relativistic Nucleus-nucleus Coll.Induced by 16O Projectiles PS190 Greybook PS190 Publications
PS191 NAMEXP Search for Decays of Heavy Neutrinos with the PS Beam PS191 Greybook PS191 Publications
PS192 NAMEXP Study of the Energy Dependence of the Anomalous Mean Free Path Effect by Means of High-energy ($\geq$12 GeV/nucleon) Helium Nuclei PS192 Greybook PS192 Publications
PS193 NAMEXP Study of the Nuclear Transparency in $\alpha$ + A Reactions at Energies $\geq$ 12 GeV/nucleon PS193 Greybook PS193 Publications
PS194 NAMEXP Meas.of the Ratio Between Double and Single Ionization of Helium for Antiprotons PS194 Greybook PS194 Publications
PS194/2 LEAR/IONIZATION New Measurements of Antiproton - Atom Collisions: Ionization, dE/dX, X-rays and Channelling PS194/2 Greybook PS194/2 Publications
PS194/3 NAMEXP Measurement of Stopping Powers and Single Ionization Cross-Sections for Antiprotons at Low Energies PS194/3 Greybook PS194/3 Publications
PS195 NAMEXP Tests of CP Violation with $\bar{K^0}$ and $ K^{0} $ at LEAR PS195 Greybook PS195 Publications
PS196 NAMEXP Precision Comparison of $\bar{p}$ and $ p $ Masses in a Penning Trap PS196 Greybook PS196 Publications
PS197 NAMEXP The Crystal Barrel: Meson Spectroscopy at LEAR with a 4$\pi$ Detector PS197 Greybook PS197 Publications
PS198 NAMEXP Measurement of Spin Dependent Observables in the $\overline pN$ Elastic Scattering from 300 to 700 MeV/c PS198 Greybook PS198 Publications
PS199 NAMEXP Study of the Spin Structure of the $\bar{p}p$ $\rightarrow$ $\bar{n}n$ Channel at LEAR PS199 Greybook PS199 Publications
PS200 NAMEXP Capture, Electron-Cooling and Compression of Antiprotons in a Large Penning-Trap for Physics Experiments with an Ultra-Low Energy Extracted Antiproton Beam PS200 Greybook PS200 Publications
PS201 NAMEXP Study of $ \bar{p} $ and $ \bar{n} $ annihilations at LEAR with OBELIX, a large acceptance and high resolution detector based on the Open Axial Field Spectrometer PS201 Greybook PS201 Publications
PS202 NAMEXP JETSET: Physics at LEAR with an Internal Gas Jet Target and an Advanced General Purpose Detector PS202 Greybook PS202 Publications
PS203 NAMEXP Antiproton Induced Fission and Fragmentation of Nuclei PS203 Greybook PS203 Publications
PS204 NAMEXP Measurements of Wake-Riding Electrons in Antiproton-Carbon-Foil Collisions PS204 Greybook PS204 Publications
PS205 NAMEXP Laser Spectroscopy of Antiprotonic Helium Atoms PS205 Greybook PS205 Publications
PS206 NAMEXP Measurement of the $\bar{p}p \rightarrow \bar{n}n$ Charge-Exchange Differential Cross-Section PS206 Greybook PS206 Publications
PS207 NAMEXP Precision Measurement of the Energies and Line Shapes of Antiprotonic Lyman and Balmer Transitions From Hydrogen and Helium Isotopes PS207 Greybook PS207 Publications
PS208 NAMEXP Decay of Hot Nuclei at Low Spins Produced by Antiproton-Annihilation in Heavy Nuclei PS208 Greybook PS208 Publications
PS209 NAMEXP Neutron Halo and Antiproton-Nucleus Potential from Antiprotonic X-rays PS209 Greybook PS209 Publications
PS210 NAMEXP Antihydrogen Production in $ \bar{p} $ Z - interaction PS210 Greybook PS210 Publications
PS211 NAMEXP Experimental Study of the Phenomenology of Spallation Neutrons in a Large Lead Block PS211 Greybook PS211 Publications
PS212 NAMEXP Lifetime Measurements of $ \pi ^+ \pi ^- $ and $\pi^{+-} K^{-+}$ Atoms to Test Low-Energy QCD Predictions PS212 Greybook PS212 Publications
PS213 NAMEXP European Collaboration for High-Resolution Measurements of Neutron Cross Sections between 1 eV and 250 MeV PS213 Greybook PS213 Publications
PS214 NAMEXP Hadron Production for the Neutrino Factory and for the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux PS214 Greybook PS214 Publications
PS215 NAMEXP A Study of the Link between Cosmic Rays and Clouds with a Cloud Chamber at the CERN PS PS215 Greybook PS215 Publications
PS97 NAMEXP Precise Measurement of the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon PS97 Greybook PS97 Publications
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