CERN Instrumentation articles are mostly published in the Journal of Instrumentation (JINST), in Nuclear Instruments and Methods A and B (NIMA+NIMB) or in IEEE journals (mainly Transactions on Nuclear Science). CERN has agreements in place with publishers of the journals to allow all CERN Authors to benefit from open access via centralized payments by the Scientific Information Service.

According to the CERN Open Access Policy, all original articles with at least one CERN-affiliated author have to be published open access (conference proceedings contributions excluded). In most cases the full open access fee is covered centrally by CERN. To help authors in the field of instrumentation, a few central arrangements have been put in place. Regarding the technical aspects of the article submission, please find below a collection of clues and guidelines.

EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation (Springer)

  • Please contact @email if you want to submit an article to this journal.

IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science and other IEEE journals (IEEE)

  • All articles with at least one CERN-affiliated author are eligible for central CERN funding to cover the APC.

  • If the corresponding authors has a CERN affiliation, the article will be captured by IEEE, and you will be offered with the Open Access option.
    • Select the Open Access option
    • Choose the licence CC-BY-4.0
  • Please contact @email in advance of the submission if the corresponding author is not CERN-affiliated or in case of any doubt.

Instruments (MDPI)

  • CERN is member of the MDPI Institutional Open Access Program, and benefits from a 20% discount on the standard APC. Please follow the submission guidelines.

Journal of Instrumentation (SISSA/IOP)

  • CERN Authors need to notify JINST during the submission process. Authors will not need to sign the copyright form, as CERN research articles are covered by a collective license agreement.

Journal of Open Hardware (Ubiquity Press)

  • Please contact @email if you want to submit an article to this journal.

Measurement Science and Technology (IOP)

  • Since January 2020, CERN has an agreement with IOP: all articles with a CERN corresponding author will be published in open access. For articles with CERN Authors where the corresponding author(s) is/are not affiliated with CERN, please contact @email in advance of the submission. More information about the CERN IOP agreement

Nuclear Instruments and Methods Section A and Section B (Elsevier)

  • In order for the Elsevier system to capture the required information and match it against the CERN agreement, the author must indicate 'European Organisation for Nuclear Research' as the organization under the Corresponding Author section of the Rights and Access form. The author must select it on the dropdown menu so that the system will match it against the agreement. Once this has been selected, on the Publishing Option section, it will indicate that the Elsevier system has successfully matched the article against the agreement.
  • Select the license CC-BY-4.0.

If you wish to publish in any other outlet, the CERN Author Guide will provide you a quick answer to whether your article is immediately eligible for central CERN funding. If you have further questions, please contact us: @email


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26 August, 2021