Current projects

Below you can find a list of currently ongoing SIS projects. For more information, please follow the links to the respective project websites.

OA Switchboard

The OA Switchboard initiative is a not-for-profit organisation, created by scholarly publishers, research institutions and funders to standardize the exchange of messaging to confirm OA article eligibility and funding confirmations, etc. CERN has supported the initiative during its initial development and is now one of many launching partners. The OA Switchboard will allow future automation and reporting of OA publication inquiries and as such substantially reduce the manual efforts currently needed to allow OA publication of CERN articles. Please find more information here: 

SCOAP3 Open Books Initiative

The SCOAP3 for Books pilot aims to facilitate the conversion to open access of relevant existing books and monographs, such as university-level textbooks in HEP and related disciplines like instrumentation, detector engineering and accelerator physics. Titles, that are not yet available in an electronic format, will be digitized as part of this initiative. The results of the procurement process are currently reviewed by the working group and the first books are expected to be available open access later in 2021.

CERN Analysis Preservation (CAP)

CAP is a comprehensive solution for documenting and capturing all relevant elements of an experimental physics analysis. CAP is currently operating in beta status for various pilot implementations with all LHC experiments. A CERN-wide launch is planned for 2022. The service and more information is available here:

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13 November, 2023