Scientific Information Policy Board (SIPB)

The Scientific Information Policy Board (SIPB) is an inter-divisional body reporting to the Director General. It deals with any matters related to policies and strategies of scientific information services to the high-energy physics community. The mandate of the SIPB was approved on 17 April 1990.

SIPB meetings

The SIPB typically meets twice a year upon invitation of its chair. Meeting details and minutes have been available online since 1995 to the CERN community (login required).

Current members of the SIPB

  • M. Mangano, TH (Chairman)
  • A. Kohls, RCS (Secretary)
  • C. Lourenço, EP (Chair CREB)
  • M. Aicheler, BE (ACCU)
  • F. Ferri, EP (ACCU)
  • C. Lourenço, EP
  • J. Gillies, IR, DG, FAP, HR, IPT, SMB
  • T. Stora, EN
  • T. Smith, IT
  • F. Schmidt, BE
  • A. Verweij, TE
  • D. Dobrigkeit Chinellato and Y. Pachmayer, EP (ALICE)
  • P. Ferrari, EP (ATLAS)
  • B. Klima, EP (CMS)
  • F. Muheim, EP (LHCb)
  • B. Bloch-Devaux, EP (non-LHC experiments)


  • Tullio Basaglia
  • Stella Christodoulaki
  • Eckhard Elsen
  • Anne Gentil-Beccot
  • Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez​
  • Anita Hollier
  • Kamran Naim
  • Jens Vigen
SIPB Meeting
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6 June, 2020