Open Access Books

Following its spirit of openness, CERN is supporting the publication of Open Access books, both new or backlist titles (previously published closed). Below you find some examples of books made available under this scheme:

+ more than 100 books made available Open Access through the SCOAP3 for Books initiative. More book projects are currently in preparation.

Special issues/focus issues in journals

Many publishers solicit CERN scientists to be editors of special issues/focus issues in journals or to contribute to such issues. Such journal issues might in some cases be the most appropriate way of publishing. However, publishing an Open Access book with a well-recognized publishing house could be a more favorable cost-benefit solution, especially in the case of many CERN contributions. Please contact us in advance at @email for advice.

How to benefit from the CERN OA for Books program

The CERN Scientific Information Service is principle supporting the Open Access fees for books written by CERN Authors either presenting CERN experiments or accelerators, applied research processes or technologies or output of research carried out at CERN and or books covering CERN’s history and notable personalities. Other projects might be considered on a case-by-case basis.

CERN Authors are encouraged to publish their books Open Access. Most publishers offer to publish new books with an Open Access option for their electronic version, while print copies are still sold. Please contact us in advance at @email to explore the possibilities for financial support of the open access fees and to obtain advice on possible publishers, license models, etc.

Last modified
5 May, 2021