Structure of the Laboratory II, 1971-1975 and SPS division, 1976-1989

 1971 - 1975
In 1971 CERN Council approved the construction of a second laboratory, adjoining the existing site, with a Super Proton Synchrotron accelerator (SPS) initially planned for an energy of 300 GeV.
J. B. Adams was appointed as Director-General of Laboratory II, which was administratively separate from the Laboratory I.

Laboratory II


J.B. Adams

LabII-BT Beam Transfer Raad
LabII-CO Control M.C. Crowley-Milling
LabII-EA Experimental Area G. Brianti
LabII-MA Magnet R. Billinge
LabII-ME Mechanical Design H. Horisberger
LabII-PS Power Supply S. Van der Meer
LabII-RA Radiation Protection K. Goebel
LabII-RF Radio Frequency C. Zettler
LabII-SU Survey J. Gervaise
LabII-SI Site Installation R. Levy-Mandel
LabII-DI-PA Directorate, Parameter Section E.J.N. Wilson
LabII-SA Administration Service A. Klein



 1976 - 1989
In 1976 the two CERN laboratories were united. Laboratory II was renamed SPS Division and still directed by J. B. Adams.



J.B. Adams (1976)

M.C. Crowley-Milling (1977-1978)

G. Brianti (1979-1980)

B. de Raad (1981-1989)

SPS-SU Survey J. Gervaise (1976-1986)
Accelerator (SPS-AC) GROUPS, B. de Raad (1976-1980) - W. Middelkoop (1981-1982?)
SPS-ABM Beam Monitors  L. Burnod  (1976-1988)
SPS-ABT Beam Transfer W. Middelkoop (1976-1981)
E. Weisse (1982-1989)
SPS-ACC Computer Control F. Beck (1976-1981)
P.G. Innocenti (1982-1989)
SPS-AES Electronic Services  B. Sagnell (1976-1988)
SPS-AMR Main Ring B. Angerth (1976-1988)
SPS-AOP Operations Y Baconnier (1976-1978)
V. Hatton (1979-1989)
SPS-APS Power Supplies  J. Pahud (1977-1987)
SPS-ARF Radio Frequency C. Zettler (1976-1981)
D. Boussard (1982-1989)
SPS-AMS Machine Study  J. Gareyte  (1987-1989)
Experimental Areas (SPS-EA) GROUPS, G. Brianti (1976-1978) - C. Bovet (1979-1989?)
SPS-EMA Magnet A. Asner
SPS-EBP Beam Physics C. Bovet (1976-1978)
N. Doble (1979-1989? °
SPS-ELA Layout & Installation P. Coet (1976-1978
SPS-ELE Electronics M. Rabany
SPS-EHY Hydrogen Targets L. Mazzone
SPS-EPI Projects & Installations G.Bachv
Power & Operation (1976-1987)
Power Converters and Operation (1988-1989)
B. Danner (1976-1989)
Site and Technical Services (SPS-ST) GROUPS, H. Horisberger
SPS-SME Mechanical Design G. Corazza (1976-1984)
SPS-SEL Electrical Supply O. Bayard (1977-1982)
SPS-SFL Fluids & Cooling  E. Hugi (1976-1989)


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