How to get a document not available at CERN

We usually get the books and articles we do not have in our collections from other libraries via their interlibrary loan (ILL) or document delivery service.

n Articles

You can search in our Journals collection with the journal name to check if we have access to the journal. If the journal you are looking for is not available in our collection, you can request the article and we will get it for you:

^ Books

If the book is not available in the Library collection, you can request it:

Y Other document types

For any other document types (reports, standards, patents, theses, etc.), you can check if it is available in our catalogue and, if not, request it using the 'Request new literature' form.

] Good to know

  • This service works for CERN computer accounts only.
  • You can order any type of document, but please remember that items not related to CERN activities cannot be ordered.
  • As soon as the document is ready for you, you will receive an email: articles are provided in black and white copies; books on loan.
  • Documents are usually delivered within a few days.
  • In case of questions, please contact us: @email
Last modified
25 September, 2023