Finance Division / Department (FI), 1961 - 2008

C. Tièche

In 1961 finance functions were transferred from Administration Division to the newly created Finance Division. The role of FI consisted of:

  • establishing, in collaboration with all the divisions, the annual budget for approval by the internal committees of CERN and by the Council and its committees
  • establishing and maintaining an accountancy and internal auditing system according to the financial rules and regulations of the Organization,
  • being responsibile, within its competence, for the investment and spending of the monies of the Organization

The activity of FI Division was divided as follows:

  • Budget
  • Accounts
  • Financial services
  • Accounting services
  • Internal audit
  • Legal services
  • Staff insurance scheme

In 1964 the Purchasing Office was detached from Administration division and moved to Finance Division.

In 1966 under the new structure approved by the Council in June, the Finance Division together with Personnel, Technical Services and Building Divisions, the Health Physics and General Safety Groups, the Public Information Office, General Services and the Translation and Minutes Services were brought together in the Administration Department.

In October 1966 the Purchasing Section and Store Section were amalgamated under the responsibility of the head of the supply services.

In 1967 the Administrative Data Processing Service came into operation.

In 1972 in view of the importance to the whole of the Organization of legal questions, and in order to increase effiency, it was thought advisable to put the Legal Service under the authority of the organization's legal adviser and thus to make the Organization's Legal Service directly responsible for the Directors-General.

In 1976 the departmental structure ceased and Finance Division became independant

In 1982 Finance Division became Finance Department, part of the Administration until 1985.

In 1997 the Purchasing Service moved into Supplies, Procurement and Logistics (SPL) Division.

In 2004 FI division became FI Department, part of the Director-General's Services and under the authority of the Secretary General. It is responsible for handling all financial matters in the life of the Organisation in compliance with Financial Rules and Regulations, the Financial Guidelines for LHC Collaborations and the CERN Purchasing Procedures. It plays an important role in the relations between the Delegates of the Member States and the Organisation, the Visiting Research Teams, the Funding Agencies and the scientific Collaborations. Part of its mission is to provide the internal and external users of financial statements with timely, accurate and relevant information and to ensure that the necessary financial control is adhered to in order to safeguard the assets of the Organization. The Department also in charge of all aspects of procurement within CERN.

M. Lazanski
A. J. Naudi
P. Geeraert
In 2009 the CERN management changed and adopted a new organizational structure. Finance Department was renamed Finance and Procurement Department (FP) reporting to the Director for Administration and General Infrastructure.
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