Safety Commission Unit (SC), 2004 - 2009

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W. Weingarten

In 2004 the Technical Inspection and Safety Commission (TIS) was renamed the Safety Commission (SC).

As part of the Director-General's Services and under the authority of the Secretary General, the Safety Commission Unit monitors is responsible for all aspects of safety, occupational health and hygiene, environmental protection, safety of equipment and installations and operational safety at CERN.

SC Unit includes in the following groups:

  • Radiation Protection
  • Medical Service 
  • General Safety
  • Fire Brigade 
  • Integrated Safety and Environment

In 2009 the CERN management changed and adopted a new organisational structure. The core SC function became one of the groups in the new DG Office Sector (DG). The Medical Service and the Fire Brigade joined the General Infrastructure Services Department (GS)

M. Bona
R. Trant
In 2010 the Safety Commission Unit (SC) became the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit (HSE).
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