25 Feb/21
16:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Book presentation: "Safety for Particle Accelerators” by Thomas Otto

Please join the presentation, starting at 4 pm:



This open access book offers a first introduction to safety at accelerator facilities, directed to managers, scientists, technical personnel and students working at current or future accelerator facilities.

Presenting an overview of the safety-related aspects of the specific technologies employed in particle accelerators, such as superconductivity, cryogenics and radiofrequency, it highlights the potential hazards these technologies pose and current prevention and protection measures.

For hazards form the use of standard technologies, for example electricity, pressure vessels, and machines, it covers the use of best practice from occupational safety in conventional industry. The text is rounded off by a section on safety management and organization at accelerator facilities. 

It’s the book I would have liked to read when I started my role as Departmental Safety Officer at CERN 10 years ago.




 “Safety for Particle Accelerators”: by Thomas Otto, Springer, 2021.