Original mandate of the SIPB as of April 1990

1. The SIPB is an Inter-Divisional Body reporting to the DG.

2. It deals with any matters related to policies and strategies of Scientific Information Services to the High Energy Physics community, inter alia Library and Documentation Services and Scientific Editing and Report Production Services.

3. The Chairman of the Board is appointed by the DG, and should be a leader of one of the research divisions.

4. The Librarian is ex officio General Secretary to the Board with a managerial role in soliciting and compiling proposals and views and other inputs to the work of the Board, setting up the agenda for Meetings in conjunction with the Chairman, calling Meetings and distributing documentation.

5. The members of the Board should together provide a balanced representation of the user community and the CERN Divisions. They should be appointed by the Division Leaders and ACCU.

6. The Board shall meet at least four times per year, normally to be scheduled well in advance. If necessary the Chairman can call extra meetings, on his own initiative or on the suggestion of members of the Board. The agenda and documents for Board Meetings should be sent out to  members of the Board at least 7 days before scheduled meetings.

7. The Librarian has the obligation to bring policy issues, including development plans and budget proposals, to the attention of the Board and to prepare documentation for the consideration of the Board, clarifying the full extent of such issues.

8. The Chairman of the Board has the right to set up ad hoc committees and working groups to deal with problems that warrant a deeper or more recurrent revision then can be done in the regular meetings. Members can be drawn from amongst experts or users of services, whether or not they are members of the Board, the main criterion being effective performance of the task defined. Such groups can steer projects with inputs from several divisions or groups, or help the Librarian in developing strategies for the resolution of sensitive policy issues.

9. The Board Meetings should serve as a forum for reviews, analyses and assessments of the services given, of the user needs and of preferences for the short and long term developments of the services, with regard to technical an economic feasibility, the international developments in the field and the general trends on the information services market. This include specifically an obligation to be informed of and follow development plans, projects and feasibility studies where CERN units are involved, and to express opinions and advice concerning such activities as appropriate under its general mandate.