Articles by CERN authors not covered by any other arrangement

For articles that are not covered by either of the above arrangements, CERN authors can still be eligible for central open access funding under certain conditions:

  • The article is not already covered through an agreement of any of the co-author affiliated institutions, or via an EC grant.
  • Authors must contact the Scientific Information Service in advance of submission to confirm the eligibility for central payment from the CERN Open Access fund.
  • Articles submitted to journals with exceptionally high APCs (i.e. in excess of CHF 4000) will not be funded by CERN. For articles submitted to journals with an APC above the threshold, the authors have to identify another source of funding. 
  • For special issues coordinated or authored by CERN resulting in high publishing costs for CERN, editors of such special issues should submit a specific justification and request to @email for approval before organising such issues.  

In case of question, please use the Author OA Guide or contact @email.

Last modified
2 October, 2023