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ISOLDE Programme
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ISOLDE Experiments
The proposals for Isolde were evaluated by the PS & SC Committee (PSCC) (1978-1990), Isolde Committee (ISC) (1991-1999) then the Isolde & nTOF Committee (INTC) (1999-Today). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.
Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
ISOLDE CERN-NSC-64-2 Isotope Separator On Line DEvice ISOLDE Greybook Publications
IS10 PSCC-P-38 Determination of the Electron Neutrino Mass from Experiments on Electron-Capture Beta-Decay (EC) IS10 Greybook IS10 Publications
IS20 PSCC-P-109 Moessbauer Studies of Implanted Impurities in Solids IS20 Greybook IS20 Publications
IS21 PSCC-P-123 A Search for Axions by Nuclear Resonance Scattering IS21 Greybook IS21 Publications
IS30 PSCC-M-99 PAC Experiments at ISOLDE IS30 Greybook IS30 Publications
IS31 PSCC-P-101 Radioactive Ions for Surface Characterization IS31 Greybook IS31 Publications
IS40 PSCC-M-104 Atomic-Beam Magnetic Resonance Experiments at ISOLDE IS40 Greybook IS40 Publications
IS50 PSCC-M-100 Spectroscopic Studies of Exotic Nuclei at ISOLDE IS50 Greybook IS50 Publications
IS60 PSCC-P-62 Continuation of Mass determinations through a Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer on Line with ISOLDE IS60 Greybook IS60 Publications
IS70 PSCC-P-63 Continuation of Atomic Spectroscopy on Alkali Isotopes at ISOLDE IS70 Greybook IS70 Publications
IS80 PSCC-P-110 Study of Nuclear Moments and Mean Square Charge Radii by Collinear Fast-Beam Laser Spectroscopy IS80 Greybook IS80 Publications
IS81 PSCC-P-77 Laser Spectroscopy at Z = 50 IS81 Greybook IS81 Publications
IS82 PSCC-P-78 Multiphoton Ionization Detection in Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of Isolde Beams IS82 Greybook IS82 Publications
IS83 PSCC-P-98 Nuclear Ground State Properties in Strontium by Fast Beam Laser Spectroscopy IS83 Greybook IS83 Publications
IS84 PSCC-P-103 Nuclear Ground - State Properties of Alkaline - Earth Ions by Optical Pumping, State - Selective Neutralization and Particle Detection in Fast Ion - Beam Collinear laser Spectroscopy IS84 Greybook IS84 Publications
IS90 PSCC-M-149 Study of the Doubly-closed Shell Nucleus $^{132}$Sn and its Valence Nuclei IS90 Greybook IS90 Publications
IS100 PSCC-P-72 Studies of Stable Octupole Deformations in the Radium Region IS100 Greybook IS100 Publications
IS110 PSCC-P-79 Nuclear Orientation Studies and Measurements of Magnetic Moments of Radon Isotopes IS110 Greybook IS110 Publications
IS120 PSCC-P-81 Nuclear Implantation into Cold On Line Equipment (NICOLE) IS120 Greybook IS120 Publications
IS130 PSCC-P-84
High-Precision Direct Mass Determination of Unstable Isotopes IS130 Greybook IS130 Publications
IS140 PSCC-P-89 Study of the Beta-Decay Properties of Extremely Proton-Rich Nuclei IS140 Greybook IS140 Publications
IS150 PSCC-P-85 Nuclear Charge Radii in the Region of Shape Isomerism at Z $\leq$ 80 IS150 Greybook IS150 Publications
IS160 PSCC-P-99 Nuclear Structure of Neutron Deficient Z $\geq$ 64 Rare Earth Nuclei from Gamow-Teller Decays IS160 Greybook IS160 Publications
IS170 PSCC-P-100 Diffusion of Implanted Radioisotopes in Solids IS170 Greybook IS170 Publications
IS180 PSCC-P-102 Lattice Location of Radioactive Probes in Semiconductors and Metals by Electron and Positron Channelling IS180 Greybook IS180 Publications
IS181 PSCC-P-115 Localization of Implanted Radioactive Probes by Channelling and Blocking of Emitted Charged particles IS181 Greybook IS181 Publications
IS190 PSCC-P-105 Systematic Measurements of the Bohr-Weisskopf Effect at ISOLDE IS190 Greybook IS190 Publications
IS200 PSCC-P-104 Investigation of the Gamow - Teller decay of $^{98}$Cd IS200 Greybook IS200 Publications
IS210 PSCC-P-106 Search for Beta Decay of the Neutron Halo in Light Nuclei IS210 Greybook IS210 Publications
IS220 PSCC-P-107 Nuclear Structure of N $\simeq$ 56 Krypton Isotopes IS220 Greybook IS220 Publications
IS230 PSCC-P-113 Study of fp States in Nuclei with High Neutron Excess IS230 Greybook IS230 Publications
IS240 PSCC-P-114 High-Resolution Conversion Electron Spectroscopy of Valence Electron Configurations (CESVEC) in Solids IS240 Greybook IS240 Publications
IS260 PSCC-P-121 COMPLIS: COllinear spectroscopy Measurements using a Pulsed Laser Ion Source IS260 Greybook IS260 Publications
IS270 PSCC-P-122 Microscopical Studies of Structural and Electronic Properties of Semiconductors IS270 Greybook IS270 Publications
IS300 ISC-P-2 A search for axions and massive neutrinos IS300 Greybook IS300 Publications
IS301 ISC-P-6
Effect of particle-core-vibration coupling near the double closed $^{132}$Sn nucleus from precise magnetic moment measurements IS301 Greybook IS301 Publications
IS302 ISC-P-6
High-accuracy mass determination of unstable nuclei with a Penning trap mass spectrometer IS302 Greybook IS302 Publications
IS303 ISC-P-8 Tilted-foil polarisation and magnetic moments of mirror nuclei at ISOLDE IS303 Greybook IS303 Publications
IS304 ISC-P-9
Measurement of nuclear moments and radii by collinear laser spectroscopy IS304 Greybook IS304 Publications
IS305 ISC-P-10 Fabrication of implanted $^{22}$Na targets IS305 Greybook IS305 Publications
IS306 ISC-P-1
Systematic measurements of the Bohr-Weisskopf effect at ISOLDE IS306 Greybook IS306 Publications
IS307 ISC-P-12
Diffusion of Gold and Platinum in Amorphous Silicon IS307 Greybook IS307 Publications
IS308 ISC-P-15 Meson-exchange enhancement of the first forbidden $0^{+} \leftrightarrow 0^{-} \beta$-transitions IS308 Greybook IS308 Publications
IS309 ISC-P-16 Direct measurement of DX-centre related lattice relaxations in Al$_{x}$Ga$_{1-x}$As compounds IS309 Greybook IS309 Publications
IS31 PSCC-P-101 Radioactive Ions for Surface Characterization IS31 Greybook IS31 Publications
IS310 ISC-P-17 α-emission channeling studies of the interaction of Li with defects in Si and diamond IS310 Greybook IS310 Publications
IS311 ISC-P-18 The electronic structure of impurities in semiconductors IS311 Greybook IS311 Publications
IS312 ISC-P-19 Passivation of electrically active centers by Hydrogen and Lithium in Semiconductors IS312 Greybook IS312 Publications
IS313 ISC-P-20 $^{111m}$Cd- and $^{199m}$Hg-derivatives of blue oxidases IS313 Greybook IS313 Publications
IS314 ISC-P-22 Measurements of electric quadrupole moments of neutron-deficient Au, Pt, and Ir nuclei with NMR-ON in hcp-Co IS314 Greybook IS314 Publications
IS315 ISC-P-5
COMPLIS: Collaboration for laser spectroscopy Measurements using a Pulsed Laser Ion Source IS315 Greybook IS315 Publications
IS316 ISC-P-24 Can $\beta$-decay probe excited state halos? IS316 Greybook IS316 Publications
IS317 ISC-P-28
Study of Electric Monopole Transitions in $^{76,78}$Kr IS317 Greybook IS317 Publications
IS318 ISC-P-29
Surface and Interface Studies with Radioactive Ions IS318 Greybook IS318 Publications
IS319 ISC-P-25 Delayed Proton Emission in the A=70 Region, a Strobe for Level Density and Particle Width IS319 Greybook IS319 Publications
IS320 ISC-P-30 Decay Properties of the Halo Nucleus $^{11}$Li IS320 Greybook IS320 Publications
IS321 ISC-P-31 Mössbauer and DLTS Investigations of Impurity-Vacancy Complexes in Semiconductors IS321 Greybook IS321 Publications
IS322 ISC-P-32 Octupole Deformed Nuclei in the Actinide Region IS322 Greybook IS322 Publications
IS323 ISC-P-33 Nuclear Structure Effects in the Exotic Decay of $^{225}$Ac via $^{14}$C Emission IS323 Greybook IS323 Publications
IS324 ISC-P-39 Precise Study of Fine Structure in $^{14}$C Emission from $^{223}$Ra IS324 Greybook IS324 Publications
IS325 ISC-P-35
Combined Electrical, Optical and Nuclear Investigations of Impurities and Defects in II-VI Semiconductors IS325 Greybook IS325 Publications
IS326 ISC-P-36 Tests of Hadronic Probes of GT Strength IS326 Greybook IS326 Publications
IS327 ISC-P-37 Study of an Isospin-Forbidden $0^{+} \rightarrow 0^{+}$ Transition in $^{38m}$K IS327 Greybook IS327 Publications
IS328 ISC-P-40
Electrical Activation of Dopant Atoms in the II-VI Materials M-X (M = Zn, Cd and X = S, Se, Te) IS328 Greybook IS328 Publications
IS329 ISC-P-41 Alpha Anisotropy Studies of Near-Spherical and Deformed Nuclei IS329 Greybook IS329 Publications
IS330 ISC-P-42
Use of Radioactive Ion Beams for Biomedical Research 1. in vivo labelling of monoclonal antibodies with radio-lanthanides and $^{225}$Ac IS330 Greybook IS330 Publications
IS331 ISC-P-48
Use of Radioactive Ion Beams for Biomedical Research 2. in-vivo dosimetry using positron emitting rare earth isotopes with the rotating prototype PET scanner at the Geneva Cantonal Hospital IS331 Greybook IS331 Publications
IS332 ISC-P-43
High-Resolution Measurements of Low-Energy Conversion Electrons IS332 Greybook IS332 Publications
IS333 ISC-P-34
Neutron-Rich Silver Isotopes Produced by a Chemically Selective Laser Ion-Source: Test of the R-Process " Waiting-Point " Concept IS333 Greybook IS333 Publications
IS334 ISC-P-50 Study of the ${e}\nu$ correlation in Fermi $\beta$ -decay: A probe for scalar weak interactions IS334 Greybook IS334 Publications
IS335 ISC-P-46
Beam Development/Implementation and Futher Development of the ISOLDE Laser Ion Source IS335 Greybook IS335 Publications
IS336 ISC-P-49 Shape coexistence and shell-model intruder states in the lead region studied by $\alpha$ -decay IS336 Greybook IS336 Publications
IS337 ISC-P-52 Saturation of Deformation and Identical Bands in Very-Neutron Rich Sr Isotopes IS337 Greybook IS337 Publications
IS338 ISC-P-53
Single-Particle States in $^{133}$Sn IS338 Greybook IS338 Publications
IS339 ISC-P-56
The Mechanism of $\beta$-Delayed Two-Proton Emission IS339 Greybook IS339 Publications
IS340 ISC-P-58 Emission Channeling Studies of the Lattice Site of Oversized Alkali Atoms Implanted in Metals IS340 Greybook IS340 Publications
IS341 ISC-P-59 Emission Channeling Investigation of Implantation Defects and Impurities in II-VI-Semiconductors IS341 Greybook IS341 Publications
IS342 ISC-P-62
Emission Channeling Studies on the Behaviour of Light Alkali Atoms in Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors IS342 Greybook IS342 Publications
IS343 ISC-P-64
Test of a High Power Target Design IS343 Greybook IS343 Publications
IS344 ISC-P-60
Laser Spectroscopy of Neutron Rich Bismuth Isotopes IS344 Greybook IS344 Publications
IS345 ISC-P-65
Nuclear Electrical and Optical Studies of Hydrogen in Semiconductors. IS345 Greybook IS345 Publications
IS346 ISC-P-54
Mass Measurement of Very Short Half-Lived Nuclei IS346 Greybook IS346 Publications
IS347 ISC-P-68 Radioactive beam EXperiments at ISOLDE : Coulomb excitation and neutron transfer reactions of exotic nuclei. IS347 Greybook IS347 Publications
IS348 ISC-P-69
Enzymatic Mercury Detoxification: The Regulatory Protein MerR IS348 Greybook IS348 Publications
IS349 ISC-P-70 Meson-Exchange Enhancement of First-Forbidden $\beta$-Transitions in the Lead Region IS349 Greybook IS349 Publications
IS350 ISC-P-71 Speciation of Aquatic Heavy Metals in Humic Substances by$^{111m}$Cd/$^{199m}$Hg-TDPAC IS350 Greybook IS350 Publications
IS351 ISC-P-63
Search for $^{73}$Rb and Investigation of Nuclear Decay Modes Near the Z=N Line in the Border Region of the Astrophysical RP-Process Path IS351 Greybook IS351 Publications
IS352 ISC-P-72 Search for the Deformation Signature in the Gamow Teller Decay of N=7 even even Nuclei above A=60 IS352 Greybook IS352 Publications
IS353 ISC-P-75 $\beta$- decay of $^{58}$Zn. A critical test for the charge-exchange reaction as a probe for the $\beta$- decay strength distribution IS353 Greybook IS353 Publications
IS354 ISC-P-76 Identification and Decay Studies of New, Neutron-Rich Isotopes of Bismuth, Lead and Thallium by means of a Pulsed Release Element Selective Method IS354 Greybook IS354 Publications
IS355 ISC-P-77 Search for Detour Transitions in the Radiative EC Decay of $^{81}$Kr IS355 Greybook IS355 Publications
IS356 ISC-P-80 Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model via Positron Polarization Measurements with Polarized $ ^{17} $F. IS356 Greybook IS356 Publications
IS357 ISC-P-81
Gold and Platinum in Silicon - Isolated Impurities Complexes IS357 Greybook IS357 Publications
IS358 ISC-P-79
Magnetic Moment of $^{59}$Cu IS358 Greybook IS358 Publications
IS359 ISC-P-85
Investigations of Deep-Level Fe-centres in Si by Mössbauer Spectroscopy IS359 Greybook IS359 Publications
IS360 ISC-P-86 Studies of High-T$_{c}$ Superconductors Doped with Radioactive Isotopes IS360 Greybook IS360 Publications
IS361 ISC-P-88-Rev. $\beta$ - decay asymmetry in mirror nuclei: A = 9 IS361 Greybook IS361 Publications
IS362 ISC-P-89 Diffusion in Intrinsic and Highly Doped III-V Semiconductors IS362 Greybook IS362 Publications
IS363 ISC-P-90
Use of Radioactive Beams for Bio-Medical Research IS363 Greybook IS363 Publications
IS364 ISC-P-92
$\beta$ - decay study of $n\hbar\omega$ excitations $\hbar{w}$ IS364 Greybook IS364 Publications
IS365 ISC-P-96 Nuclear Spectroscopy with Copper Isotopes of Extreme N/Z Ratios IS365 Greybook IS365 Publications
IS366 ISC-P-91-Add-1
Measurement of the $^{7}$Be$(p,\gamma)^{8}$B Cross-Section with an Implanted Target IS366 Greybook IS366 Publications
IS367 ISC-P-100 Study of the Unbound Nuclei $^{10}$Li and $^{7}$He at REX ISOLDE IS367 Greybook IS367 Publications
IS368 ISC-P-98 Lattice Location of Transition Metals in Semiconductors IS368 Greybook IS368 Publications
IS369 ISC-P-101 Acceptors in II-IV Semiconductors - Incorporation and Complex Formation IS369 Greybook IS369 Publications
IS370 ISC-P-103
Studies of the $\beta$-decay of Kr and Sr nuclei on and near the N=Z line with a Total Absorption $\gamma$-ray Spectrometer IS370 Greybook IS370 Publications
IS371 ISC-P-105 Investigations of neutron-rich nuclei at the dripline through their analogue states : The cases of $^{10}$Li - $^{10}$Be (T=2) and $^{17}$C - $^{17}$N (T=5/2) IS371 Greybook IS371 Publications
IS372 ISC-P-102 Self-Diffusion of Carbon and Nitrogen in the Amorphous Ceramics Si$_{26}$C$_{41}$N$_{33}$ and Related Materials IS372 Greybook IS372 Publications
IS373 ISC-P-107 MISTRAL: Mass measurements at ISolde with a Transmission RAdiofrequency spectrometer on-Line IS373 Greybook IS373 Publications
IS374 ISC-P-99
$\beta$-decay studies of dripline isotopes of Be IS374 Greybook IS374 Publications
IS375 ISC-P-106 Interface Magnetism Investigated with Radioactive Atoms IS375 Greybook IS375 Publications
IS376 ISC-P-109 Investigations of nuclei close to the neutron dripline: Ne and Na and $^{8}$He IS376 Greybook IS376 Publications
IS377 ISC-P-110 High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Sr and Y nuclei near N = Z line IS377 Greybook IS377 Publications
IS378 ISTC-P-113 Decay Study for the very Neutron-Rich Sn Nuclides, $^{135-140}$Sn Separated by Selective Laser Ionization IS378 Greybook IS378 Publications
IS379 ISTC-P-114 Investigation of the single Particle Structure of the neutron-rich Sodium Isotopes $^{27-31}\!$Na IS379 Greybook IS379 Publications
IS380 ISTC-P-115 Diffusion Mechanisms and Lattice Locations of Thermal-Equilibrium Defects in Si-Ge Alloys IS380 Greybook IS380 Publications
IS381 ISTC-P-116 Isospin Mixing In N $\approx$ Z Nuclei IS381 Greybook IS381 Publications
IS382 INTC-P-117 Investigation of the impact of the $^{39}$Ar(n , $\alpha)^{36}$S reaction on the nucleosynthesis of the rare isotope $^{36}$S IS382 Greybook IS382 Publications
IS383 INTC-P-119 Laser Spectroscopy Studies in the Neutron-Rich Sn Region IS383 Greybook IS383 Publications
IS384 INTC-P-121 Precision study of the $\beta$-decay of $^{74}$Rb IS384 Greybook IS384 Publications
IS385 INTC-P-118 Charge Radius Measurement of the Halo Nucleus $^{11}$Li IS385 Greybook IS385 Publications
IS386 INTC-P-127
Studies of electric dipole moments in the octupole collective regions of heavy Radiums and Bariums IS386 Greybook IS386 Publications
IS387 INTC-P-128 $\beta$-decay study of neutron-rich Tl, Pb, and Bi by means of the pulsed-release technique and resonant laser ionisation IS387 Greybook IS387 Publications
IS388 INTC-P-129 Precision Mass Measurement of Argon Isotopes IS388 Greybook IS388 Publications
IS389 INTC-P-130
Measurement of Moments and Radii of Light Nuclei by Collinear Fast-Beam Laser Spectroscopy and $\beta$-NMR Spectroscopy IS389 Greybook IS389 Publications
IS390 INTC-P-132
Studies of Colossal Magnetoresistive Oxides with Radioactive Isotopes IS390 Greybook IS390 Publications
IS391 INTC-P-133 Radiotracer Spectroscopy on Group II Acceptors in GaN IS391 Greybook IS391 Publications
IS392 INTC-P-131 The Structure of the Heavy Calcium Isotopes and the Effective Interaction in the sd-fp Shell IS392 Greybook IS392 Publications
IS393 INTC-P-135
$\beta$-decay study of very neutron-rich Cd isotopes with a chemically selective laser ion source IS393 Greybook IS393 Publications
IS394 INTC-P-137 Nuclear binding around the RP-process waiting points $^{68}$Se and $^{72}$Kr IS394 Greybook IS394 Publications
IS395 INTC-P-139 $^{31}$Si Self-Diffusion in Si-Ge Alloys and Si-(B-)C-N Ceramics and Diffusion Studies for Al and Si Beam Developments IS395 Greybook IS395 Publications
IS396 INTC-P-140 Doping Properties of Ferromagnetic Semiconductors Investigated by the Hyperfine Interaction of Implanted Radioisotopes IS396 Greybook IS396 Publications
IS397 INTC-P-143
Charge Breeding of Radioactive Ions in an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source(ECRIS) at ISOLDE IS397 Greybook IS397 Publications
IS398 INTC-P-144
Studies of the $\beta$-decay of Sr nuclei on and near the N=Z Line with a Total Absorption Gamma-ray Spectrometer IS398 Greybook IS398 Publications
IS399 INTC-P-134-ADD-1 Exploring the Dipole Polarizability of $^{11}$Li at REX-ISOLDE IS399 Greybook IS399 Publications
IS400 INTC-P-138
Investigation of astrophysically relevant neutron-rich argon nuclei IS400 Greybook IS400 Publications
IS401 INTC-P-146 Semiconductor spectroscopy with short-lived isotopes IS401 Greybook IS401 Publications
IS402 INTC-P-147
High Accuracy mass Measurement of the very Short-Lived Halo Nuclide $^{11}$Li IS402 Greybook IS402 Publications
IS403 INTC-P-136
Isospin Symmetry of Transitions Probed by Weak and Strong Interactions IS403 Greybook IS403 Publications
IS404 INTC-P-148 Study of the ${\beta}$-decay of $^{12}$B IS404 Greybook IS404 Publications
IS405 INTC-P-149 Obtaining Empirical Validation of Shape-Coexistence in the Mass 70 Region: Coulomb Excitation of a Radioactive Beam of $^{70}$Se IS405 Greybook IS405 Publications
IS406 INTC-P-150 Precision Study of the $\beta$-decay of $^{62}$Ga IS406 Greybook IS406 Publications
IS407 INTC-P-151
Study of the Neutron Deficient Pb and Bi Isotopes by Simultaneous Atomic- and Nuclear-Spectroscopy IS407 Greybook IS407 Publications
IS408 INTC-P-152 An Energy Upgrade of REX-ISOLDE to 3.1 MeV/u and Acceleration of Heavier Masses up to $A$=150. IS408 Greybook IS408 Publications
IS409 INTC-P-155 Fusion Reactions at the Coulomb Barrier with Neutron-rich Mg Isotopes IS409 Greybook IS409 Publications
IS410 INTC-P-159
Evolution of Single Particle and Collective properties in the Neutron-Rich Mg Isotopes IS410 Greybook IS410 Publications
IS411 INTC-P-156
Coulomb Excitation of Neutron-Rich $A\approx$140 Nuclei IS411 Greybook IS411 Publications
IS412 INTC-P-158
Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich nuclei between the N=40 and N=50 shell gaps using REX-ISOLDE and the Ge MINIBALL array IS412 Greybook IS412 Publications
IS413 INTC-P-160
High-Precision Mass Measurements of Exotic Nuclei with the Triple-Trap Mass Spectrometer Isoltrap IS413 Greybook IS413 Publications
IS414 INTC-P-162
Advanced Time-Delayed Coincidence Studies of $^{31,32}$Mg from the $\beta$-decays of $^{31,32}$Na IS414 Greybook IS414 Publications
IS415 INTC-P-166 Magnetic Moments of Coulomb Excited $2^{+}_{1}$ States for Radioactive Beams of $^{132,134,136}$Te and $^{138}$Xe Isotopes at REX-ISOLDE IS415 Greybook IS415 Publications
IS416 INTC-P-167 Production of Rare Earth Isotope Beams for Radiotracer-DLTS on SiC IS416 Greybook IS416 Publications
IS417 INTC-P-169 Delayed Particle Study of Neutron Rich Lithium Isotopes IS417 Greybook IS417 Publications
IS418 INTC-P-170
Coulomb Excitation of Neutron Deficient Sn-Isotopes using REX-ISOLDE IS418 Greybook IS418 Publications
IS419 INTC-P-171-ADD-1
Measurement of Gas and Volatile Elements Production Cross Section in a Molten Lead-Bismuth Target IS419 Greybook IS419 Publications
IS420 INTC-P-174 Study of the $\beta$-delayed Particle Emission of $^{17}$Ne IS420 Greybook IS420 Publications
IS421 INTC-P-175 Study of Neutron-Rich $^{124,126,128}$Cd Isotopes; Excursion from Symmetries to Shell-Model Picture IS421 Greybook IS421 Publications
IS422 INTC-P-176 $^{204m}$Pb: A new Probe for TDPAC Experiments in Biology Complementing the Well Established Probes $^{111}$Cd and $^{199m}$Hg IS422 Greybook IS422 Publications
IS423 INTC-P-172 Coulomb Excitation of a Neutron-Rich $^{88}$Kr Beam Search for Mixed Symmetry States IS423 Greybook IS423 Publications
IS424 INTC-P-178 Inelastic Branch of the Stellar Reaction $^{14}$O$(\alpha,p)^{17}$F IS424 Greybook IS424 Publications
IS425 INTC-P-179 Radioactive Probes on Ferromagnetic Surfaces IS425 Greybook IS425 Publications
IS426 INTC-P-180 Mn and Fe Impurities in Si$_{1-x}$ Ge$_{x}$ alloys IS426 Greybook IS426 Publications
IS427 INTC-P-183-ADD-1
Nuclear moments and charge radii of magnesium isotopes from N=8 up to (and beyond) N=20 IS427 Greybook IS427 Publications
IS428 INTC-P-153
Laser Spectroscopy Study on the Neutron-Rich and Neutron-Deficient Te Isotopes IS428 Greybook IS428 Publications
IS429 INTC-P-173 Parity Non-Conservation in Nuclei: the Case of $^{180m}$Hf Revisited IS429 Greybook IS429 Publications
IS430 INTC-P-187 Study of Neutron-Rich Be Isotopes with REX-ISOLDE IS430 Greybook IS430 Publications
IS431 INTC-P-189 $\beta$-asymmetry measurements in nuclear $\beta$-decay as a probe for non-standard model physics IS431 Greybook IS431 Publications
IS432 INTC-P-190 Diffusion of $^{52}$Mn in GaAs IS432 Greybook IS432 Publications
IS433 INTC-P-111-ADD-1
Search for new physics in $\beta$-neutrino correlations using trapped ions and a retardation spectrometer IS433 Greybook IS433 Publications
IS434 INTC-P-191
A Study of the r-Process Path Nuclides,$^{137,138,139}$Sb using the Enhanced Selectivity of Resonance Ionization Laser Ionization IS434 Greybook IS434 Publications
IS435 INTC-P-193
Coulomb Excitation of Odd-Mass and Odd-Odd Cu Isotopes using REX-ISOLDE and Miniball IS435 Greybook IS435 Publications
IS436 INTC-P-195 High Accuracy Mass Measurement of the Dripline Nuclides $^{12,14}$Be IS436 Greybook IS436 Publications
IS437 INTC-P-196
Precision measurement of the half-life and the $\beta$-decay Q value of the superallowed 0$^{+}\rightarrow$ 0$^{+}\beta$-decay of $^{38}$Ca IS437 Greybook IS437 Publications
IS438 INTC-P-192 Elastic scattering and fusion studies in the reactions $^{10,11}$Be + $^{64}$Zn IS438 Greybook IS438 Publications
IS439 INTC-P-200 Nuclear moments, spins and charge radii of copper isotopes from N=28 to N=50 by collinear fast-beam laser spectroscopy IS439 Greybook IS439 Publications
IS440 INTC-P-199 Shape effects along the Z=82 line: study of the $\beta$- decay of $^{188,190,192}$Pb using total absorption spectroscopy IS440 Greybook IS440 Publications
IS441 INTC-P-201 Ultra Fast Timing Measurements at $^{78}$Ni and $^{132}$Sn IS441 Greybook IS441 Publications
IS442 INTC-P-202 Diffusive, Structural, Optical, and Electrical Properties of Defects in Semiconductors IS442 Greybook IS442 Publications
IS443 INTC-P-203 Mössbauer Studies of dilute Magnetic Semiconductors IS443 Greybook IS443 Publications
IS444 INTC-P-206 Exploring halo effects in the scattering of $^{11}$Be on heavy targets at REX-ISOLDE IS444 Greybook IS444 Publications
IS445 INTC-P-207 Experiments with the newly available carbon beams at ISOLDE IS445 Greybook IS445 Publications
IS446 INTC-P-211 Investigation of the $^{8}$Li($^{2}$H,p)$^{9}$Li Reaction at REX-ISOLDE IS446 Greybook IS446 Publications
IS447 INTC-P-212 Along the N=126 closed shell: study of $^{205}$Au through its $\pi h_{11/2}^{-1}$ isomeric decay IS447 Greybook IS447 Publications
IS448 INTC-P-213 Pb(II) and Hg(II) binding to $\textit{de novo}$ designed proteins studied by $^{204m}$Pb- and $^{199m}$Hg-Perturbed Angular Correlation of $\gamma$-rays (PAC) spectroscopy : Clues to heavy metal toxicity IS448 Greybook IS448 Publications
IS449 INTC-P-214
Nuclear charge radius measurements of radioactive beryllium isotopes IS449 Greybook IS449 Publications
IS450 INTC-P-215 Diffusion of $^{56}$Co in GaAs and SiGe alloys IS450 Greybook IS450 Publications
IS451 INTC-P-216 Shape coexistence in neutron-rich Sr isotopes : Coulomb excitation of $^{96}$Sr IS451 Greybook IS451 Publications
IS452 INTC-P-217
Measurements of shape co-existence in $^{182,184}$Hg using Coulomb excitation IS452 Greybook IS452 Publications
IS453 INTC-P-218 Emission channeling lattice location experiments with short-lived isotopes IS453 Greybook IS453 Publications
IS454 INTC-P-219 Study of single particle properties of nuclei in the region of the "island of inversion" by means of neutron-transfer reactions IS454 Greybook IS454 Publications
IS455 INTC-P-220 Investigation of $\alpha$-decay rates of $^{221}$Fr, $^{224}$Ra and $^{226}$Ra in different environments IS455 Greybook IS455 Publications
IS456 INTC-P-222 Study of polonium isotopes ground state properties by simultaneous atomic- and nuclear-spectroscopy IS456 Greybook IS456 Publications
IS457 INTC-P-224 Laser spectroscopy of gallium isotopes using the ISCOOL RFQ cooler IS457 Greybook IS457 Publications
IS458 INTC-P-225 Measurement of ground state properties of neutron-rich nuclei on the r-process path between the N=50 and N=82 shells IS458 Greybook IS458 Publications
IS459 INTC-P-227 Further studies of neutron-deficient Sn-isotopes using REX-ISOLDE IS459 Greybook IS459 Publications
IS460 INTC-P-229 Magnetic dipole moments of High-K isomeric states in Hf isotopes IS460 Greybook IS460 Publications
IS461 INTC-P-230 Investigation of the proton-neutron interaction by high-precision nuclear mass measurements IS461 Greybook IS461 Publications
IS462 INTC-P-231 Off-line tests and first on-line installation of the laser ion source trap LIST - application for CVC test and CKM unitarity IS462 Greybook IS462 Publications
IS463 INTC-P-232 Decay studies and mass measurements on isobarically pure neutron-rich Hg and Tl isotopes IS463 Greybook IS463 Publications
IS464 INTC-P-233 (n,p) emission channeling measurements on ion-implanted beryllium IS464 Greybook IS464 Publications
IS465 INTC-P-234 Evolution of nuclear shape in the light radon isotopes IS465 Greybook IS465 Publications
IS466 INTC-P-235 Identification and systematical studies of the electron-capture delayed fission (ECDF) in the lead region IS466 Greybook IS466 Publications
IS467 INTC-P-236 ${\beta}$-decay studies of neutron-rich $^{61-70}$Mn isotopes with the new LISOL ${\beta}$-decay setup IS467 Greybook IS467 Publications
IS468 INTC-P-237 Investigation of beam purity after in-trap decay and Coulomb excitation of $^{62}$Mn-$^{62}$Fe IS468 Greybook IS468 Publications
IS469 INTC-P-238 One nucleon transfer reactions around $^{68}$Ni at REX-ISOLDE IS469 Greybook IS469 Publications
IS470 INTC-P-239 Shape coexistence in the "island of inversion": Search for the $0^{+}_{2}$ state in $^{32}$Mg applying a two-neutron transfer reaction IS470 Greybook IS470 Publications
IS471 INTC-P-240 Collinear resonant ionization laser spectroscopy of rare francium isotopes IS471 Greybook IS471 Publications
IS472 INTC-P-241 High resolution optical spectroscopy in isotopically-pure Si using radioactive isotopes: towards a re-evaluation of deep centres IS472 Greybook IS472 Publications
IS473 INTC-P-242 Search for new candidates for the neutrino-oriented mass determination by electron-capture IS473 Greybook IS473 Publications
IS474 INTC-P-243 Fast-timing studies of nuclei below $^{68}$Ni populated in the $\beta$-decay of Mn isotopes IS474 Greybook IS474 Publications
IS475 INTC-P-244 Measurements of octupole collectivity in $^{220,222}$Rn and $^{222,224}$Ra using Coulomb excitation IS475 Greybook IS475 Publications
IS476 INTC-P-248 Studies of $\beta$-delayed two-proton emission : The cases of $^{31}$Ar and $^{35}$Ca IS476 Greybook IS476 Publications
IS477 INTC-P-226 Approaching the r-process "waiting point" nuclei below $^{132}$Sn: quadrupole collectivity in $^{128}$Cd IS477 Greybook IS477 Publications
IS478 INTC-P-228 Shape determination in Coulomb excitation of $^{72}$Kr IS478 Greybook IS478 Publications
IS479 INTC-P-247 Shape coexistence measurements in even-even neutron-deficient polonium isotopes by Coulomb excitation, using REX-ISOLDE and the Ge MINIBALL array IS479 Greybook IS479 Publications
IS480 INTC-P-250 Charge radii of magnesium isotopes by laser spectroscopy$$ba structural study over the $sd$ shell IS480 Greybook IS480 Publications
IS481 INTC-P-251 The role of In in III-nitride ternary semiconductors IS481 Greybook IS481 Publications
IS482 INTC-P-252 Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich$^{28,29,30}$Na nuclei with MINIBALL at REX-ISOLDE: Mapping the borders of the island of inversion IS482 Greybook IS482 Publications
IS483 INTC-P-253 Measurement of the magnetic moment of the 2$^{+}$ state in neutron-rich radioactive $^{72,74}$Zn using the transient field technique in inverse kinematics IS483 Greybook IS483 Publications
IS484 INTC-P-254 Ground-state properties of K-isotopes from laser and $\beta$-NMR spectroscopy IS484 Greybook IS484 Publications
IS485 INTC-P-255 Coulomb excitation of $^{94,96}$Kr beam$$bDeformation in the neutron-rich krypton isotopes IS485 Greybook IS485 Publications
IS486 INTC-P-256 Crystal-field investigations of rare-earth-doped wide band gap semiconductors IS486 Greybook IS486 Publications
IS487 INTC-P-258 Study of local correlations of magnetic and multiferroic compounds IS487 Greybook IS487 Publications
IS488 INTC-P-259 Ag(I), Pb(II) and Hg(II) binding to biomolecules studied by Perturbed Angular Correlation of $\gamma$-rays (PAC) spectroscopy: Function and toxicity of metal ions in biological systems IS488 Greybook IS488 Publications
IS489 INTC-P-261 Radiotracer diffusion in semiconductors and metallic compounds using short-lived isotopes IS489 Greybook IS489 Publications
IS490 INTC-P-263 Masses of noble gases IS490 Greybook IS490 Publications
IS491 INTC-P-264 Probing the N=50 shell gap near $^{78}$Ni IS491 Greybook IS491 Publications
IS492 INTC-P-265 Defects in ZnO, CdTe, and Si: Optical, structural, and electrical characterization IS492 Greybook IS492 Publications
IS493 INTC-P-266 Nuclear structure studies of the neutron-rich Rubidium isotopes using Coulomb excitation IS493 Greybook IS493 Publications
IS494 INTC-P-246
Measurements of competing structures in neutron-deficient Pb isotopes by employing Coulomb excitation IS494 Greybook IS494 Publications
IS495 INTC-P-257 Study of oblate nuclear shapes and shape coexistence in neutron-deficient rare earth isotopes IS495 Greybook IS495 Publications
IS496 INTC-P-268 Study of the effect of shell stabilization of the collective isovector valence-shell excitations along the N=80 isotonic chain IS496 Greybook IS496 Publications
IS497 INTC-P-271 Laser spectroscopy of cadmium isotopes: probing the nuclear structure between the neutron 50 and 82 shell closures IS497 Greybook IS497 Publications
IS498 INTC-P-273 High-precision mass measurements in the rare-earth region to investigate the proton-neutron interaction IS498 Greybook IS498 Publications
IS499 INTC-P-270 Study of the onset of deformation and shape coexistence in $^{46}$Ar via the inverse kinematics ($t,p$) reaction IS499 Greybook IS499 Publications
IS500 INTC-P-274 Collection of $^{83}$Rb at low implantation energy for KATRIN IS500 Greybook IS500 Publications
IS501 INTC-P-275 Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy of advanced materials for opto- and nano-electronics IS501 Greybook IS501 Publications
IS502 INTC-P-276 Study of single particle properties of neutron-rich Na isotopes on the "shore of the island of inversion" by means of neutron-transfer reactions IS502 Greybook IS502 Publications
IS503 INTC-P-279 Magnetic dipole moment of the doubly closed-shell plus one proton nucleus $^{49}$Sc IS503 Greybook IS503 Publications
IS504 INTC-P-281 Probing the semi-magicity of $^{68}$Ni via the $^{3}$H($^{66}$Ni,$^{68}$Ni)p two-neutron transfer reaction in inverse kinematics IS504 Greybook IS504 Publications
IS505 INTC-P-282 Study of the deuteron emission in the $\beta$-decay of $^{6}$He IS505 Greybook IS505 Publications
IS506 INTC-P-284 Mapping the boundaries of the seniority regime and collective motion: Coulomb excitation studies of N = 122 isotones $^{206}$Po and $^{208}$Rn IS506 Greybook IS506 Publications
IS507 INTC-P-285 Study of the $\beta$-decay of $^{20}$Mg IS507 Greybook IS507 Publications
IS508 INTC-P-286 Collinear laser spectroscopy of manganese isotopes using optical pumping in ISCOOL IS508 Greybook IS508 Publications
IS509 INTC-P-288 Production and release of gas and volatile elements from sodium-based targets IS509 Greybook IS509 Publications
IS510 INTC-P-289 Study of the proton-neutron interaction around $^{68}$Ni : Vibrational structure of $^{72,74}$Zn IS510 Greybook IS510 Publications
IS511 INTC-P-291 Shape coexistence in the lightest Tl isotopes studied by laser spectroscopy IS511 Greybook IS511 Publications
IS512 INTC-P-292 Resonant proton scattering of $^{22}$Mg and $^{21}$Na IS512 Greybook IS512 Publications
IS513 INTC-P-293 Study of the odd-${A}$, high-spin isomers in neutron-deficient trans-lead nuclei with ISOLTRAP IS513 Greybook IS513 Publications
IS514 INTC-P-294 Diffusion in intermetallic compounds studied using short-lived radioisotopes IS514 Greybook IS514 Publications
IS515 INTC-P-295 Radioactive probe studies of coordination modes of heavy metal ions from natural waters to functionalized magnetic nanoparticles IS515 Greybook IS515 Publications
IS516 INTC-P-296 Coulomb excitation of $^{116}$Te and $^{118}$Te: a study of collectivity above the Z = 50 shell gap IS516 Greybook IS516 Publications
IS517 INTC-P-297 Determination of the magnetic moment of $^{140}$Pr IS517 Greybook IS517 Publications
IS518 INTC-P-299 Extending and refining the mass surface around $^{208}$Pb by high-precision Penning-trap mass spectrometry with ISOLTRAP IS518 Greybook IS518 Publications
IS519 INTC-P-300 Shell structure and level migrations in zinc studied using collinear laser spectroscopy IS519 Greybook IS519 Publications
IS520 INTC-P-301 Study of $^{13}$Be through isobaric analog resonances in the Maya active target IS520 Greybook IS520 Publications
IS521 INTC-P-302 Simultaneous spectroscopy of $\gamma$- rays and conversion electrons: Systematic study of EO transitions and intruder states in close vicinity of mid-shell point in odd-Au isotopes IS521 Greybook IS521 Publications
IS522 INTC-P-303 A=225 implantation for $^{221}$Fr source for TRIUMF atom trap IS522 Greybook IS522 Publications
IS523 INTC-P-305 Determination of the B(E3;0$^+\!\rightarrow$ 3$^{-}$) strength in the octupole correlated nucleus $^{144}$Ba using Coulomb excitation IS523 Greybook IS523 Publications
IS524 INTC-P-306 Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich odd-$A$ Cd isotopes IS524 Greybook IS524 Publications
IS525 INTC-P-307 Study of multi-neutron emission in the $\beta$-decay of $^{11}$Li IS525 Greybook IS525 Publications
IS526 INTC-P-308 Proton resonance elastic scattering of $^{30}$Mg for single particle structure of $^{31}$Mg IS526 Greybook IS526 Publications
IS527 INTC-P-311 Precision measurement of the half-life and branching ratio of the T=1/2 mirror $\beta$-decay of $^{37}$K IS527 Greybook IS527 Publications
IS528 INTC-P-312 Novel diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides for the development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals IS528 Greybook IS528 Publications
IS529 INTC-P-313 Spins, moments and charge radii beyond $^{48}$Ca IS529 Greybook IS529 Publications
IS530 INTC-P-314 Properties of low-lying intruder states in $^{34}$Al and $^{34}$Si sequentially populated in $\beta$-decay of $^{34}$Mg IS530 Greybook IS530 Publications
IS531 INTC-P-316 Collinear resonant ionization spectroscopy for neutron rich copper isotopes IS531 Greybook IS531 Publications
IS532 INTC-P-317 Seeking the purported magic number N= 32 with high-precision mass spectrometry IS532 Greybook IS532 Publications
IS533 INTC-P-318 Collection of a radioactive source of $^{83}$Kr to study the gas distribution dynamics in a large GRPC detector IS533 Greybook IS533 Publications
IS534 INTC-P-319 $\beta$-delayed fission, laser spectroscopy and shape-coexistence studies with radioactive At beams IS534 Greybook IS534 Publications
IS535 INTC-P-321 Penning-trap mass spectrometry of neutron-rich copper isotopes for probing the Z = 28 and N = 50 shell closures IS535 Greybook IS535 Publications
IS536 INTC-P-324 $\gamma$ -spectroscopy of n-rich $^{95,96}$Rb nuclei by the incomplete fusion reaction of $^{94}$Kr on $^{7}$Li IS536 Greybook IS536 Publications
IS537 INTC-P-325 Properties of neutron-rich hafnium high-spin isomers IS537 Greybook IS537 Publications
IS538 INTC-P-326 Precision measurement of the half-life of $^{109}$In in large and small lattice environments IS538 Greybook IS538 Publications
IS539 INTC-P-328 Shape effects in the vicinity of the Z=82 line: study of the $\beta$-decay of $^{182,184,186}$Hg IS539 Greybook IS539 Publications
IS540 INTC-P-329 UC$_{x}$ prototype target tests for ActiLab-ENSAR IS540 Greybook IS540 Publications
IS541 INTC-P-331 Search for $\beta$-delayed protons from $^{11}$Be IS541 Greybook IS541 Publications
IS542 INTC-P-332 Re-measurement of $^{32}$Ar to test the IMME IS542 Greybook IS542 Publications
IS543 INTC-P-335 Measurement of the $^{44}$Ti($\alpha$,p)$^{47}$V reaction cross section, of relevance to $\gamma$-ray observation of core collapse supernovae, using reclaimed $^{44}$Ti IS543 Greybook IS543 Publications
IS544 INTC-P-336 Study of chemically synthesized ZnO nano particles under a bio template using radioactive ion beam IS544 Greybook IS544 Publications
IS545 INTC-P-337 Experimental investigation of decay properties of neutron deficient $^{116-118}$Ba isotopes and test of $^{112-115}$Ba beam counts IS545 Greybook IS545 Publications
IS546 INTC-P-339 Study of the effect of shell stabilization of the collective isovector valence-shell excitations along the N=80 isotonic chain IS546 Greybook IS546 Publications
IS547 INTC-P-340 Coulomb excitation of the two proton-hole nucleus $^{206}$Hg IS547 Greybook IS547 Publications
IS548 INTC-P-342 Evolution of quadrupole and octupole collectivity north-east of $^{132}$ Sn: the even Te and Xe isotopes IS548 Greybook IS548 Publications
IS549 INTC-P-343 Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich $^{134-136}$Sn isotopes IS549 Greybook IS549 Publications
IS550 INTC-P-344 Study of the di-nuclear system $^{A}$Rb + $^{209}$Bi (Z$_{1}$ + Z$_{2}$ = 120) IS550 Greybook IS550 Publications
IS551 INTC-P-345 Coulomb excitation of doubly magic $^{132}$Sn with MINIBALL at HIE-ISOLDE IS551 Greybook IS551 Publications
IS552 INTC-P-347 Measurements of octupole collectivity in Rn and Ra nuclei using Coulomb excitation IS552 Greybook IS552 Publications
IS553 INTC-P-348 Determination of the B(E3,0$^{+}$ $\rightarrow$ 3$^{-}$) strength in the octupole correlated nuclei $^{142,144}$Ba using Coulomb excitation IS553 Greybook IS553 Publications
IS554 INTC-P-350 Search for higher excited states of $^{8}$Be* to study the cosmological $^{7}$Li problem IS554 Greybook IS554 Publications
IS555 INTC-P-351 Study of shell evolution in the Ni isotopes via one-neutron transfer reaction in $^{70}$Ni IS555 Greybook IS555 Publications
IS556 INTC-P-352 Spectroscopy of low-lying single-particle states in $^{81}$Zn populated in the $^{80}$Zn(d,p) reaction IS556 Greybook IS556 Publications
IS557 INTC-P-353 Coulomb excitation $^{74}$Zn-$^{80}$Zn (N=50): probing the validity of shell-model descriptions around $^{78}$Ni IS557 Greybook IS557 Publications
IS558 INTC-P-354 Shape transition and coexistence in neutron-deficient rare earth isotopes IS558 Greybook IS558 Publications
IS559 INTC-P-355 Statistical properties of warm nuclei: Investigating the low-energy enhancement in the $\gamma$- strength function of neutron-rich nuclei IS559 Greybook IS559 Publications
IS560 INTC-P-360 Nuclear-moment studies in the odd-mass In isotopes up to N=82 using the Tilted Foils technique IS560 Greybook IS560 Publications
IS561 INTC-P-361 Transfer reactions at the neutron dripline with triton target IS561 Greybook IS561 Publications
IS562 INTC-P-362 Transfer reactions and multiple Coulomb excitation in the $^{100}$Sn Region IS562 Greybook IS562 Publications
IS563 INTC-P-364 Coulomb excitation of $^{182-184}$ Hg: Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient lead region IS563 Greybook IS563 Publications
IS564 INTC-P-366 Study of the unbound proton-rich nucleus $^{21}$Al with resonance elastic and inelastic scattering using an active target IS564 Greybook IS564 Publications
IS565 INTC-P-369 Q-values of mirror transitions for fundamental interaction studies IS565 Greybook IS565 Publications
IS566 INTC-P-370 Probing intruder configurations in $^{186, 188}$Pb using Coulomb excitation IS566 Greybook IS566 Publications
IS567 INTC-P-372 Energy of the 2p1h intruder state in $^{34}$Al IS567 Greybook IS567 Publications
IS568 INTC-P-373 High-resolution laser spectroscopy of nickel isotopes IS568 Greybook IS568 Publications
IS569 INTC-P-368 Solving the shape conundrum in $^{70}$Se IS569 Greybook IS569 Publications
IS570 INTC-P-374 $\beta$- decay of the N=Z, rp-process waiting points: $^{64}$Ge, $^{68}$Se and the N=Z+2: $^{66}$Ge, $^{70}$Se for accurate stellar weak-decay rates IS570 Greybook IS570 Publications
IS571 INTC-P-375 Study of the stability of the gallium isotopes beyond the N = 50 neutron shell closure IS571 Greybook IS571 Publications
IS572 INTC-P-379 Study of shell evolution around the doubly magic $^{208}$Pb via a multinucleon transfer reaction with an unstable beam IS572 Greybook IS572 Publications
IS573 INTC-P-378 Laser spectroscopy of tin and cadmium: across N=82 and closing in on N=50 IS573 Greybook IS573 Publications
IS574 INTC-P-382 Precision mass measurements with ISOLTRAP to study the evolution of the $\textit{N}$=82 shell gap far from stability IS574 Greybook IS574 Publications
IS575 INTC-P-384 $\beta$-delayed neutrons from oriented $^{137,139}$I and $^{87,89}$Br nuclei IS575 Greybook IS575 Publications
IS576 INTC-P-385 Magnetic and structural properties of manganese doped (Al,Ga)N studied with emission Mössbauer spectroscopy IS576 Greybook IS576 Publications
IS577 INTC-P-386 $\beta$3$p$-spectroscopy and proton-$\gamma$ width determination in the decay of $^{31}$Ar IS577 Greybook IS577 Publications
IS578 INTC-P-388 Atomic scale properties of magnetic Mn-based alloys probed by emission Mössbauer spectroscopy IS578 Greybook IS578 Publications
IS579 INTC-P-390 Study of octupole deformation in n-rich Ba isotopes populated via $\beta$-decay IS579 Greybook IS579 Publications
IS580 INTC-P-391 Emission channeling with short-lived isotopes$$blattice location of impurities in semiconductors and oxides IS580 Greybook IS580 Publications
IS581 INTC-P-356 Determination of the fission barrier height in fission of heavy radioactive beams induced by the (d,p)-transfer IS581 Greybook IS581 Publications
IS582 INTC-P-392 $^{31}$Mg $\beta$-NMR applied in chemistry and biochemistry IS582 Greybook IS582 Publications
IS583 INTC-P-393 $\beta$-NMR of copper isotopes in ionic liquids IS583 Greybook IS583 Publications
IS584 INTC-P-394 $\beta$-decay study of neutron-rich Tl and Pb isotopes IS584 Greybook IS584 Publications
IS585 INTC-P-395 Interaction and dynamics of add-atoms with 2-dimensional structures IS585 Greybook IS585 Publications
IS586 INTC-P-396 Embedding of $^{163}$Ho and $^{166m}$ Ho in the energy absorbers of low temperature metallic magnetic calorimeters IS586 Greybook IS586 Publications
IS587 INTC-P-398 Characterising excited states in and around the semi-magic nucleus $^{68}$ Ni using Coulomb excitation and one-neutron transfer IS587 Greybook IS587 Publications
IS588 INTC-P-400 Core breaking and octupole low-spin states in $^{207}$ Tl IS588 Greybook IS588 Publications
IS589 INTC-P-401 $^{206}$ Po sources for production and release studies relevant for high power spallation targets IS589 Greybook IS589 Publications
IS590 INTC-P-402 Characterization of the low-lying 0$^{+}$ and 2$^{+}$ states of $^{68}$ Ni IS590 Greybook IS590 Publications
IS591 INTC-P-377 18N : a challenge to the shell model and a part of the flow path to r-process element production in Type II supernovae IS591 Greybook IS591 Publications
IS592 INTC-P-410 Search for $\beta$-transitions with the lowest decay energy for a determination of the neutrino mass IS592 Greybook IS592 Publications
IS593 INTC-P-411 Implanted $^{7}$Be targets for the study of neutron interactions with $^{7}$Be IS593 Greybook IS593 Publications
IS594 INTC-P-413 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of radium ions IS594 Greybook IS594 Publications
IS595 INTC-P-419 Spectroscopy of particle-phonon coupled states in $^{133}$Sb by the cluster transfer reaction of $^{132}$Sn on $^{7}$Li IS595 Greybook IS595 Publications
IS596 INTC-P-421 2$^{+}$ anomaly and configurational isospin polarization of $^{136}$Te IS596 Greybook IS596 Publications
IS597 INTC-P-423 Probing shape coexistence in neutron-deficient $^{72}$Se via low-energy Coulomb excitation IS597 Greybook IS597 Publications
IS598 INTC-P-424 In-source laser spectroscopy of mercury isotopes IS598 Greybook IS598 Publications
IS599 INTC-P-425 Study of neutron-rich $^{51−53}$ Ca isotopes via $\beta$-decay IS599 Greybook IS599 Publications
IS600 INTC-P-412 $\beta$-delayed neutron spectroscopy of $^{130-132}$ Cd isotopes with the ISOLDE decay station and the VANDLE array IS600 Greybook IS600 Publications
IS601 INCT-P-426 Measurement of the $\beta$-asymmetry parameter in $^{35}$Ar decay with a laser polarized beam IS601 Greybook IS601 Publications
IS602 INTC-P-427 Cu(I), Ag(I), Cd(II), and Pb(II) binding to biomolecules studied by perturbed angular correlation of $\gamma$-rays (PAC) spectroscopy IS602 Greybook IS602 Publications
IS603 INTC-P-432 Measurement of the super-allowed branching ratio of $^{10}$C IS603 Greybook IS603 Publications
IS604 INTC-P-435 An implanted $^{228}$Ra source for response characterization of bolometers IS604 Greybook IS604 Publications
IS605 INTC-P-439 Absolute measurement of the $\beta\alpha$ decay of $^{16}$N IS605 Greybook IS605 Publications
IS606 INTC-P-440 Studies of unbound states in isotopes at the N = 8 shell closure IS606 Greybook IS606 Publications
IS607 INTC-P-441 The $^{59}$Cu(p,$\alpha$) cross section and its implications for nucleosynthesis in core collapse supernovae IS607 Greybook IS607 Publications
IS608 INTC-P-443 Shape-coexistence and shape-evolution studies for bismuth isotopes by insource laser spectroscopy and $\beta$-delayed fission in $^{188}$Bi IS608 Greybook IS608 Publications
IS609 INTCP-444 Study of $\beta$-delayed neutron decay of $^{8}$He IS609 Greybook IS609 Publications
IS610 INTC-P-449 $\gamma$ and fast-timing spectroscopy of the doubly magic $^{132}$Sn and its one- and two-neutron particle/hole neighbours IS610 Greybook IS610 Publications
IS611 INTC-P-454 Study of molybdenum oxide by means of Perturbed Angular Correlations (PAC) and Mössbauer spectroscopy IS611 Greybook IS611 Publications
IS612 INTC-P-445 Unravelling the local structure of topological crystalline insulators using hyperfine interactions IS612 Greybook IS612 Publications
IS613 INTC-P-456 Laser spectroscopy of neutron deficient Sn isotopes IS613 Greybook IS613 Publications
IS614 INTC-P-459 Measurement of the super-allowed branching ratio of $^{22}$Mg IS614 Greybook IS614 Publications
IS615 INTC-P-462 Determination of the electron affinity of astatine and polonium by laser photodetachment IS615 Greybook IS615 Publications
IS616 INTC-P-463 Reaction mechanisms in collisions induced by $^{8}$B beam close to the barrier IS616 Greybook IS616 Publications
IS617 INTC-P-464 Laser spectroscopic studies along the Al isotopic chain and the isomer-shift of the self-conjugate $^{26}$Al nucleus IS617 Greybook IS617 Publications
IS618 INTC-P-465 Two-phonon octupole collectivity in the doubly-magic nucleus 146Gd IS618 Greybook IS618 Publications
IS619 INTC-P-468 Effects of the neutron halo in 15C scattering at energies around the Coulomb barrier IS619 Greybook IS619 Publications
IS620 INTC-P-458 Study of neutron-rich 52,53K isotopes by the measurement of spins, moments and charge radii. IS620 Greybook IS620 Publications
IS621 INTC-P-470 Single-particle behaviour towards the ``island of inversion" - 28,30Mg(d,p)29,31Mg in inverse kinematics IS621 Greybook IS621 Publications
IS622 INTC-P-471 Cu decay into neutron-rich Zn isotopes: shell structure near $^{78}$Ni IS622 Greybook IS622 Publications
IS623 INTC-P-472 Ground and isomeric state spins, moments and radii of Ge isotopes across the N=40 subshell closure via laser spectroscopy at COLLAPS IS623 Greybook IS623 Publications
IS624 INTC-P-474 Irradiation of prototype tungsten blocks for test of Halogen Release Fraction from the future ESS Helium cooled Tungsten Target. : (WHALE project). IS624 Greybook IS624 Publications
IS625 INTC-P-475 Penning-trap mass measurements of Zn and Cu isotopes relevant for the astrophysical rp-process IS625 Greybook IS625 Publications
IS626 INTC-P-476 Radiotracer diffusion of copper and potassium in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells IS626 Greybook IS626 Publications
IS627 INTC-P-477 Radiotracer diffusion in refractory high-entropy alloys IS627 Greybook IS627 Publications
IS628 INTC-P-478 Nuclear moment studies of short-lived excited states towards the Island of Inversion. g factor of 28Mg (2+) using TDRIV on H-like ions. IS628 Greybook IS628 Publications
IS629 INTC-P-479 Beta decay of 11Be IS629 Greybook IS629 Publications
IS630 INTC-P-485 Lattice sites, charge and spin states of Fe in InxGa1-xN studied with emission Mossbauer spectroscopy IS630 Greybook IS630 Publications
IS631 INTC-P-467 The (d,p) reaction on 206Hg IS631 Greybook IS631 Publications
IS632 INTC-P-487 Neutron unbound single particle states in 133Sn from the beta decay of 133In IS632 Greybook IS632 Publications
IS633 INTC-P-482 Electron capture of $^{8}$B into highly excited states in $^{8}$Be IS633 Greybook IS633 Publications
IS634 INTC-P-489 Emission channeling with short-lived isotopes (EC-SLI) of acceptor dopants in nitride semiconductors IS634 Greybook IS634 Publications
IS635 INTC-P-484 Nuclear quadrupole moments and charge radii of the "_{51}"Sb isotopes via collinear laser spectroscopy IS635 Greybook IS635 Publications
IS636 INTC-P-483 Direct Measurement of Self Diffusion Jump Rates in an Intermetallic Compound : Clarification Letter to the INTC related to INTC-P-483 IS636 Greybook IS636 Publications
IS637 INTC-P-498 Towards reliable production of 225Ac for medical applications: Systematic analysis of the production of Fr, Ra and Ac beams IS637 Greybook IS637 Publications
IS638 INTC-P-501 Study of the kinetics of complex formation and in vivo stability of novel radiometal-chelate conjugates for applications in nuclear medicine IS638 Greybook IS638 Publications
IS639 INTC-P-504
Laser Spectroscopy of exotic indium (Z = 49) isotopes: Approaching the N = 50 and N = 82 neutron numbers IS639 Greybook IS639 Publications
IS640 INTC-P-505 PAC studies of isolated small Cd and Hg molecules: The nuclear quadrupole moments IS640 Greybook IS640 Publications
IS646 INTC-P-503 Shape coexistence and N=50 gap: Coulex reactions on ground and isomeric states in N=49 79Zn, 81Ge isotones IS646 Greybook IS646 Publications
IS647 INTC-P-502 Local Probing of Ferroic and Multiferroic Compounds IS647 Greybook IS647 Publications
IS648 INTC-P-526 Emission Channeling with Short-Lived Isotopes: sublattice displacement in multiferroic Rashba semiconductors IS648 Greybook IS648 Publications
is650 INTC-P-529 Probing the structure of yrast states in even-even 214,216,218Po through fast-timing measurements following the a-decay of 214,216,218Bi is650 Greybook is650 Publications
IS651 INTC-P-473 Nuclear Shell Evolution in the Island of Inversion Studied via the 28Mg(t,30Mg)p reaction IS651 Greybook IS651 Publications
IS652 INTC-P-532 Influence of valence of doping element on local electronic and crystal structure in vanadium oxides: Time-Differential Perturbed Angular Correlations spectroscopy at ISOLDE IS652 Greybook IS652 Publications
IS653 INTC-P-535 Hyperfine interactions in hydrogenated TiO${_2}$ thin films and powders for photocatalytic reactions IS653 Greybook IS653 Publications
IS654 INTC-P-539 First spectroscopy of the the r-process nucleus 135Sn IS654 Greybook IS654 Publications
IS655 INTC-P-540 Production of phosphorus-vacancy centers in diamond for optical and spin characterization IS655 Greybook IS655 Publications
IS656 INTC-P-530 Investigation of Octupole Correlations in $^{144,145}$ using the Recoil Distance Doppler-shift Technique IS656 Greybook IS656 Publications
IS657 INTC-P-546 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of RaF molecules IS657 Greybook IS657 Publications
IS658 INTC-P-548 Study of the radiative decay of the low-energy isomer in 229Th IS658 Greybook IS658 Publications
IS659 INTC-P-549 Precise measurements of the ?-decays of 9Li and 8He for reactor neutrino experiments IS659 Greybook IS659 Publications
IS660 INTC-P-551 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of silver between N=50 and N=82 IS660 Greybook IS660 Publications
IS661 INTC-P-553 Mass measurement of the self-conjugate 98In for nuclear and astrophysical studies IS661 Greybook IS661 Publications
IS662 INTC-P-554 Beta-delayed neutron emission of 134In and search for i13/2 single particle neutron state in 133Sn IS662 Greybook IS662 Publications

INTC -P-555


Rotational and Hyperfine Structure of RaF Molecules IS663 Greybook IS663 Publications
IS664 INTC-P556 Investigation of octupole deformation in neutron- actinium using high-resolution in-source laser spectroscopy IS664 Greybook IS664 Publications


Laser assisted studies of ?-delayed fission in 178,176Auv and of the structure of 175Au IS665 Greybook IS665 Publications

INTC-P-560 Add1

Liquid ?-NMR studies of the interaction of Na and K cations with DNA G-quadruplex structures IS666 Greybook IS666 Publications


Laser spectroscopy of neutron-rich tellurium isotopes IS667 Greybook IS667 Publications

INTC-P-562 Add 1

Quantum colour centers in diamond studied by emission channeling with short-lived isotopes (EC-SLI) and radiotracer photoluminescence IS668 Greybook IS668 Publications
IS669 INTC-P-563 Beta decay along the rp-process path for accurate stellar weak-decay rates: 68Se and 70Se IS669 Greybook IS669 Publications
IS670 INTC-P-564 Development of new rare-earth-free hard magnetic materials IS670 Greybook IS670 Publications
IS671 INTC-P-565 MIRACLS at ISOLDE: The Charge Radii of Exotic Magnesium Isotopes IS671 Greybook IS671 Publications
IS672 INTC-P-552 Absolute charge radii of radioactive isotopes measured by muonic x-ray spectroscopy at PSI IS672 Greybook IS672 Publications
IS673 INTC-P-550 Nuclear moments of excited states in neutron rich Sn isotopes studied by on-line PAC IS673 Greybook IS673 Publications
IS674 INTC-P-568 A new approach to beta-delayed multi-neutron emission IS674 Greybook IS674 Publications
IS675 INTC-P-570 Investigating the key rp𝑟𝑝 process reaction 6161Ga (p𝑝,γ)6262Ge reaction via 6161Zn(d𝑑,p𝑝)6262Zn transfer IS675 Greybook IS675 Publications
IS676 INTC-P-557 Measurement of the decay scheme of 142142Cs IS676 Greybook IS676 Publications
IS677 INTC-P-573 The (d𝑑,p𝑝) reaction on 1111Be: Bringing clarity to our understanding of the structure of 1212Be IS677 Greybook IS677 Publications
IS678 INTC-P-574
INTC-P-574 Add1
Weak interaction studies via beta-delayed proton emission IS678 Greybook IS678 Publications
IS679 INTC-P-575 Probing Energy Efficient Perovskites  IS679 Greybook IS679 Publications
IS680 INTC-P-576 The d𝑑(3030Mg,p𝑝)3131Mg reaction: Probing single-particle behaviour within the “island of inversion” IS680 Greybook IS680 Publications
IS681 INTC-P-578 Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy of superconducting NbN thin films implanted with magnetic species IS681 Greybook IS681 Publications
IS682 INTC-P-579 Probing the magicity and shell evolution in the vicinity of N=50𝑁=50 with high-resolution laser spectroscopy of 81,8281,82Zn isotopes IS682 Greybook IS682 Publications
IS683 INTC-P-581 Charge and spin states of Fe in binary compounds IS683 Greybook IS683 Publications
IS684 INTC-P-584 Decay spectroscopy of neutron-rich Zn isotopes by total absorption IS684 Greybook IS684 Publications
IS685 INTC-P-585 Beta-decay spectroscopy of neutron-rich Cd isotopes IS685 Greybook IS685 Publications
IS686 INTC-P-589 Spectroscopy of single-particle states in 107,109,111107,109,111Sn through (d,p)(𝑑,𝑝) transfer reactions IS686 Greybook IS686 Publications
IS687 INTC-P-590 Beta-decay spectroscopy of 27Na and 22O for isospin asymmetry studies in the sd shell IS687 Greybook IS687 Publications

INTC-P-593 Add 1
INTC-P-593 Add 2

Terbium-149 for targeted alpha therapy IS688 Greybook IS688 Publications
IS689 INTC-P-594 Evolution of single-particle states along N=127𝑁=127: The d𝑑(212212Rn,p𝑝)213213Rn reaction. IS689 Greybook IS689 Publications
IS690 INTC-P-597 Reaction studies with neutron-rich light nuclei at the upgraded SEC Device IS690 Greybook IS690 Publications
IS691 INTC-P-598
INTC-P-598 Add 1
Collection of 129m,131m,133m129𝑚,131𝑚,133𝑚Xe for the gamma-MRI project IS691 Greybook IS691 Publications
IS692 INTC-P-572
Spectroscopy of 8Be: Search for Rotational Bands Above 16 MeV : Letter of Clarification IS692 Greybook IS692 Publications
IS693 INTC-P-559
Total absorption spectroscopy of neutron-rich indium isotopes beyond N=82 IS693 Greybook IS693 Publications
IS694 INTC-P-586
Investigating shape coexistence in 80;82Sr with beta+/EC decay spectroscopy : Clarification Letter for INTC-P-586 IS694 Greybook IS694 Publications
IS695 INTC-P-582
Probing the 1111Li low-lying dipole strength via 99Li(t,p) with the ISS IS695 Greybook IS695 Publications
IS696 INTC-P-599 Pairing vibrations beyond N=82 IS696 Greybook IS696 Publications
IS697 INTC-P-601 Single-particle structure, effective proton charge, and emerging collectivity around 132Sn IS697 Greybook IS697 Publications
IS698 INTC-P-602 𝛼-scattering on unstable proton-rich tin isotopes in inverse kinematics for the astrophysical p-process IS6983 Greybook IS698 Publications
IS699 INTC-P-603 Coulomb excitation of 185185Hg: Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient lead region IS699 Greybook IS699 Publications
IS700 INTC-P-605 Measurement of the changes in the mean-square charge radii of aluminium isotopes across N=20 IS700 Greybook IS700 Publications
IS701 INTC-P-606 High-resolution laser spectroscopy of ``magic'' lead isotopes IS701 Greybook IS701 Publications
IS702 INTC-P-608
INTC-P-608 Add 1
Probing the doubly magic shell closure at 132132Sn by Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich 130,134130,134Sn isotopes IS702 Greybook IS702 Publications
IS703 INTC-P-611 PAC studies of isolated small molecules: The Pb nuclear quadrupole moments and further cases IS703 Greybook IS703 Publications
IS704 INTC-P-612 Measurement of the excitation energy of the 5++ isomeric state in 128128Sb for r-process nucleosynthesis IS704 Greybook IS704 Publications
IS705 INTC-P-614 Neutron emission from unbound states in 135Sn IS705 Greybook IS705 Publications
IS706 INTC-P-615 Laser ionization spectroscopy of AcF IS706 Greybook IS706 Publications
IS707 INTC-P-617 Total absorption beta decay studies around 186Hg IS707 Greybook IS707 Publications
IS708 INTC-P-609
Complementary measurements of octupole collectivity in 146146Ce IS708 Greybook IS708 Publications
IS709 INTC-P-662-Add1   IS709 Greybook IS709 Publications
IS710 INTC-P-624 Single-particle behaviour towards doubly-magic 2424O - 2727Na(d𝑑,p𝑝)2828Na in inverse kinematics IS710 Greybook IS710 Publications
IS711 INTC-P-625 Transfer reactions on the neutron-rich krypton isotopes IS711 Greybook IS711 Publications
IS712 INTC-P-616
Probing two-alpha radioactivity with 224Ra IS712 Greybook IS712 Publications
IS713 INTC-P-626 Tracer diffusion and PAC measurements of 111mCd tracer atoms in A3B compounds IS713 Greybook IS713 Publications
IS714 INTC-P-627 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of chromium isotopes between N=28𝑁=28 and N=40 IS714 Greybook IS714 Publications
IS715 INTC-P-628 Study of the radiative decay of the low-energy isomer in 229Th IS715 Greybook IS715 Publications
IS716 INTC-P-632 Determination of the 𝛼 decay width of a near-threshold proton-emitting resonance in 11B IS716 Greybook IS716 Publications
IS717 INTC-P-635 Determination of radioactive ion beam production yields using 1.4- and 1.7-GeV protons IS717 Greybook IS717 Publications
IS718 INTC-P-636 High-resolution laser spectroscopy of thallium isotope IS718 Greybook IS718 Publications
IS719 INTC-P-637 Closing in on 100Sn: Mass Measurements of the Neutron Deficient N=51-53 Tin Isotopes IS719 Greybook IS719 Publications
IS720 INTC-P-638 Transition probabilities of low-lying excited states in 210Po and 210Pb IS720 Greybook IS720 Publications
IS721 INTC-P-641 Production of a 135Cs sample at ISOLDE for (n,γ𝛾) activation measurements at n\_TOF-NEAR IS721 Greybook IS721 Publications
IS722 INTC-P-644 Off-line TAS measurements of the long-lived nuclei 152,155Tb and 76,77Br for their relevance in medicine and neutrino physics IS722 Greybook IS722 Publications
IS723 INTC-P-646 Laser spectroscopy of neutron-rich indium isotopes beyond N=82 IS723 Greybook IS723 Publications
IS724 INTC-CLL-041   IS724 Greybook IS724 Publications
IS725 INTC-P-647 Production of 226Ra-implanted high-quality radon sources for detector characterization IS725 Greybook IS725 Publications
IS726 INTC-P-650 Exploring the evolution of the N = 126 magic number with the masses of neutron-rich gold isotopes IS726 Greybook IS726 Publications
IS727 INTC-P-652 Single-particle structure study in neutron-rich Ca through 5050Ca(d,p) IS727 Greybook IS727 Publications
IS728 INTC-P-654 Measuring the electron affinity of polonium IS728 Greybook IS728 Publications
IS729 INTC-P-655 Magnetic moment of 11Be with ppm accuracy IS729 Greybook IS729 Publications
IS730 INTC-P-658 Oxide and Metal Halide Perovskites: Temperature-Dependent Dynamic Nature of Crystal Structure and Symmetry Relations IS730 Greybook IS730 Publications
IS731 INTC-P-659 Probing the fission and radiative decay of the 235U+𝑛 system using (𝑑,𝑝𝑓) and (𝑑,𝑝𝛾) reactions IS731 Greybook IS731 Publications
IS732 INTC-P-661 Probing structural transitions in M(II) vanadates (M = Zn, Mn, Cd, Ca) with TDPAC spectroscopy IS732 Greybook IS732 Publications
IS733 INTC-P-662
𝛽-decay spectroscopy with laser-polarised beams of neutron-rich potassium isotopes
IS733 Greybook IS733 Publications
IS734 INTC-CLL-052   IS734 Greybook IS734 Publications
IS735 INTC-P-664 Characterization of the atomic 6D-states in neutral francium using collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy IS735 Greybook IS735 Publications
IS736 INTC-CLL-053   IS736 Greybook IS736 Publications
IS737 INTC-P-667 High-resolution laser spectroscopy of light gold isotopes: investigation of \lq\lq island of deformation'' and shape coexistence IS737 Greybook IS737 Publications
IS738 INTC-CLL-054   IS738 Greybook IS738 Publications
IS739 INTC-P-668 Fission of 230Ac IS739 Greybook IS739 Publications
IS740 INTC-P-673 Laser spectroscopy of neutron-deficient thulium isotopes  IS740 Greybook IS740 Publications
IS741 INTC-P-676 Detailed decay spectroscopy of 225225Ac and its daughters to support its use in medical applications IS741 Greybook IS741 Publications
IS742 INTC-P-678 Determination of single-neutron energies and spectroscopic factors outside 132132Sn  IS742 Greybook IS742 Publications
IS743 INTC-P-679 Search for shape coexistence in 8080Zn via (t,p) reactionsSearch for shape coexistence in 8080Zn via (t,p) reactions IS7430 Greybook IS743 Publications
IS744 INTC-P-680 Onset of collective structures in proton-rich Pb isotopes investigated via Fast-timing method IS744 Greybook IS744 Publications
IS745 INTC-P-682 Mass measurement of the neutron-deficient 9696Cd with ISOLTRAP IS745 Greybook IS745 Publications
IS746 INTC-P-684 Single-proton-hole orbitals in the N=126 nucleus 205205Au IS746 Greybook IS746 Publications
IS747 INTC-P-685 Laser and nuclear decay spectroscopy study of the neutron-rich high-spin states in the 212 , 213 Bi isotopes with LIST IS747 Greybook IS747 Publications
IS748 INTC-P-686 A study of seniority-2 configurations in N = 126 and 124 isotonic chains IS748 Greybook IS748 Publications
IS749 INTC-P-687 Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy of topological kagome magnets IS749 Greybook IS749 Publications
IS750 INTC-P-688 Measurement of neutron capture cross section on 134134Cs through surrogate reaction (d,pγ𝛾) at ISS IS750 Greybook IS750 Publications
IS751 INTC-P-692 Charge states of transition metal ions and local magnetic structure of dilute magnetic semiconductor (Ga,Fe)N:Mn – an emission Mössbauer spectroscopy study IS751 Greybook IS751 Publications
IS752 INTC-P-694 Spectroscopic factors in the r-process nucleus 135135Sn IS752 Greybook IS752 Publications
IS753 INTC-P-695

Mapping single-particle neutron strength towards the mid-shell in semi-magic lead isotopes

IS753 Greybook IS753 Publications
IS754 INTC-P-696 Magnetic origins of epitaxial MAX phase Mn2GaC-based thin films probed by Emission Mössbauer Spectroscopy IS754 Greybook IS754 Publications
IS755 INTC-P-697 Probing the local environments and optical properties in halide perovskites with short-lived radioactive isotopes IS755 Greybook IS755 Publications
IS756 INTC-P-698 Laser & decay spectroscopy and mass spectrometry of neutron-rich mercury isotopes south-east of 208Pb IS756 Greybook IS756 Publications


Experimental programme at the ISR (Intersecting Storage Rings)

The experimental proposals for the ISR were examinated by the ISR Committee (ISRC) (1968-1983). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Nuclear Physics Research Committee (NPRC) (1961-1975), then to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Approval of experiment / Greybook CDS
Intersection 1
R101 CERN-ISRC-69-6
Angular and momentum distribution of the secondaries with nuclear emulsions CERN-NPRC-85 R101 Publications
R102 CERN-ISRC-69-11
Study of interactions in which gamma rays and electrons with large transverse momentum are emitted CERN-NPRC-85 R102 Publications
R103 CERN-ISRC-69-43
Search for massive dileptons CERN-NPRC-85 R103 Publications
R104T CERN-ISRC-70-19
Search for high energy multigamma events CERN-NPRC-98 R104T Publications
R105 CERN-ISRC-72-13-ADD-1
To measure high transverse momentum charged particles and neutral pions CERN-NPRC-110 R105 Publications
R106 CERN-ISRC-73-19
Search for magnetic monopoles with the plastic detector technique CERN-NPRC-120 R106 Publications
R107 CERN-ISRC-73-7
Multiple gamma-ray production in pp collisions R107 Greybook
R107 Publications
R108 CERN-ISRC-73-13
Study of High Transverse Momentum Phenomena R108 Greybook
R108 Publications
R109 CERN-ISRC-76-3 Search for Magnetic Monopoles Using the Superconducting Solenoid at the ISR R109 Greybook
R109 Publications
R110 ISRC-P-100 Study of High Mass Electron Pairs and High pT Phenomena R110 Greybook
R110 Publications
Intersection 2
R201 CERN-ISRC-69-5
Production of stable particles at small angles CERN-NPRC-84 R201 Publications
R202 CERN-ISRC-69-7
Study of particle production in high energy proton-proton collisions at medium angles CERN-NPRC-84 R202 Publications
R203 CERN-ISRC-69-48 Experiment to determine the low-energy production spectra of $\pi^{+-}, K^{+-}, \overline{p}, \overline{d}$, CERN-NPRC-84 R203 Publications
R204 CERN-ISRC-69-3 Measurement of particles with large transverse momentum as a search for the intermediate boson CERN-NPRC-84 R204 Publications
R205 CERN-ISRC-73-27
Correlations associated with high transverse momentum particles CERN-NPRC-123 R205 Publications
R206 CERN-ISRC-73-34 Multiplicity and Rapidity distributions of diffractive collisions CERN-NPRC-124 R206 Publications
R207 CERN-ISRC-74-24 Small Angle Diffraction Dissociation at ISR Energies R207 Greybook
R207 Publications
R208 CERN-ISRC-76-9 Search for Direct Photon Production at the ISR R208 Greybook
R208 Publications
R209 CERN-ISRC-73-28
High Mass Muon Pairs and Associated Hadrons R209 Greybook
R209 Publications
R210 ISRC-P-102 Precise Measurement of the $\bar{p}p$ Total Cross-Section in the ISR Energy Range R210 Greybook
R210 Publications
R211 ISRC-P-103
Measurement of the Antiproton-Proton Total Cross-Section at the CERN ISR R211 Greybook
R211 Publications
Intersection 3
R301 CERN-ISRC-74-33 Search for Magnetic Monopoles at the ISR R301 Greybook
R301 Publications
Intersection 4
R401 CERN-ISRC-69-14 Isobar Production at ISR Energies$$bMeasurement of energy dependence of Isobar excitation in proton-proton collisions R401 Greybook
R401 Publications
R402 CERN-ISRC-71-8
Search for fractionally charged particles CERN-NPRC-97 R402 Publications
R403T CERN-ISRC-70-5 SFM (Split Field Magnet) Test and Survey CERN-NPRC-95 R403T Publications
R404T CERN-ISRC-70-18
Test of a proposal to search for Heavy Baryon Isomers - R404T Publications
R405 CERN-ISRC-71-48 Measurement of neutron production at small angles CERN-NPRC-105 R405 Publications
R406 CERN-ISRC-70-31 Search for New Particles at the ISR R406 Greybook
R406 Publications
R407 CERN-ISRC-71-30
Study of General events and of Events including a Fast Forward Particle using the SFM Facility at the ISR R407 Greybook
R407 Publications
R408 CERN-ISRC-71-34 To measure inelastic proton-proton scattering at the ISR CERN-NPRC-110 R408 Publications
R409 CERN-ISRC-71-36 A minimum bias trigger experiment using the SFM to study typical beam-beam e$\nu$. R409 Greybook
R409 Publications
R410 CERN-ISRC-72-7
High Transverse Momentum Events and Central Correlations at the SFM R410 Greybook
R410 Publications
R411 CERN-ISRC-72-23 Double Diffraction Dissociation at the ISR R411 Greybook
R411 Publications
R412 CERN-ISRC-72-30
Study of large transverse momentum events using the S.F.M. and lead glass Čerenkov counters CERN-NPRC-119 R412 Publications
R413 CERN-ISRC-72-7-Add.3
Selective large $p_ {T}$ trigger for the SFM CERN-NPRC-120 R413 Publications
R414 CERN-ISRC-75-46 Study of High Mass Muon Pair Production at the SFM R414 Greybook
R414 Publications
R415 CERN-ISRC-74-53 Study of Events with Large Angle Electrons in the SFM R415 Greybook
R415 Publications
R416 CERN-ISRC-75-41 Study of Rare Events at the Split Field Magnet R416 Greybook
R416 Publications
R417 CERN-ISRC-76-17 Study of Exclusive Neutron Reactions and Coherent Proton-Deuteron Processes with the SFM R417 Greybook
R417 Publications
R418 ISRC-P-101 Study of Light Ion Collisions R418 Greybook
R418 Publications
R419 ISRC-P-104 Study of Events with Identified Forward Particles at the Split Field Magnet R419 Greybook
R419 Publications
R420 ISRC-P-105 Study of ln s Physics in $\bar{p}p$ Interactions at the Split Field Magnet R420 Greybook
R420 Publications
R421 ISRC-P-107 Study of $pp$ and $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at the SFM Facility of the CERN ISR R421 Greybook
R421 Publications
R422 ISRC-P-109 Study of Heavy Flavours Production in pp Interactions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 62 GeV R422 Greybook
R422 Publications
Intersection 5
R501 ISRC-P-97 Search for Magnetic Monopoles R501 Greybook
R501 Publications
Intersection 6
R601 CERN-ISRC-69-20 The measurement of proton-proton differential cross section in the Coulomb interference region CERN-NPRC-83 R601 Publications
R602 CERN-ISRC-69-19 Measurement of of the elastic scattering cross section beyond the Coulomb interference region CERN-NPRC-83 R602 Publications
R603 CERN-ISRC-69-12 Measurement of the p-p total cross section CERN-NPRC-104 R603 Publications
R604 CERN-ISRC-74-3 Elastic Scattering at large angles CERN-NPRC-126 R604 Publications
R605 CERN-ISRC-74-38 A Hunt for Charmed Particles at the ISR R605 Greybook
R605 Publications
R606 CERN-ISRC-75-33 New Particle Production at Forward Angles R606 Greybook
R606 Publications
R607 CERN-ISRC-78-19 Correlations between High p$_{L}$ Mesons Produced in pp Collisions at the ISR R607 Greybook
R607 Publications
R608 CERN-ISRC-77-26 Large X Hadron Physics and Correlations with Central Region Phenomena R608 Greybook
R608 Publications
Intersection 7
R701 CERN-ISRC-72-17 Observation cf p-p collisions with streamer chamber CERN-NPRC-110 R701 Publications
R702 CERN-ISRC-74-55 Search for Charmed Particles and Electron Pairs at the ISR R702 Greybook
R702 Publications
R703 CERN-ISRC-79-5 Evaluation of a large streamer chamber detection system and a study of pbarp - pp differences at ISR energies R703 Greybook
R703 Publications
R704 ISRC-P-106
Charmonium Spectroscopy at the ISR using an Antiproton Beam and a Hydrogen Jet Target R704 Greybook
R704 Publications
Intersection 8
R801 CERN-ISRC-69-12 Measurement of σtot and correlations with counter hodoscopes and lead glass Ćerenkov counters CERN-NPRC-83 R801 Publications
R802 CERN-ISRC-71-41 Particle production in the forward direction using a magnetic spectro­meter, multi-wire proportional chambers and neutron counter CERN-NPRC-107 R802 Publications
R803 CERN-ISRC-73-11 Study of inclusive particle pro­duction at very low $p_{t}$ and X=0 CERN-NPRC-120 R803 Publications
R804 CERN-ISRC-73-28 Study of electromagnetic properties of protons in the time-like region and search for the neutral boson Z$^{0}$ (Muon pair production) CERN-NPRC-123 R804 Publications
R805 CERN-ISRC-74-17 Measurement of the Ratio of the Real to the Imaginary Part of the Proton-Proton Strong Interaction forward Scattering Amplitude R805 Greybook
R805 Publications
R806 CERN-ISRC-73-33
Study of Large Transverse Momentum Phenomena R806 Greybook
R806 Publications
R807 ISRC-P-95
A Study of Large Transverse Momentum Phenomena R807 Greybook
R807 Publications
R808 ISRC-P-108 A Study of Direct Photon Production R808 Greybook
R808 Publications


SPS Programme
The AWAKE experiment was evaluated by the SPS Committee (SPSC) (1997-Today). The recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.
Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
AWAKE TDR A Proton-Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERN AWAKE Greybook AWAKE Publications


SPS Programme - Emulsion Experiments

The proposals for the emulsion experiments were evaluated by the SPS Committee (SPSC) (1973-1990) and SPS & LEAR Committee (SPSLC) (1990-1996). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
EMU01 SPSC-P-198
Study of Particle Production and Nuclear Fragmentation in Collisions of $^{16}$O Beams with Emulsion Nuclei at 13-200 A GeV EMU01 Greybook EMU01 Publications
EMU02 SPSC-P-201 Search for Fractionally Charged Nuclei in High-Energy Oxygen-Lead Collisions EMU02 Greybook EMU02 Publications
EMU03 SPSC-P-207
Interactions of $^{16}$O Projectile and its Fragments in Nuclear Emulsion at about 60 and 200 GeV/nucleon EMU03 Greybook EMU03 Publications
EMU04 SPSC-P-215 Measurements of Coulomb Cross Section for Production of Direct Electron-pairs by High Energy Ions at the CERN SPS EMU04 Greybook EMU04 Publications
EMU05 SPSC-P-216
Study of Extremely Short-range Particle Correlations in High Energy Ion Collisions EMU05 Greybook EMU05 Publications
EMU06 SPSC-I-163 Study of the Production Mechanisms and Decay Properties of Charmed Particles Observed in Nuclear Emulsions Coupled to the NA14 Spectrometer EMU06 Greybook EMU06 Publications
EMU07 SPSC-P-209-Add-1 Interactions of 60-200 GeV/Nucleon $^{16}$O and $^{32}$S($^{40}$Ar) Nuclei in Light and Heavy Absorbers EMU07 Greybook EMU07 Publications
EMU08 SPSC-P-227 Study of Particles Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions EMU08 Greybook EMU08 Publications
EMU09 SPSC-P-243 An Emulsion Hybrid Setup for the Study of Sulphur-Nucleus Collisions at 200 GeV/N EMU09 Greybook EMU09 Publications
EMU10 SPSC-P-246 Study on Event Structures of 200 GeV/Nucleon $^{32}$S Interactions with Nuclei by the Magnetic Emulsion Spectrometer at the CERN SPS EMU10 Greybook EMU10 Publications
EMU11 SPSLC-P-256 Study of Particle Production and Nuclear Fragmentation in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions in Nuclear Emulsions EMU11 Greybook EMU11 Publications
EMU12 SPSLC-P-258 Particle production, density fluctuations and break up of dense nuclear matter in central Pb+Ag and Pb+Pb interactions at 60-160 A GeV EMU12 Greybook EMU12 Publications
EMU13 SPSLC-P-262 Interactions of 160 GeV/Nucleon $^{207}$Pb Nuclei in Emulsion Chambers with Copper and Lead Targets EMU13 Greybook EMU13 Publications
EMU14 SPSLC-P-271 Study of multiplicity and angular characteristics in Pb+A interaction at 200 A GeV/c EMU14 Greybook EMU14 Publications
EMU15 SPSLC-P-270 Investigation of Central Pb-Pb Interactions at Energies of 160 GeV/Nucleon with the Help of the Emulsion Magnetic Chamber EMU15 Greybook EMU15 Publications
EMU16 SPSLC-P-276 Isospin Correlations in High Energy Pb+Pb Interactions EMU16 Greybook EMU16 Publications
EMU17 SPSLC-P-278 Fragmentation of Pb-Projectiles at SPS Energies EMU17 Greybook EMU17 Publications
EMU18 SPSLC-P-279 Exposures of CR39 Stacks to Lead Ions at the CERN-SPS EMU18 Greybook EMU18 Publications
EMU19 SPSLC-I-196 Nuclear Fragmentation Induced by Relativistic Projectiles Studied in the 4$\pi$ Configuration of Plastic Track Detectors EMU19 Greybook EMU19 Publications
EMU20 SPSLC-P-292 $\bar{p}$-Induced Fission Studies with Plastic Track Detectors Using 4$\pi$-Geometry EMU20 Greybook EMU20 Publications



SPS Programme - NA experiments (North Area)

The proposals for experiments installed in the North Area of the SPS accelerator were evaluated by the SPS Committee (SPSC) (1973-1990). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Nuclear Physics Research Committee (NPRC) (1961-1975), then to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chaiperson for the final decision.

Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
Measurement of the Photoproduction of Vector and Scalar Bosons NA1 Greybook NA1 Publications
Electromagnetic Interactions of Muons NA2 Greybook NA2 Publications
Hadronic production of high p$_{T}$ leptons and hadrons NA3 Greybook NA3 Publications
Inclusive deep-inelastic muon scattering NA4 Greybook NA4 Publications
Inelastic hadron reactions using a streamer chamber triggered by a single-arm spectrometer NA5 Greybook NA5 Publications
NA6 SPSC-P-76 Neutron elastic scattering at very small angles NA6 Greybook NA6 Publications
Measurement of the electromagnetic form factors of $\pi$ and $K$ mesons at the SPS NA7 Greybook NA7 Publications
Hadron elastic scattering at small angles NA8 Greybook NA8 Publications
NA9 SPSC-P-18-Add-1
Study of final states in deep inelastic muon scattering NA9 Greybook NA9 Publications
NA10 SPSC-P-91 High resolution study of the inclusive production of massive muon pairs by intense pion beams NA10 Greybook NA10 Publications
NA11 SPSC-P-95 Measurement of charmed particle production in hadronic reactions NA11 Greybook NA11 Publications
NA12 SPSC-P-110
Study of $\pi^{-}p$ interactions with neutral final states NA12 Greybook NA12 Publications
NA12/2 SPSC-P-214 Search for mesons and glueballs decaying into multiphoton final states produced in central hadron collisions and study of inclusive production of heavy quark mesons NA12/2 Greybook NA12/2 Publications
NA13 SPSC-P-113 Search for direct evidence for charm in hadronic interactions using a high-resolution bubble chamber NA13 Greybook NA13 Publications
NA14 SPSC-P-109
Photoproduction at high energy and high intensity NA14 Greybook NA14 Publications
NA14/2 SPSC-P-109-Add-2 A programme of heavy flavour photoproduction NA14/2 Greybook NA14/2 Publications
NA15 SPSC-P-127 Search for charmed hadron production in $\pi^{-}$ nucleus interactions in nuclear emulsion NA15 Greybook NA15 Publications
NA16 SPSC-P-129 Study of the hadronic production and properties of new particles with a lifetime 10$^{-13}$ s < $\tau$ < 10$^{-10}$ s using LEBC-EHS NA16 Greybook NA16 Publications
NA17 SPSC-P-131
Momentum and angular correlations study in $\pi^{-}$ nuclei jets at high energies using emulsion telescopes technique with magnetic field NA17 Greybook NA17 Publications
NA18 SPSC-P-130 Search for short-lived particles produced on nuclei with a heavy liquid mini bubble chamber NA18 Greybook NA18 Publications
NA19 SPSC-P-133 Direct observation of beauty particles selected by muonic decay in emulsion NA19 Greybook NA19 Publications
NA20 SPSC-P-134 Measurements of $\pi^{\pm}$, K$^{\pm}$, p$^{\pm}$ yields in 400 GeV proton beryllium and copper collisions NA20 Greybook NA20 Publications
NA21 SPSC-P-101
High statistics study of $\bar{p}p$ annihilation physics at the EHS NA21 Greybook NA21 Publications
NA22 SPSC-P-144 The influence of parton structure on hadronic interactions in EHS with a $K^{+}$/$\pi^{+}/p$ beam at 250 GeV/c NA22 Greybook NA22 Publications
NA23 SPSC-P-145 Study of diffractive dissociation especially into strange and charmed particles with EHS NA23 Greybook NA23 Publications
NA24 SPSC-P-151 Investigation of deep inelastic scattering processes involving large p$_{t}$ direct photons in the final state NA24 Greybook NA24 Publications
NA25 SPSC-P-155 Study of charm and bottom particle production using a holographic bubble chamber NA25 Greybook NA25 Publications
NA26 SPSC-P-154 A prototype experiment to study charmed particle production and decay using a Holographic High Resolution Hydrogen Chamber (HOLEBC) and the European Hybrid Spectrometer NA26 Greybook NA26 Publications
NA27 SPSC-P-169 An experiment to measure accurately the lifetime of the $D^{0}, D^{\pm}, F^{\pm}, \Lambda_{c}$-charm particles and to study their hadronic production and decay properties NA27 Greybook NA27 Publications
NA28 SPSC-P-176
Study of Shadowing and Hadron Production in High Energy $\mu$ Scattering Using Nuclear Targets NA28 Greybook NA28 Publications
NA29 SPSC-P-168 Study of $\pi^{-}\pi^{0}$ production via Primakoff effect on nuclei NA29 Greybook NA29 Publications
NA30 SPSC-P-177-Rev.
Precision determination of the lifetime of the neutral pion NA30 Greybook NA30 Publications
NA31 SPSC-P-174
Measurement of $\mid\eta_{00}\mid^{2}$/$\mid\eta_{+-}\mid^{2}$ NA31 Greybook NA31 Publications
NA31/2 SPSC-P-174-Add-2 A measurement of the phase difference of $\eta_{00}$ and $\eta_{+-}$ in CP violating $K^{0}$ $\rightarrow$ 2$\pi$ decays NA31/2 Greybook NA31/2 Publications
NA32 SPSC-P-180 Investigation of charm production in hadronic interactions using high-resolution silicon detectors NA32 Greybook NA32 Publications
NA33 SPSC-P-192
Experimental study of single-vertex $(e^{-}-e^{+})$ pair creation in a crystal NA33 Greybook NA33 Publications
NA34 SPSC-P-189 Lepton production NA34 Greybook NA34 Publications
NA34/2 SPSC-P-203
Study of high energy densities over extended nuclear volumes via nucleus-nucleus collisions at the SPS NA34/2 Greybook NA34/2 Publications
NA34/3 SPSC-P-240 Measurement of low mass muon pairs in sulphur-nucleus collisions with an optimized HELIOS muon spectrometer NA34/3 Greybook NA34/3 Publications
NA35 PSCC-P-53
Study of Relativistic Nucleus - Nucleus Collisions NA35 Greybook NA35 Publications
NA36 SPSC-P-196
Production of strange baryons and antibaryons in relativistic ion collisions NA36 Greybook NA36 Publications
NA37 SPSC-P-210 Detailed measurements of structure functions from nucleons and nuclei NA37 Greybook NA37 Publications
NA38 SPSC-P-211
Study of high-energy nucleus-nucleus interactions with the enlarged NA10 dimuon spectrometer NA38 Greybook NA38 Publications
NA39 SPSC-P-220 A search for quarks produced in heavy-ion interactions NA39 Greybook NA39 Publications
NA40 SPSC-P-222 Electromagnetic dissociation of target nuclei by $^{16}$O and $^{32}$S projectiles NA40 Greybook NA40 Publications
NA41 SPSC-P-223
Search for nuclei in heavy ion collisions at ultrarelativistic energies NA41 Greybook NA41 Publications
NA42 SPSC-P-224 Study of unexplained hard photon production by electrons channelled in a crystal NA42 Greybook NA42 Publications
NA43 SPSC-P-234
Investigations of the energy and angular dependence of ultra-short radiation lengths in Si, Ge and W single crystals NA43 Greybook NA43 Publications
NA43/2 SPSC-P-234-Add-3. Investigations of the coherent hard photon yields from (50-300) GeV/c electrons/positrons in the strong crystalline fields of diamond, Si, and Ge crystals NA43/2 Greybook NA43/2 Publications
NA44 SPSC-P-234-Add-3. A focusing spectrometer for one and two particles NA44 Greybook NA44 Publications
NA45 SPSC-P-239 Study of electron pair production in hadron and nuclear collisions at the CERN SPS NA45 Greybook NA45 Publications
NA45/2 SPSC-P-237
Study of electron pair and photon production in lead-gold collisions NA45/2 Greybook NA45/2 Publications
NA46 SPSLC-P-280
Darmstadton hunting in the interaction $\gamma$-crystal NA46 Greybook NA46 Publications
NA47 SPSC-P-241
Measurement of the spin-dependent structure-functions of the proton and the deuteron NA47 Greybook NA47 Publications
NA48 SPSC-P-242
A precision measurement of $\epsilon^{\prime}$/$\epsilon$ in CP violating K$^{0}$ $\rightarrow$ 2$\pi$ decays NA48 Greybook NA48 Publications
NA48/1 “>SPSC-P-253
SPSC-P-253 Add.1
A high sensitivity investigation of $K_{\rm S}$ and neutral hyperon decays using a modified $K_{\rm S}$ beam NA48/1 Greybook NA48/1 Publications
NA48/2 SPSC-P-253-Add-2 Precision measurement of charged kaon decay parameters with an extended NA48 setup NA48/2 Greybook NA48/2 Publications
NA48/3 SPSC-P-253-Add-3 Proposal to measure the rare decay $K^{+} \rightarrow \pi^{+}$ neutrino-antineutrino at the CERN SPS NA48/3 Greybook NA48/3 Publications
NA49 SPSC-P-326 Large Acceptance Hadron Detector for an Investigation of Pb- and p-induced Reactions at the CERN~SPS NA49 Greybook NA49 Publications
NA50 SPSC-P-264
Study of Muon Pairs and Vector Mesons Produced in High Energy Pb-Pb Interactions NA50 Greybook NA50 Publications
NA51 SPSLC-P-265
Drell-Yan Study of Sea Isospin Symmetry NA51 Greybook NA51 Publications
NA52 SPSLC-P-267 A Strangelet and Particle Search in Pb-Pb Collisions NA52 Greybook NA52 Publications
NA53 SPSLC-P-268 Electromagnetic Dissociation of Target Nuclei by $^{208}$Pb Projectiles NA53 Greybook NA53 Publications
NA54 SPSLC-P-273 Determination of Cross-Sections of Fast-Muon-Induced Reactions to Cosmogenic Radionuclides NA54 Greybook NA54 Publications
NA55 SPSLC-P-286
Investigation of Fast Neutron Production by 100 to 250~GeV Muon Interactions on Thin Targets NA55 Greybook NA55 Publications
NA56 SPSLC-P-293 Measurement of Pion and Kaon Fluxes Below 60 GeV/c Produced by 450~GeV/c Protons on a Beryllium Target The SPY Collaboration NA56 Greybook NA56 Publications
NA57 SPSLC-P-294-Rev. Study of Strange and Multistrange Particles in Ultrarelativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions NA57 Greybook NA57 Publications
NA58 SPSLC-P-300
COMPASS COmmon Muon and Proton Apparatus for Structure and Spectroscopy NA58 Greybook NA58 Publications
NA59 SPSLC-P-297
A Study of the use of a Crystal as a `Quarter-Wave Plate' to Produce High Energy Circularly Polarized Photons NA59 Greybook NA59 Publications
NA60 SPSC-P-308
Study of Prompt Dimuon and Charm Production with Proton and Heavy Ion Beams at the CERN SPS NA60 Greybook NA60 Publications
NA61 SPSC-P-316 Study of Hadron Production in Hadron-Nucleus and Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at the CERN SPS NA61 Greybook NA61 Publications
NA62 SPSC-P-330
Proposal to measure the rare decay K$^{+} \rightarrow \pi^{+} \nu \overline{\nu}$ at the CERN SPS NA62 Greybook NA62 Publications
NA63 SPSC-P-330-Add-7
Electromagnetic processes in strong crystalline fields NA63 Greybook NA63 Publications
NA64 SPSC-P-326-Add-1 Search for dark sectors in missing energy events NA64 Greybook NA64 Publications
NA65 SPSC-P-327-Add-3
DsTau NA65 Greybook NA65 Publications
NA66 SPSC-P-360 Apparatus for Meson and Baryon Experimental Research NA66 Greybook NA66 Publications


SPS Programme - Underground Area

The proposals for the experiments installed in the Underground Area of the SPS accelerator were evaluated by the SPS Committee (SPSC) (1973-1990). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
A 4$\pi$ Solid Angle Detector for the SPS used as a Proton-Antiproton Collider at a Centre of Mass Energy of 540 GeV UA1 Greybook UA1 Publications
Study of Antiproton-Proton Interactions at 630 GeV c.m. Energy UA2 Greybook UA2 Publications
UA3 SPSC-P-96 Search for Magnetic Monopoles at the $p\bar{p}$ Colliding Ring UA3 Greybook UA3 Publications



Measurement of Elastic Scattering and of Total Cross-Section at the CERN $\bar{p}p$ Collider UA4 Greybook UA4 Publications
UA4/2 SPSC-P-250

A Precise Measurement of the Real Part of the Elastic Scattering Amplitude at the S$\bar{p}p$S UA4/2 Greybook UA4/2 Publications
UA5 SPSC-P-108
Investigation of $pp\bar$ Events at 540 GeV c.m. Energy with a Streamer Chamber Detection System UA5 Greybook UA5 Publications



An Exploratory Investigation of p$p\bar$ Interaction at 800-900 GeV cm Energy at the SPS Collider UA5/2 Greybook UA5/2 Publications



An internal hydrogen jet target in the SPS to study inclusive electromagnetic final states and $\Lambda$ production in $\overline{p}p$ and $pp$ interactions at $\surd$s = 22.5 GeV UA6 Greybook UA6 Publications



Measurement by Silicon Shower Detectors of the Invariant Cross Section of Photons and $\pi^{0}$'s Emitted Close to Zero Degree UA7 Greybook UA7 Publications




Study of Jet Structure in High Mass Diffraction at the SPS Collider UA8 Greybook UA8 Publications
UA9 SPSC-P-202

CRYSTAL UA9 Greybook UA9 Publications


Experimental programme at the SPS in the West Area

The proposals for the experiments installed in the West Area of the SPS accelerator were evaluated by the SPS Committee (SPSC) (1973-1990) and SPS & LEAR Committee (SPSLC) (1990-1996). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.

Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
WA1 SPSC-P-73-1
High-Energy Neutrino Interactions WA1 Greybook WA1 Publications
WA1/2 SPSC-P-188 Measurement of sin$^{2}\theta_{M}$ in Semileptonic $\nu$ Fe Interactions with High Precision WA1/2 Greybook WA1/2 Publications
WA2 SPSC-P-73-2
Leptonic Decays of Hyperons WA2 Greybook WA2 Publications
Exclusive &pi.p and Kp Interactions WA3 Greybook WA3 Publications
Photoproduction of Hadrons WA4 Greybook WA4 Publications
Backward Two-Body Reactions WA5 Greybook WA5 Publications
Polarization in pp and $\pi$p Elastic Scattering WA6 Greybook WA6 Publications
Two-Body Reactions at Large Transverse Momentum WA7 Greybook WA7 Publications
WA8 SPSC-P-21 Production of Rare Meson States in $K^{\pm}p$ Collisions WA8 Greybook WA8 Publications
High precision study of elastic scattering in the Coulomb interference region WA9 Greybook WA9 Publications
WA10 SPSC-P-11 Study of $K^{\pm}p \rightarrow K_{s}^{0}\pi^{\pm}p$ and Reactions of Similar Topology with High Statistics WA10 Greybook WA10 Publications
WA11 SPSC-P-58
Search for High Mass States Produced with the $\Psi$(3.1) WA11 Greybook WA11 Publications
WA12 SPSC-P-61 Beam Dump in OMEGA WA12 Greybook WA12 Publications
WA13 SPSC-P-67 $\overline{p}p$ Two-Body Reactions at Large $p_{T}$ in OMEGA WA13 Greybook WA13 Publications


A Wide-Band Beam Neutrino Experiment with Gargamelle WA14 Greybook WA14 Publications
WA15 SPSC-P-34
A Wide-Band Beam Antineutron Experiment in Gargamelle to Study Purely Leptonic and Other Rare $\overline{\nu}$ Interactions WA15 Greybook WA15 Publications
WA16 SPSC-P-53 An Exploratory Experiment at Very High Neutrino Energy in a Narrow-Band Beam with Gargamelle WA16 Greybook WA16 Publications
WA17 SPSC-P-70 Search for New Short-Lived Particles Produced in Neutrino Interactions in an Emulsion Stack Coupled to BEBC WA17 Greybook WA17 Publications
WA18 SPSC-P-49

Study of semileptonic and leptonic neutral-current processes and of $\mu$-polarization using counter techniques WA18 Greybook WA18 Publications
WA18/2 SPSC-P-194 High-Precision Measurement of the Ratio $\sigma_{\nu}$ (NC)/$\sigma_{\nu}$(CC) WA18/2 Greybook WA18/2 Publications
WA19 SPSC-P-23 Study of High Energy Neutrino Interactions Using BEBC Filled with a Ne-H$_{2}$ Mixture WA19 Greybook WA19 Publications
WA20 SPSC-P-51 Beam Dump Test in BEBC with Neon WA20 Greybook WA20 Publications
WA21 SPSC-P-25 High Energy $\nu$ and $\nu$ Interactions in BEBC Filled with H$_{2}$ WA21 Greybook WA21 Publications
WA22 SPSC-P-72 An Experiment in BEBC to Compare Neutral and Charged Current Neutrino Interactions Induced by $\nu_{\pi}$ and $\nu_{K}$ at the Same Energy WA22 Greybook WA22 Publications
WA23 SPSC-P-52
Study of Neutral Current Interactions Using Gargamelle Exposed to the Dichromatic Beam N3 WA23 Greybook WA23 Publications
WA24 SPSC-P-30
High-Energy $\nu$ and $\overline{\nu}$ Interactions Using a Hydrogen TST in BEBC WA24 Greybook WA24 Publications
WA25 SPSC-P-16
Neutrino and Antineutrino Interactions in Deuterium WA25 Greybook WA25 Publications
WA26 SPSC-P-38 K-p Interactions in BEBC at 70 GeV/c WA26 Greybook WA26 Publications
WA27 SPSC-P-62 K+p Interactions in BEBC at 70 GeV/c WA27 Greybook WA27 Publications
WA28 SPSC-P-57
K$^{-}$p Interactions in BEBC at 110 GeV/c WA28 Greybook WA28 Publications
WA29 SPSC-P-69 Antiproton Annihilation at 20 GeV/c using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA29 Greybook WA29 Publications
WA30 SPSC-P-64
Direct Electron Production in 70 GeV/c $\pi^{-}$ Interactions Using a Hydrogen Track Sensitive Target in BEBC WA30 Greybook WA30 Publications
WA31 SPSC-P-65 The Study of Prompt Lepton Production in Antiproton-Proton Interactions at 70 GeV/c in BEBC Equipped with a Track Sensitive Target WA31 Greybook WA31 Publications
WA32 SPSC-P-71 Direct Photon Production in pp Collisions using BEBC with Ne-H2.filling WA32 Greybook WA32 Publications
WA33 SPSC-P-73 Systematic Search for Long-Lived Heavy Particles in the S1 Beam WA33 Greybook WA33 Publications
WA34 SPSC-P-78
Study of Charmed Particles Photoproduced in Emulsion Plates Tagged by the OMEGA Apparatus Triggers WA34 Greybook WA34 Publications
WA35 SPSC-P-79
Measurement of the Multiplicity Correlations of Protons and Pions in Hadron-Nucleus Collisions at 20 and 40 GeV WA35 Greybook WA35 Publications
WA36 SPSC-P-46-ADD.5 Exploratory Experiment at very High Energy using Antineutrinos in Gargamelle WA36 Greybook WA36 Publications
WA37 SPSC-P-66
Study of Antiproton-Proton Interaction in the 4.1 GeV c.m. Energy Region in the OMEGA: Search for Narrow Charged Peaks in K$^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}$ or K$^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}\pi^{-}$ Systems WA37 Greybook WA37 Publications
WA38 SPSC-P-85 Magnetic Monopole Search at the SPS WA38 Greybook WA38 Publications
WA39 SPSC-P-84 Continuation of the Study of Dimuon Production by $\pi^{+-}$, K$^{+-}$, p and Antiprotons of 40 GeV/c WA39 Greybook WA39 Publications
WA40 SPSC-P-89 Search for Narrow Boson Resonances Coupled to the Nucleon-Antinucleon System WA40 Greybook WA40 Publications
WA41 SPSC-M-97 Beam Dump to Check Origin of Trimuon and Exceptional Dimuon Events WA41 Greybook WA41 Publications
WA42 SPSC-P-82
SPSC-P-82 Add.1
An Experiment on the Strong Interactions of Charged Hyperons WA42 Greybook WA42 Publications
WA43 SPSC-M-99 Observation of an Excess of $\nu_{e}$,$\overline{\nu}_{e}$ Events in a Beam Dump Experiment at 400 GeV in Gargamelle WA43 Greybook WA43 Publications
WA44 SPSC-P-81
Search for Quarks in High-Energy Neutrino Interactions WA44 Greybook WA44 Publications
WA45 SPSC-P-142-Add-1 Charmed-Particle Photoproduction in Emulsion Plates WA45 Greybook WA45 Publications
WA46 SPSC-P-94 Study of $\Omega^{-}$ Decays and of the $\Sigma^{-}$ $\rightarrow$ n e$^{-}$ $\overline{\nu}$ Decay Mode WA46 Greybook WA46 Publications
WA47 SPSC-P-98 Continuation of the Study of Neutrino Interactions with Dichromatic Beams at the SPS,Using BEBC Filled with Neon WA47 Greybook WA47 Publications
WA48 SPSC-P-105 Study of Baryonium States in K$^{+}$p Interactions Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA48 Greybook WA48 Publications
WA49 SPSC-P-104
Study of $\overline{p}$p Interactions Involving Baryon Exchange Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA49 Greybook WA49 Publications
WA50 SPSC-P-99 Biological Effects of 200 GeV/c Protons (An Exploratory Investigation) WA50 Greybook WA50 Publications
WA51 SPSC-P-115 Study of $\pi\pm$ Interactions in BEBC at 25 GeV/c and 60 GeV/c WA51 Greybook WA51 Publications
WA52 SPSC-P-106 A Second Generation Beam Dump Experiment in BEBC WA52 Greybook WA52 Publications
WA53 SPSC-P-107 A Second Generation Beam Dump Experiment in Gargamelle WA53 Greybook WA53 Publications
WA54 SPSC-M-126 Beam Dump Experiment with 4OO GeV Protons WA54 Greybook WA54 Publications
WA55 SPSC-P-118 Test of OMEGA Prime Accuracy and K$^{+}$p Elastic Scattering at 12 GeV/c around 9O$^{o}$ c.m. WA55 Greybook WA55 Publications
WA56 SPSC-P-117 Study of N$\overline{N}$ States Produced via Baryon Exchange in $\pi^{+}$p Interactions Using the OMEGA Prime Spectrometer WA56 Greybook WA56 Publications
WA57 SPSC-P-102
Studies of High Mass Vector Meson Photoproduction in the Energy Range 20 to 70 GeV WA57 Greybook WA57 Publications
WA58 SPSC-P-122 Measurement of the Lifetime of Charmed Particles in Nuclear Emulsion Exposed to an 80 GeV Bremsstrahlung Beam in Conjunction with the OMEGA Prime Spectrometer WA58 Greybook WA58 Publications
WA59 SPSC-P-123
Measurement of Nucleon Structure Functions in Horn Focused $\nu$ and $\overline{\nu}$ Beams in BEBC Filled with Neon WA59 Greybook WA59 Publications
WA60 SPSC-P-125 Study of Strangeonium and Baryonium Produced in K$^{-}$p Interactions Using the OMEGA Prime Spectrometer WA60 Greybook WA60 Publications
WA61 SPSC-P-128 Inelastic Interactions of High Energy Hadrons ($\overline{p}$, K$^{\pm}$, $\pi^{-}$) with Emulsion Nuclei WA61 Greybook WA61 Publications
WA62 SPSC-P-82-Add-1 Search for the Charmed Strange Baryon A$^{o}$ WA62 Greybook WA62 Publications
WA63 SPSC-P-135
Inclusive Baryon-Antibaryon Production in the Central Region Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA63 Greybook WA63 Publications
WA64 SPSC-P-141
Measurement of channelling radiation in a silicon crystal WA64 Greybook WA64 Publications
WA65 SPSC-P-142

Further Studies of Prompt Neutrino Production in 400 GeV Proton Nucleus Collisions WA65 Greybook WA65 Publications
WA66 SPSC-P-143 Further Study of Prompt Neutrino Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions Using BEBC WA66 Greybook WA66 Publications
WA67 SPSC-P-136
Study of $\pi^{-}p$ Interactions at 85 GeV/c Leading to $K^{+}K^{+}K$^{-}K^{-}$ in the Final State - Search for New States WA67 Greybook WA67 Publications
WA68 SPSC-P-149 Further Study of Prompt Neutrino Production in a Proton Beam Dump Experiment WA68 Greybook WA68 Publications



Photoproduction in the Energy Range 70-200 GeV WA69 Greybook WA69 Publications
WA70 SPSC-P-147

Study of Direct Photon Events in Hadronic Collisions WA70 Greybook WA70 Publications
WA71 SPSC-P-159

An Experiment to Study Beauty Production and Lifetime in the Upgraded $\Omega^{'}$ Spectrometer WA71 Greybook WA71 Publications
WA72 SPSC-P-164 A Study of Fast Proton Production in $\pi\pm$-Nucleus Interactions Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA72 Greybook WA72 Publications
WA73 SPSC-P-165 A Pedagogical Experiment Using Bubble Chamber Pictures WA73 Greybook WA73 Publications
WA74 SPSC-P-173 Antiproton-Proton Glory Scattering WA74 Greybook WA74 Publications
WA75 SPSC-P-166 An Experiment to Observe Directly Beauty Particles Selected by Muonic Decay in Emulsion & to Estimate their Lifetimes WA75 Greybook WA75 Publications
WA76 SPSC-P-175
Study of the Mesons Produced Centrally in the Reaction $pp \rightarrow pp + X^{0}$ and $\pi^{+}p \rightarrow \pi^{+}p + X^{0}$ at 85 GeV/c WA76 Greybook WA76 Publications
WA77 SPSC-P-181

Search for Direct Production of Gluonium States in High p$_{T}$ $\pi^{-}$N Collisions at 300 and 150 GeV/c WA77 Greybook WA77 Publications
WA78 SPSC-P-185

Search for the Hadroproduction of BbarB Pairs WA78 Greybook WA78 Publications
WA79 SPSC-P-186

Study of Neutrino-Electron Scattering at the SPS WA79 Greybook WA79 Publications
WA80 PSCC-P-53

Study of Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at the CERN SPS WA80 Greybook WA80 Publications
WA81 SPSC-P-193

Measurements of Pair Production Under Channelling Conditions by 70-180 GeV Photons Incident on Single Crystals WA81 Greybook WA81 Publications
WA82 SPSC-P-218

High Statistics Study of Charm Hadroproduction Using an Impact Parameter Trigger WA82 Greybook WA82 Publications
WA83 SPSC-P-219

Investigation of Soft Photon Production in Hadronic Collisions Using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA83 Greybook WA83 Publications
WA84 SPSC-P-226

Study of the Production and Decay Properties of using the OMEGA Spectrometer WA84 Greybook WA84 Publications
WA85 SPSC-P-206

Study of High Energy Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions Using the $\Omega^{'}$ Spectrometer Equipped with a Multiparticle High $p_{T}$ Detector WA85 Greybook WA85 Publications
WA86 SPSC-P-228

Exposure of CR39 Stacks to Oxygen and Sulphur Beams at the CERN-SPS WA86 Greybook WA86 Publications
WA87 SPSC-P-229

Investigation of Nuclear Fragmentation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions Using Plastic - Nuclear - Track Detectors WA87 Greybook WA87 Publications
WA88 SPSC-P-231

Tests of Bubble Damage Detectors in a Heavy Ion Beam from the SPS WA88 Greybook WA88 Publications
WA89 SPSLC-P-233

Hyperon Beam Experiment WA89 Greybook WA89 Publications
WA90 SPSC-P-247

Measurements of Pair Production and Electron Capture from the Continuum in Heavy Particle Collisions WA90 Greybook WA90 Publications
WA91 SPSC-P-249

A Search for Centrally Produced Non- $\overline{q}q$ Mesons in Proton Proton Interactions at 450 GeV/c by Using the CERN $\Omega$ Spectrometer WA91 Greybook WA91 Publications
WA92 SPSLC-P-251

Measurement of Beauty Particle Lifetimes and Hadroproduction Cross-Section WA92 Greybook WA92 Publications
WA93 SPSC-P-252

A Light Universal Detector for the Study of Correlations between Photons and Charged Particles WA93 Greybook WA93 Publications
WA94 SPSLC-P-257

Study of Baryon and Antibaryon Spectra in Sulphur Sulphur Interactions at 200 GeV/c per Nucleon WA94 Greybook WA94 Publications
WA95 SPSC-P-254

A New Search for $ \nu _{\mu} - \nu _{\tau} $ Oscillations WA95 Greybook WA95 Publications
WA96 SPSLC-P-261

Search for the Oscillation $\nu _{\mu}$ $\rightarrow$ $\nu_{\tau}$ WA96 Greybook WA96 Publications
WA97 SPSLC-P-263

Study of Baryon and Antibaryon Spectra in Lead Lead Interactions at 160 GeV/c per Nucleon WA97 Greybook WA97 Publications
WA98 SPSLC-P-260
Large Acceptance Measurement of Photons and Charged Particles in Heavy Ion Reactions WA98 Greybook WA98 Publications
WA99 SPSLC-P-272

Measurements of Pair Production and Electron Capture from the Continuum in Heavy Particle Collisions WA99 Greybook WA99 Publications
WA99/2 SPSLC-P-290
Charge Changing Collisions, Energy Loss & EM Nuclear Reactions of 160GeV A:208Pb WA99/2 Greybook WA99/2 Publications
WA100 SPSLC-P-275 Exposure of Plastic Track Detectors to Relativistic Pb Beam for the Purpose of Providing Calibration for the DUBLIN-ESTEC Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Experiment Which was Exposed for Sixty-Nine Months in Earth Orbit WA100 Greybook WA100 Publications
WA101 SPSLC-P-275 Study of Various Processes with 160 A GeV Pb Beam WA101 Greybook WA101 Publications
WA102 SPSLC-P-281

A Search for Centrally Produced non-$ q \bar{q} $ Mesons in Proton Proton Interactions at 450~GeV/c using the CERN $\Omega$ Spectrometer and GAMS-4000 WA102 Greybook WA102 Publications
WA103 SPSC-P-309
Experimental Study of a Positron\\ Source Using Channeling WA103 Greybook WA103 Publications
WA104 ICARUS – NP01 ICARUS - NP01- WA104 WA104 Greybook
NP01 Greybook
WA104 Publications
WA105 SPSC-P-351

Long Baseline Neutrino Observatory Demonstration experiment (LBNO DEMO) WA105 Greybook WA105 Publications
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