The CERN Experimental Programme

SC programme
  -  SC* 

PS Programme
 - AD* 
 - C* : Serpukhov
 - E* : Emulsion
 - K* : Nuclear Chemistry
 - nTOF* 
 - P* : Electronics
 - PS* 
 - S* : Counter
 - T* : Bubble chambers
 - W* : Wilson chamber
 - X* : Ecole Polytechnique 

ISOLDE Programme
  - IS10   to IS270 
  - IS300 to IS399
  - IS400 to IS499
  - IS500 to IS599
  - IS600 to IS699
  - IS700 to IS*

ISR Programme
  -  R* 

SPS Programme

  -  AWAKE 
  -  EMU* 
  -  NA* 
  -  UA* 
  -  WA* 

LEP Programme
  -  ALEPH
  -  L3
  -  OPAL

LHC Programme
 -  CMS
 -  LHCb
 -  LHCf
 -  LHC Computing Grid
 -  MOeDAL

RD Programme
  -  RD* 
  -  DRD*

Neutrino Research Programme
  -  ICARUS 
  -  ProtoDUNE 
  -  ProtonDUNE-SP
  -  Baby MIND
  -  ND280


RD Programme
The R&D proposals were evaluated by the Detector Research and Development Committee (DRDC) (1990-1995). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) by the chairperson for the final decisions. It held its last meeting in January 1995, and its role was taken over by the LHC Committee (LHCC).
Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS


Scintillating Fibre Calorimetry at the LHC RD 1 Greybook RD 1 Publications
RD-02 DRDC-P-3
Study of a Tracking/Preshower Detector for the LHC RD 2 Greybook RD 2 Publications
RD-03 DRDC-P-5
Liquid Argon Calorimetry with LHC-Performance Specifications RD 3 Greybook RD 3 Publications
RD-04 DRDC-P-6
Study of Liquid Argon Dopants for LHC Hadron Calorimetry RD 4 Greybook RD 4 Publications
RD-05 DRDC-P-7
Study of Muon Triggers and Momentum Reconstruction in a Strong Magnetic Field for a Muon Detector at LHC RD 5 Greybook RD 5 Publications
RD-06 DRDC-P-8
Integrated High-Rate Transition Radiation Detector and Tracking Chamber for the LHC RD 6 Greybook RD 6 Publications
RD-07 DRDC-P-4
Central Tracking Detector Based on Scintillating Fibres RD 7 Greybook RD 7 Publications
RD-08 DRDC-P-13
Development of GaAs Detectors for Physics at the LHC RD 8 Greybook RD 8 Publications
RD-09 DRDC-P-21
A Demonstrator Analog Signal Processing Circuit in a Radiation Hard SOI-CMOS Technology RD 9 Greybook RD 9 Publications
RD-10 DRDC-P-9
A Study to Improve the Radiation Hardness of Gaseous Detectors for Use at Very High Luminosities RD 10 Greybook RD 10 Publications
RD-11 DRDC-P-12
Embedded Architectures for Second-level Triggering in LHC Experiments (EAST) RD 11 Greybook RD 11 Publications
RD-12 DRDC-P-15
Timing, Trigger and Control Systems for LHC Detectors RD 12 Greybook RD 12 Publications
RD-13 DRDC-P-16
A scalable data taking system at a test beam for LHC RD 13 Greybook RD 13 Publications
RD-14 DRDC-P-17
Noble Liquid (Xenon or Krypton) Totally Active Calorimetry RD 14 Greybook RD 14 Publications
RD-15 DRDC-P-18
The Prism Plastic Calorimeter (PPC) RD 15 Greybook RD 15 Publications
RD-16 DRDC-P-19
A digital Front-End and Readout MIcrosystem for calorimetry at LHC RD 16 Greybook RD 16 Publications
RD-17 DRDC-P-25
Ultrafast Readout of Scintillating Fibres Using Upgraded Position-Sensitive Photomultipliers RD 17 Greybook RD 17 Publications
RD-18 DRDC-P-27
R&D on scintillation materials for novel ionizing radiation detectors for High Energy Physics, medical imaging and industrial applications RD 18 Greybook RD 18 Publications
RD-19 DRDC-P-22
Development of Hybrid and Monolithic Silicon Micropattern Detectors RD 19 Greybook RD 19 Publications
RD-20 DRDC-P-26
Dev.of High Resolution Si Strip Detectors for High Luminosity at the LHC RD 20 Greybook RD 20 Publications
RD-21 DRDC-P-28
R&D for Collider Beauty Physics at the LHC RD 21 Greybook RD 21 Publications
RD-22 DRDC-P-29 Test of Beam Extraction by Crystal Channeling at the SPS: A First Step towards a LHC Extracted Beam RD 22 Greybook RD 22 Publications
RD-23 DRDC-P-31 Optoelectronic Analogue Signal Transfer for LHC Detectors RD 23 Greybook RD 23 Publications
RD-24 DRDC-P-33
Application of the Scalable Coherent Interface to Data Acquisition at LHC RD 24 Greybook RD 24 Publications
RD-25 DRDC-P-32
Continuing Studies on Lead/Scintillating Fibres Calorimetry (LFC) RD 25 Greybook RD 25 Publications
RD-26 DRDC-P-35 Development of a Large Area Advanced Fast RICH Detector for Particle Identification at the Large Hadron Collider Operated with Heavy Ions RD 26 Greybook RD 26 Publications
RD-27 DRDC-P-37 First-Level Trigger Systems for LHC Experiments RD 27 Greybook RD 27 Publications
RD-28 DRDC-P-41
Dev.of Gas Micro-Strip Chambers for Radiation Det.& Tracking at High Rates RD 28 Greybook RD 28 Publications
RD-29 DRDC-P-42 A Mixed Analog-Digital Radiation Hard Technology for High Energy Physics Electronics: DMILL (Durci Mixte sur Isolant Logico-Lineaire) RD 29 Greybook RD 29 Publications
RD-30 DRDC-P-30
Study of an Impact-Parameter Optical Discriminator to be used for Beauty Search in Fixed-Target Mode at the LHC RD 30 Greybook RD 30 Publications
RD-31 DRDC-P-36
NEBULAS A High Performance Data-Driven Event-Building Architecture based on an Asynchronous Self-Routing Packet-Switching Network RD 31 Greybook RD 31 Publications
RD-32 DRDC-P-43
Development of a Time Projection Chamber with high two track resolution capability for experiments at heavy ion colliders RD 32 Greybook RD 32 Publications
RD-33 DRDC-P-45 Study of a Novel Concept for a Liquid Argon Calorimeter The "Thin gap Turbine" (TGT) RD 33 Greybook RD 33 Publications
RD-34 DRDC-P-46 Construction and Performance of an Iron-Scintillator Hadron Calorimeter with Longitudinal Tile Configuration RD 34 Greybook RD 34 Publications
RD-35 DRDC-P-34
A Silicon Hadron Calorimeter Module Operated in a Strong Magnetic Field with VLSI Readout for LHC RD 35 Greybook RD 35 Publications
RD-36 DRDC-P-50 Shashlik Calorimetry A Combined Shashlik + Preshower Detector for LHC RD 36 Greybook RD 36 Publications
RD-37 DRDC-P-51
Very Forward Hadron Calorimetry at the LHC Using Parallel Plate Chambers RD 37 Greybook RD 37 Publications
RD-38 DRDC-P-52 CICERO: Control Information system Concepts based\newline ~~~ on~Encapsulated Real-time Objects A study on Generic Control Systems for Large Scale LHC Experiments RD 38 Greybook RD 38 Publications
RD-39 DRDC-P-53
Cryogenic Tracking Detectors RD 39 Greybook RD 39 Publications
RD-40 DRDC-P-54 Development of Quartz Fiber Calorimetry RD 40 Greybook RD 40 Publications
RD-41 DRDC-P-55 Object Oriented Approach to Software Development for LHC Experiments RD 41 Greybook RD 41 Publications
RD-42 DRDC-P-56
Development of Diamond Tracking Detectors for High Luminosity Experiments at the LHC RD 42 Greybook RD 42 Publications
RD-43 DRDC-P-57 Proposal for Research & Development of a Hadron Calorimeter for High Magnetic Fields RD 43 Greybook RD 43 Publications
RD-44 DRDC-P-58 GEANT 4: an Object-Oriented toolkit for simulation in HEP RD 44 Greybook RD 44 Publications
RD-45 DRDC-P-59
A Persistent Object Manager for HEP RD 45 Greybook RD 45 Publications
RD-46 LDRB-P-60
High Resolution Tracking Devices Based on Capillaries Filled with Liquid Scintillator RD 46 Greybook RD 46 Publications
RD-47 LCRB-P-61 High Energy Physics Processing using Commodity components (HEP PC) RD 47 Greybook RD 47 Publications
RD-48 DRDC-P-62
Radiation Hardening of Silicon Detectors RD 48 Greybook RD 48 Publications
RD-49 DRDC-P-63
Studying Radiation Tolerant ICs for LHC RD 49 Greybook RD 49 Publications
RD-50 LHCC-P-6 Development of Radiation Hard Semiconductor Devices for Very High Luminosity Colliders RD 50 Greybook RD 50 Publications
RD-51 LHCC-P-001 Development of Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors Technologies RD 51 Greybook RD 51 Publications
RD-52 - Dual-Readout Calorimetry for High-Quality Energy Measurements RD 52 Greybook RD 52 Publications
RD-53 LHCC-P-006 Development of pixel readout integrated circuits for extreme rate and radiation RD 53 Greybook RD 53 Publications



DRD Programme

The R&D proposals are evaluated by the Detector Research and Development Committee (DRDC) (2023- ). Their recommendations are transmitted to the Research Board (RB) by the chairperson for final decisions. It held its first meeting in December 2023.

Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
DRD-1 DRDC-P-DRD1 Detector R&D Collaboration for Gaseous Detectors DRD 1 Greybook DRD1 Publications
DRD-2 DRDC-P-DRD2 Detector R&D Collaboration for Liquid Detectors DRD 2 Greybook DRD2 Publications
DRD-3 DRDC-P-DRD3 Detector R&D Collaboration for Solid State Detectors DRD 3 Greybook DRD3 Publications
DRD-4 DRDC-P-DRD4 Detector R&D Collaboration for Photon Detectors and Particle ID DRD 4 Greybook DRD4 Publications
DRD-5 DRDC-P-DRD5 Detector R&D Collaboration for quantum sensors DRD 5 Greybook DRD5 Publications
DRD-6 DRDC-P-DRD6 Detector R&D Collaboration for Calorimeters DRD 6 Greybook DRD6 Publications
DRD-7 DRDC-P-DRD7 Detector R&D Collaboration on Electronics and On-Detector Processing DRD 7 Greybook DRD7 Publications



Neutrino Research Programme
The experiments of the Neutrino Research Programme were evaluated by the SPS & LEAR Committee (SPSLC) (1990-1996) and then by the SPS Committee (SPSC)(1997-Today). Their recommendations were transmitted to the Research Board (RB) (1976-Today) by the chairperson for the final decisions.
Experiment Initial documents Title Greybook CDS
NP01 SPSLC-P-304
ICARUS NP01 Greybook
WA104 Greybook
NP01 Publications
NP02 SPSC-P-351
Long Baseline Neutrino Observatory Demonstration (LBNO DEMO) NP02 Greybook NP02 Publications
NP03 PLAFOND Platform for developing neutrino detectors NP03 Greybook NP03 Publications
NP04 SPSC-P-358
Prototype of a Single-Phase Liquid Argon TPC for DUNE NP04 Greybook NP04 Publications
NP05 Baby MIND Prototype of a Magnetized Iron Neutrino Detector NP05 Greybook NP05 Publications
NP06 ENUBET R&D on a monitored and tagged neutrino beam NP06 Greybook NP06 Publications
NP07 ND280
Upgrade of the T2K near Detector NP07 Greybook NP07 Publications



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