Internal Organization of CERN, 2020-

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Director-General: F. Gianotti
Internal Audit: J. Steel
Legal Service: E. M. Gröniger-Voss
Translation, Minutes and Council Support: J. Pym
Strategic Planning and Evaluation
Protocol office
Stakeholder relations
  • Host States relations
  • Member States relations
  • Non-Member States relations
  • Relations with International Organizations
  • Partnerships and fundraising
Education, Communication and Outreach (ECO)
  • Editorial content development
  • Exhibitions & Globe Engagement
  • Media and Press relations
  • Teacher and Student programmes
  • Visitors and local engagement
  • Audiovisual production service
  • Design & visual identity service
PRJ - Projects
SIS - Scientific Information Service
Experimental Physics Department M. Krammer
TH Theoretical Physics Department G. Giudice
Information Technology Department F. Hemmer
DO - AT Directorate Office
Beams Department P. Collier
Technology Department J.M. Jiménez
Engineering Department R. Losito
Last modified
21 July, 2020